100 thoughts on “Trade The Open Like A Boss! Part 21 * How To Trade Stocks That Gap Open

  1. Hi oliver. Another Velez here.
    I read your DAY TRADING book last summer, really enjoyed it.
    Talking about the video, and the comments. Let the people complain about the size. I get the knowledge and the relative terms.
    Un saludo.

  2. Awesome Oliver, You read the Price Action quite well. Now that's real edge. I'm sure it took you years of screentime. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Que video tan pero tan brutal; creo que las acciones te hacen caso a lo que tu les dices que hagan 💪. Saludos Boss…

  4. Perfect comments, Boss!! Doing right, the size will come.

    Thank you very much for your videos, words, patience and explanations.

  5. Boommmmmm; Excelente Oliver, presisamente pienso lo mismo la cantidad no es lo importante, lo real mente importante es el enfoque profesional y actuar como tal en cada momento, tomar conceptos y ser muy disciplinado con las tácticas y estrategias todos los días de la vida y Boom. great Oliver good day your are the best

  6. Hello Sir, I am from India and subscriber of your channel since 5 months, I saw almost all your video, really they are crazy and educational. Now sir I want to join ur trader team, how can I join you sir, what proceedure I should follow. Kindly reply

  7. Awesome! The steepness of the drop tells me where to exit on R2. Need to remember this. Thank you Oliver!!!! #BOSS

  8. Hey Oliver, been watching a lot of your videos and I notice you don't really point out support & resistance levels and over all market structure… Just a question, do you pay attention to market structure much as in the big support & resistance levels? Or is your traidng based more off of the moving averages and using those as dynamic support / resistance?


  9. Hi, Do you have a video where you had a losing day. I will like to see how you handle losses. All your videos are winners

  10. Boom! Thanks Oliver! Another great lesson! Especially the advice of creating a mental image of the gap being filled. Today (4/19/18) Apple gaped down significantly at the open due to news that iphone sales is lower than previously anticipated. After gaping down big at the open the first 2 minute bar formed a bullish pin bar with a long tail on the bottom, so I thought a retrace back up to the 200 MA to fill in the gap (or at least 50% of the gap down) was in play, so I went long, however the retracement up didn't gain steam and Apple continues to grind lower, although very slowly so it didn't raise much concern at the time, and it had moments of going back up only to be taken back down again by red bars. I continued to add to the long position throughout the day, but Apple just continues to slowly grind lower and ended the day on the low and I finally had a take a bigger loss than I wanted to. I was wondering what do you think I should've done differently to recognize I was on the wrong side of the trade and how you would've handled the situation from the open? As always, much thanks for your insights!

  11. Always such an amazing work of art watching you trade! I’m looking for that gap up though if you don’t mind which day did you trade this set up? I’m just obsessed with this set up and since I’ve been using it my ratio has actually put me currently this month on 26 trades 82% accuracy. However, still learning that’s absolutely the best I’ve done in two months of trading. This strategy has stuck with me more then any other. Thank you in advance.

  12. Wow, You took the four movements, that is really amazing. I have so much to learn from you, thanks for the explanation i enjoyed a lot watching this video 😉

  13. Hola Oliver como estas? Quiero saber desde que plataforma operas, esa que se ve en el video cual es? Gracias

  14. Words of wisdom. Trading is a skill that needs to be developed over time and after many mistakes. Master the skill and you make the money. Account 'size' is not where your focus should be. A large account without the skill will soon become a small account. Apply the right skills to a small account, and you'll soon find it flourishes into a sizeable account. Focus on attaining the skills, the rest will follow. Thanks Oliver !

  15. Oliver, majority of us new traders have smaller account for example $1500 and there is no way we have that buying power that you do with $5 millions account. I was wondering what’s your opinion on Penny Stock? Could you ever do a small account challenges? Boom 💥👊🏻

  16. Some of the best trading I've seen, Mr. Velez without a doubt shows us a true market maker professional. Keep'm coming.

  17. Hola Oliver, como hago para acceder a la Plataforma Fusion, es una pagina o es un programa que se descarga y se instala en el portatil. Muchas Gracias y Boom! me puedes dar esos datos, quiero operar ahora. Gracias

  18. Can I join and benefited from this program before I am able to understand 100% which keys you used from entering to closing?

  19. Studying penny stocks, but in the meantime your videos are really professional, educational and inspirational!; I just wanted to ask if entering a trade you have an ideal size to trade or you use hot keys that take in consideration a % of your buying power account to act with a much faster entry&exit? Thanks again!

  20. You are the master Oliver. Thanks for sharing this wonderful knowledge backed by years of your experience. Boom 👊

  21. I've watched these 21 videos before, and I've just watched them all again, over 2 days, and seriously, it's my bible, to change the poor wealth mentally, and you have to work hard each day, of 14 hours each day, to make a living. I'm so close now within 2 months from now, I'm buying this, and having Oliver mentor me, with others side by side I'm in baby, and I can't wait to join.

  22. Oliver, being an IFT student I'm watching my arsenal of 8 stocks every day at the open. Often times I see beautiful setups all over the place and would love to take them all. I admit there is also some fomo involved to miss a better more profitable setup. How do you convince your mind to only trade 1, or 2 stocks and being fine with that?

  23. This series of videos is just the top of the icing regarding information that Oliver provides freely, I´m a trader of one of his programs and let me tell you , these videos are just a gold mine. Thanks Bosss!!!!

  24. Hello Oliver.
    When you trade the open gaps, do you watch the pre market chart? I dont see it in this video.
    Thank you

  25. @
    Oliver Velez Trading — very impressed with you trading in large caps and AAPL ect…… thanks for sharing your content! ….1 question: would you consider your trading style to be Scalping? Or not? ——–thanks!

  26. boom!so humbled by your videos,am just beginning,thanks for changing my world.do you recommend forex for your students?

  27. Me estoy enfocando en las acciones correctas y en amar mis ganancias aunque sean pequeñas agregándoles un 0 como indicas Boss (también para respetar las pérdidas). Gracias Ov eres lo máximo!

  28. You are so good. Your english is very clear for us (no native speakers). I am so happy watching and learning from your videos. I have been trading for 4 years (swinging) but I want to move to the next level. Can you tell me what is the plattaform you are using? I have Ameritrade as my broker…but yours look with more tools do work with….thanks again

  29. OV, at 5:13, how did you clear your open SHORT positions so quickly after you covered your LONGS you took at 4:34?

  30. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think that size plays a bigger role than just profit potential. Size has an effect on movement of price. If traders see someone hitting the bid on large size, they are less inclined to take the opposite direction. If I see an order of 10,000 shares on the bid and then a green print on the time and sales for 10,000 shares.This tell me that the person just bought on the ask. I will be less likely to oppose this person. If its just 100 shares however, Ill just over look it.

  31. Quien esta en Ifundtraders ? Es bueno ? Real ? Es que hay muchas opiniones acerca de esto y quisiera saber la opinion de alguien que este o haya entado en IFT

  32. Best educational video you have made in a while Mr O. Useful regarding strategy and scaling. Please keep making videos and a difference in the online trading community.

  33. Out of All the information I've read on Gaps..No one mentions the fill in technique to give you a feeling if the stock is heading long or short.This episode on Gaps was so informative to me.
    Thank You Big Man.

  34. Hola Oliver, quería hacerle la siguiente pregunta. Usted dice que siempre hay que arriesgar una vela y ganar dos, arriesgar una vela y ganar tres, etc., pero aquí usted arriesga una vela de aproximadamente 1$ (stop loss) y cierra la operación ganando unos 25, 30 o 35 centavos. Esto me desconcierta en qué debo hacer. Muchas gracias por anticipado

  35. Just finish the Trade The Open Like a Boss Serie, no words, just grateful for all you do for us. This changed my life🙏🏻

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