17 thoughts on “Traders Carnival: Vivek Mashrani On How To Blend Technicals And Fundamentals

  1. Agreed on camera man sledging but good stuff Vivek. Good strategy and thinking. Totally make sense from a long term perspective. Its just difficult for commoners like me to have such patience and dedication.

  2. Seen all trader carnival videos every speaker is a paid for by either self or company. All high level talks this a anither glorified way if trapping retail traders

  3. Heres the presentation link to follow along: https://www.slideshare.net/mashrani/techno-funda-strategiesvf

  4. I think it not mistake of camera man , it is restricted by authorities. "camera man ko bakra mat banawo"

  5. Idiot cameraman..should focus entirely on presentation..such a foolish..no focus on slides/presentation

  6. Horrible Cameraman.BloombergQuint please dont loose the quality of view due to this idiotic camera man.He is making the nice content and presentation clumsy.

  7. Bloomberg please hire a professional camera man. This idiot instead of focusing on the presentation, focusing on the speaker

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