Trading Old “SNL” Stories (feat. Norm Macdonald & Kevin Nealon) – Lights Out with David Spade

-He asked, Dennis asked me if, uh, these were the pants
that Sandy Duncan wore when she was harnessed up
for Peter Pan. Okay, when she did Peter Pan,
they’d strap her in -to a body harness and, uh…
-Which I took as a compliment. -She’s a great actor.
-Mm-hmm, yeah. -Uh, on the new SNL…
-MILLER: Uh-huh. they have a lot of…
cast members aren’t playing all the parts anymore. There’s a lot of celebrities
come in and do it. Any opinions on it?
I would have been… offended, ’cause it was hard enough
to get on. If I was on right now,
I would be… it would be hard
to watch Woody Harrelson… -someone come in and…
-So you’re saying they bring in big celebrities
to do the impression of… -Yeah, yeah, yeah.
-somebody… Um, I get that. I get that. The worst is, though,
when they bring in an impression to do somebody of… on
the cast, a regular cast member -(laughter)
-who’s there. But I’m here.
I’m… I’m the guy. I do the…
I do the best impression of me. -SPADE: That’s even worse.
-MILLER: That is worse. And if there’s a worse thing
than being on SNL and having them bring in
a celebrity to do an impression
that you might be able to do, it would be to not be on SNL
and have them… So I don’t think
you want to whine about that. Once you get into SNL, you
just got to rope-a-dope till… It’s like a horse race where you
can’t see where your spot is until it opens up, and then
you got to shoot through it. For a while, I think Kevin
was the longest-tenured person on Saturday Night. Now they have people
30, 40 years, but… -(laughter)
-Weren’t you at one time? I was on for, uh…
I’m actually still on the show. (laughter) It’s been about 43 years. I’ve seen a lot of changes, man. -(laughter)
-A lot of changes. Do you…
You were in sketches and, uh–
you did sketches, too. Dennis, you
only did Update, right? I didn’t. I was always
the fourth lead in sketches. No, we did one sketch together,
Koko Lebee. Oh, I wrote a sketch once. Well,
I don’t want talk over you. -SPADE: No, do it. -I remember
telling Kevin and Dana once, I said, “I can write
a really shitty sketch, “that if we act
like it’s high-brow, we’ll get it on.” And we did a sketch
about three French clowns in the French countryside
called Koko, Mishu and Lebee. -SPADE: Yeah.
-Who used to, like, look for water
with divining rods… We’d go prancing around. And Kevin was
a big Frankenstein monster, and he would just come behind us
going… (squeaky growling) That’s where they… that’s
where they got Chewbacca from, -Star Wars.
-(laughter) And we leaned into it
at read-through, like we meant it,
and, uh, they put it on, and I-I never… We were going
on the air that night, I said, “Can you believe
we have gotten this on?” Meanwhile, there’s other new
writers, all of them working all night long, “This is great. -What? They’re putting that on?”
-Yeah, “That shit?” I would, uh…
I remember going to the Improv, and, uh, I would see
Dennis’s name on the chalkboard. It was very exciting.
Kevin and I’d go, “Can I get some more salt?”
He was a busboy. -But, um…
-(laughter) No, I remember seeing all of you ’cause you guys are three
of my favorites. But was…
Did you like being in sketches better than doing “Update,” or was it too hard
to go sketch, “Update”? Well, you know,
I started off doing sketches -’cause Dennis was doing
“Weekend Update.” -SPADE: Yeah. And so that’s what I knew.
I knew the sketch stuff and characters
and things like that. First sketch I ever wrote
was for Kevin. Me and Sandler wrote it. -What was it?
-What was it about? -Don’t make us tear it
out of you. -Were you… -Yeah.
-Were you… -Please, Norm. -Were you on…
-The ski lift. -Enough of a cliff-hanger.
-Right. -The ski lift. Yeah.
-Yes, I loved that. So, I’m-I’m stuck on a ski lift
with, uh… -MACDONALD: Jason Patric.
-Jason Patric. Who knows who that is? -(cheering and applause)
-I do. He did my Don Lapre skit. He was in The Lost Boys,
and I’m wearing his hairdo. (laughter and applause) Yeah, that was a great sketch.
I was this cra… I was the crazy guy
on the ski lift -and, uh…
-MACDONALD: Yeah, yeah. That must have been hard
to write for somebody else, and not have you in it,
though, right? Oh, very fun to write
for other people for me. I (bleep) hated it. -You did?
-Yeah. Well, Schneider and I got hired
as writer-performers. When they said
“writer-performer,” I go, “Oh, wait, write?”
And I go… I mean,
I can be great for myself, but if they go,
“Write for Mikey Myers or Dana or everyone else,” I was like,
“I don’t even know…” That was a tough adjustment.
That’s why I took a… MILLER: Remember you and
Schneider coming into the room. They said,
“Those are the new writers.” I said,
“These are the (bleep) guys from Val Kilmer’s shoulder
in Willow.” (laughter and applause) I’ll-I’ll allow it. Oh, by the way,
hang on, everyone. This just in. We got a video from another “Weekend Update”
anchor, Colin Quinn. He said he’d like to participate
and fly out for this, but we told him, uh,
it was in an hour, so he sent a video instead. Hey, David. Hey, guys. Thanks for having me call in. See, I did a little…
artistic background. Kind of symbolic of the… of the labor
I put into the show. Um, I know, uh… I don’t know why we do
these segments. Are they even… I feel like they-they
can’t really be popular, right? It’s a recurring thing
that nobody… Even on Twitter, like,
two people have said to me, “Hey, man, those are good.
You guys should keep doing ’em.” Two people. All right, well, uh,
I don’t know what to say. I can’t respond or correspond. Good luck with…
Is this a theme? It’s, like, a theme show,
I guess, right? I mean, you don’t want
to call it a theme show. That sounds lame.
Let’s just say it’s a reunion. That sounds lame, too. ♪ ♪ -(laughter and applause)
-That’s it. That’s it. And just off that sketch alone, that backhoe
got a Netflix special.

100 thoughts on “Trading Old “SNL” Stories (feat. Norm Macdonald & Kevin Nealon) – Lights Out with David Spade

  1. Best panel ever!! I grew up watching all of you. Just like tmz says, " David, David, bring SNL alumni back more often". 😂

  2. This is like the movie grown ups but for really old comedians.
    They should call this show “over the hill and far away”

    Just roasting you guys

  3. I was so glad they just kept with the comedians instead of having bits throughout like they sometimes do. When you have a panel this good it needs to be all about them with no interruptions. I laughed all the way through this episode!

  4. I love the mix of comedians on this show but please do more of SNL cast 'reunions' cause this is fucking great watching them shoot the shit with (at) one another

  5. These guys are the BEST!!! David. This should just be your guest panel at all times!! Permanent panel. (Please no more loopy, flamboyant, unfunny gay dudes).

  6. i agree with spade, i don't like how snl is going to celebrity guest stars to do impersonations – they should stick to the cast

  7. Funny. These are your guys, Davey. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. We want Norm, Colin, Dennis and Kevin. Get these guys back. Again and again.

  8. I love these guys but it was just a bore fest. I assume it’s because of the fear of going over the PC line. That’s the world we live in.

  9. To be fair, that backhoe has been killing it on the road for almost 20 years. I think it's fair they got a Netflix special

  10. This show is truly unique. Dave has only class A comedic talent on his show every day, no lame actors pushing their new soap.

  11. The only only thing better would be if Colin actually called in.

    His call ins to Jim & Sam are hilarious, even if you can barely understand mushmouth on the phone.

  12. People might not realize this is a crucial part of this shows success, is how good and authentic the audience is. Like SNL back in the day or the tonight show.

  13. When Dennis was still cool and not a Fox News puppet he was the best Update Host. Then it got meh with Kevin who really had no charisma and just whatever with Norm who said the same 'Frank Stallone' and 'crack-whore' punchlines for everything. Colin was okay but slurred too much.

  14. For the first time in years I regret not having cable. I didn't know there was anything this cool still on TV! It's almost like having Tough Crowd back.

  15. These guys have done so much to shape the comedy of today. It also make me imagine the stories Phil Hartman could share from this era of SNL. RIP to that absolute legend!

  16. Kevin Nealon was my favorite news reader, because he was so real. Norm MacDonald was the worst because he wasnt trying to be. Yes, I understand that was his angle on it (not trying) and he was funny doing other things, but not Weekend Update.

  17. If you guys like this show please do yourself a favor and look up old clips of "tough crowd with colin quinn" on youtube. I think there's full episodes on here but man if there was ever a show that embodied comedy in the early 2000s it was that one. Lights Out gives me slight vibes of Tough Crowd but that show was just great to watch especially with Patrice O'Neal on

  18. "The adventures of koko" in miss Connies (Jan Hooks) fable nook. with Koko, the master clown (Miller), his impressionable apprentice Mishu (Carvey), and their gentile giant of a friend Lebee (Nealon). All these years later, to find they were just trolling!

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