Trailer Merchants, Serious Game on Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

become a 15th century Venetian merchant and build a maritime trading empire traveled to ancient Venice and meet Leonardo da Vinci and Machiavelli negotiate funding hire sailors to help you on your adventures meet with Genoese diplomats and share shipping lanes even hold secret negotiations with the papal States emissary on invading Florence how you handled negotiations determines the wealth at your disposal to acquire ships and establish lucrative trade route compete to be the most successful merchant and build the largest palace in Venice the Great Lucho Ricci mentors you throughout this thrilling adventure his lessons are packed with the content of a comprehensive negotiation course and help you overcome the challenges you'll have to face learn negotiation tactics that you can apply in your personal and professional life with the most advanced negotiation simulator in the market da Vinci Machiavelli and many more await you and Renaissance Venice to help you learn negotiating skills that are vital throughout your life are you ready to learn you

2 thoughts on “Trailer Merchants, Serious Game on Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

  1. Sounds interesting, but I don't want to give you personal data just to play a demo.
    Expand your target group and put it on Steam.

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