Transformers Wheeljack Construct-Bots Action Figure Toy | Instructional Video for Transformation

Transformers construct box unleash your ultimate construct boss welcome to Transformers construct BOTS today we're going to show you how to convert Wheeljack from robot to vehicle mode first use the included instruction booklet to help build your bot let's get started step 1 fold down the chess piece and fold in wheeljack's head step 2 fold the chess piece back up step 3 fold up the windshield to create the front of wheeljack's car mode step four unhinge the hips at the ball joint and bend Wheeljack forward step 5 spin Wheeljack on his axis so that the top portion faces the other direction step 6 lift the right leg then the left and set Wheeljack down step 7 now peg both of wheeljack's legs into place step 8 peg both forearms into place step 9 lay the figure down and move the remaining wheels forward and into position fold up the back fenders then rotate the feet and snap them together to finish the front end now fold up the fins fold down the blasters and roll out unleash your all to make it struck BOTS

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