Troubleshooting Export Problems in Premiere

hey everyone this is Josh here today I'm going to show you how to troubleshoot exporting problems in Premiere so as you can see here this project that I have here goes till about total running times about 18 minutes now a lot of times the premiere when you try to export a large file you'll run into a lot of errors like you'll you'll send it over to media encoder or you'll render it out in Premiere and you'll get an error that might say like error unknown error and it just will never work no matter how hard you try and so I found a solution to that problem that is very simple but at the same time it can be a very meticulous problem to solve depending on the severity of it so essentially what you need to do before you render out before you export the project you need to render what's called rendering out the timeline and the way you do that is you go up to so first of all you mark your intern your out points as you can see here I've marked the this is your in and out marker here so what I'm going to do is I'm going to take my little timeline tool move it to the end and do an out mark and then let's make sure we're marked at the end point okay goods the whole projects selected right now or I click on that I'm going to show you what it's going to do so as you can see on the timeline like a majority of the timeline is green and this means that everything on the timeline here is completely rendered but then you'll notice that on the timeline on the second portion there's this yellow space and that's the space that is not fully rendered and you'll even notice if you zoom in a little bit closer on some of these clips you'll have these little red markers too so essentially what you do is when you go to sequence render in and out what it that will essentially do is render out the entire video thin the sequence and this allows you to play the video without having it lag so it's another thing that you can do and ultimately what it'll help you do is it'll help you render out your video without having any severe errors come up so to do that you just simply click on it and then it will start rendering I'll skip forward here okay so now that it's done rendering the timeline you'll notice that the entire top of the timeline here it shows this green bar that essentially means that everything that timeline is rendered out so if you played this from start to finish ideally there would be no lagging up here in the in the window here where you'd see your video playing there would be none of that and more importantly as to why you're probably taking this tutorial is the fact that and you export it there will be no errors now something that's really really important to point out here with this process is that sometimes when you even render out the timeline you'll get an error that they like error unknown error that could come up or just some sort of error of some kind now if that happens essentially what you're going to do is you're going to take it and you're going to render it in small chunks so for example say I say I rendered it out and I got an error and when I say rendering I'm talking just the timeline only and so what I would centrally do is I'd start at the beginning and then I just render it in small little chunks so I just render maybe this much here and then go up to sequence render in and out and then just render render that part out of there and as you can see it's already rendered here but we could just assume that that would be yellow maybe if I like move this around it'll will show it rendered here we're not rendered so so yeah now you can now you can see that the timeline here isn't rendered so you could just render out just a small portion here so so go up to sequence render in and out and then what it's going to do is just going to render that very very small portion there and if it renders out fine then we know that there's no there's no corrupted frames or corrupted parts of that video so it looks like it rendered out fine so essentially you're just going to keep doing that until you find the error and then once you find the part that's the error you're just going to zoom in really really close to wherever that would be so let's just let's just say there was we rendered an error in this and this one here so essentially what you're going to do is you're going to zoom in really really close and then and then do it in even smaller chunks and then as you do that you'll eventually find the error now I know this part can be very very tedious but it will definitely help you get rid of those those corrupted parts of the the timeline alright so once once everything is rendered out again and once the whole timeline appears green you're going to go make sure everything is selected that you want to render out and you're going to go to file export media and you're going to do this in premiere don't render it out in media encoder if that's very very important for this to work and so you're going to set the settings to whatever you want to call the file what you want to call it and then put it to the right location that you want it to go to when it's exported and then you're going to click export so just remember to render out the sequence before you export the entire project it's very important all right well thank you and if you have any more problems just comment below and I will do my best to help you resolve them

43 thoughts on “Troubleshooting Export Problems in Premiere

  1. YOOOOOOOOOOO! Thanks a lot, all I had to do was drag that grey bar from the start of the timeline to the end. Because when I was exporting it took 1 second, and I was what the? Then I checked the output and it showed like a 0.5 second clip because the grey bar was so tiny. Also when I was editing I was like, what's that grey bar mean, and now I know. Thank you.

  2. When I try and export my video to YouTube it says encoding then skips it and says uploading file and doesnt go up 1 percent

  3. When i am exporting,after 100% export i get a error "file importer detected inconsistency,reading and writing this file metadata(xml)has been disabled "
    How to resolve it..plz help me out..

  4. Ooooh Thank you Josh it's completely working and i'am really really happy, thank's for the tips really appreciated 😀

  5. Rendering def helped me out when only a portion of my video would export. Thanks so much!!! Subscribed!

  6. Dude, I could never figure out why all my videos were so laggy and looked like trash after export or why the preview was so laggy while on projects. The video I’m on now was completely red other than a few yellow chunks. Thanks a lot, first person to say anything about this render feature and I imagine it’s exactly what I’ve needed for a long time!

  7. My problem is that once it’s exported, the video file is corrupted or uncomplete. Please help, what shoud I do?

  8. Josh you just saved my life mate…..I can't thank you enough…..the media encoder is complicated and confusing
    Exporting directly from Premiere in H.264 as I've seen here was the trick. I had completed and edited clips I couldn't render and it was driving me insane

    So seriously man, thank you

  9. Hi!
    I have false color after exporting.
    It's way more warmer then in the project.
    I can't fix it.
    Whether my premier preview shows me cooler colors or export makes it much warmer.
    Did you ever met such problem?
    thank you

  10. i am having some problems with my Premiere CS6, these days, when i export a h264 HD1080 29.97, it creates an .mp4 file that is not playable that has 24 bytes only. This is happening and i dont know why, since it was exporting normaly before….

  11. After exporting the video it plays back with a flutter/jitter. Not sure where I am going wrong?

  12. I'm facing the problem in rendering and exporting in both cases there is nothing to be shown in error but by laptop is being extremely slow and even unable to use and become hang so i need to hard reset please suggest me what should i do?and hiw can i address the problem because its not showing any kind of error any any stage

  13. My problem is that once it’s exported, the audio is all good and edited, but the actual video files don’t have any of the effects I put on them, including trimming or cutting.

  14. I was able to just export the video without pre-rendering it but for some reason it didn't do it at all this time. I clicked on the option but it did nothing. Thanks for your help!

  15. I’m trying to export to YouTube but when I go to export and log into my YouTube I press allow but it makes me do it over and over again

  16. This helped me, I didn’t know you could render the video in premier except when it’s exporting , and my bar would be red lol

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