Trudeau and Scheer have fiery exchange on ethics, veterans

honorable leader of the Opposition what he's doing mr. speakers looking them in the eye and saying no after they've said yes to just about everybody else yes – Omar Khadr yes – somebody running a minister's Twitter account $100,000 yes to his pals when they want to take a vacation the Caribbean they're saying yes to everybody but they're telling those who gave their country all they have that there's that they're asking for too much that is shameful the Conservatives will hold it to account for that every time [Applause] party wrap themselves in the flag every chance they got [Applause] order order let's have some adult behavior in the house please the right honorable Prime Minister has the floor for 10 years the Conservative government cut veterans services cut front lines offices shut down nine veteran service centers across the country nickel and dimed the veterans while using them for photo ops wrapping themselves in the flag every chance they get it was shameful we have restored respective veterans were investing in benefits were reopening closed offices we're supporting their families we're doing right what for 10 years they did wrong [Applause] is so patently false mr. speaker [Applause] it was our last veterans me sir that ended the court process and started some intimacy election campaign that they would never have to go back to court and then he looks my hero in the eye and tells them no that's shameful mr. speaker [Applause] order [Applause] and although ministry Veterans Affairs [Applause] and getting the impression some members would like their side to have fewer questions and that could be arranged so I would ask members to cooperate and pay attention to the rule against it erupting the Honorable Minister of Veterans Affairs has the floor I think I can tell this house mr. speaker is a Newfoundlander I've seen a lot of fog but the pea-soup fog of amnesia over on that side of the house [Applause] ten years let me remind them how they balance their budgets how they cut front line stuff let me tell you we have developed a pension for life a pension for life that does right [Applause] the Honorable here the opposition well mr. speaker it wasn't just veterans that the Prime Minister insulted in his Town Hall many Italian and Greeks have come to Canada over many decades they've been an integral part of our nation's character ever since that's why it was so offensive this Prime Minister compared legitimate refugees and immigrants have built this country with those who have fought and committed genocide elack's with Isis returning Isis fighters are not refugees why can't the Prime Minister tell the difference [Applause] we can't [Applause] cares deeply about refugees we double the liberal resettle refugees with almost quadruple the number of privately sponsored refugees and we're the party that is having trouble hearing the answer and I'd asked remember for st. Albert Evan and others not to be going during question period and not to be interrupting we've had far more than enough of that and members are gonna hear things I don't like but they're gonna have to take it and listen to it normal Minister immigration Mr Speaker we are the party that delivered on providing protection to Yazidi women and girls in Canada we're the party that has redouble our efforts to make sure that we continue to provide a home for the vulnerable who are playing war and persecution we're the party that has almost quadrupled the number of privately sponsored refugees we're the party that restored refugee healthcare that was cut by the party opposite Thank You mr. speaker leader of the Opposition they still understand there's a difference between legitimate refugees immigrants cover this country and people who have fought with Isis mr. speaker but I don't blame the Prime Minister for not getting up off the mat and we know he'd rather be sitting there signing autographs so I have a suggestion for the house leader maybe she can talk him into if he likes to sign his name so much maybe he can take out his checkbook and sign a cheque paying back taxpayers with [Applause] government house later because today we are debating the opposition's motion [Applause] it's question period yet we do not hear Cushman's rather than we hear statements from the member the Prime Minister whenever where every travels there are costs affiliated with the security we respect the work of our security agencies take their recommendations Thank You mr. speaker young arab the

24 thoughts on “Trudeau and Scheer have fiery exchange on ethics, veterans

  1. Rich politicians talking about veterans and looking after them and only give them peanuts and lop service, absolutely shameful.

  2. This exchange is what we dont want to see. You dont have to cheer or boo or get your nickle say in. Just be quiet and answer the question.
    Stop arguing like a divorced couple.

  3. Sorry. He said that side of the house. Still the same message. No need to take a swipe at Newfoundland sir . We are Canadians and vote also.

  4. Minister of veteran affairs asks if the house is in Newfoundland because they are clearly in the fog. What are you trying to say ? Are you indicating we are also stupid?

  5. The canadian prime minister of d people kind sounds so immatured n stupid in running d welfare of a nation like canada. Its shame to hv him as a leader. He can be a movie actor.

  6. I thought canadians were nice and always said sorry. Their politics look worse than here in the usa. Sheesh why I'd everyone soo rude and listen to facts. Nobody cares about all the antics. Grow up America, Canada, and the UK. Glad usa dowsnt have a silly prime minister n lil ol commons. Lol

  7. Trudeau didn't come to Candian Forces Base Wainwright due to the fact that he is afraid of the troops. He was supposed to come to the Bold Eagle graduation of 2018 and he instead sent a letter saying that due to fear of his life he was refraining on coming to the base.

  8. Why is canadian and British parliament like this. So unlike the congressional houses of the United states

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