Trump agrees not to raise tariffs amid US-China trade war

We had a great meeting
and we will be continuing to negotiate and I promised
that, for at least the time being, we’re not going to be lifting
tariffs on China. We won’t be adding an additional,
you know, tremendous amount of … We have, I guess, $350bn left,
which could be taxed – could be tarriffed –
and we’re not doing that. We’re going to work with China
on where we left off to see if we can make a deal. China’s going to start … They’re going to be consulting
with us and they’re going to start spending money even during
the negotiations to our farmers, our great farmers in the midwest.

64 thoughts on “Trump agrees not to raise tariffs amid US-China trade war

  1. trump folded hard today. he changed the decision so that huawei can do business with u.s company. After last few weeks of pretending to be the tough guy banning everything, trump folded and submit first.

  2. American consumer pays the tariff/tax, not China. Trump is a lying conman. China should never trust Trump. Trump breaks agreements.

  3. President Xi, please asked orange head to moved all US company out of China. China able to produce everything on it's own or purchase from other Asian countries.

  4. China is going to start spending money on our farmers!
    Wait…no….wait, weren't they doing this already before Trump opened his big mouth? This guy accomplishes nothing and wastes everyone's time.

  5. HRMPH. For the first time in his presidency, Trump finally did something to be ANTI China. From even before his presidency started, Trump has been spewing anti Chinese economic rhetoric that has done nothing but encourage other countries to shun the US and side with China instead. Meanwhile Trump has been a walking BILLBOARD for China’s economy with his Chinese hair dye, Chinese made suit, Chinese made microphones, Chinese made food, and anti foreign country rhetoric that basically screams β€œDitch the US that’ll mistreat you, go with China that’ll work with you”. By not rolling out more tariffs, President Trump has finally made his first stop in curbing his singleminded promotion of China in overseas markets. President Xi Jinping needs to be a little more careful in encouraging Trump to be more friendly, as I don’t know if Xi realized that Trump is actually China’s BIGGEST ADVERTISER!

  6. NOOOOO. Why Stop When It's working ?
    Did Trump already make deal with China even if he loose the election ?

  7. And now He agrees China wasn't going to back down on trump tariffs 50% on us 50% on you so no one gains no one looses it was a nice move from both presidents and we should have the economy back so the world can move forward.

  8. Americas 2nd best ever president πŸ‘‡

  9. Gee what a co inky dink…… dont tell me he's fooling around with Xi too ??? bad enough he's playing footsie and hide the weenie with Putin and Kim smh

  10. I see everybody either bashing or saying trump made a smart move….ultimately he wants a deal especially before elections..this has nothing to do with pride or being a coward or any other petty things people are claiming. What's likely gonna happen is they're gonna talk China wont budge on the huge list of demands and trump raises tariffs again…hopefully both sides decide to meet in the middle and both sides decide to give a little and we do strike a deal that's better than anything in the past.

  11. Trump has failed America: made Huawei more famous than ever, increased Chinese independence and power, and showed what a bluffer and loser America can be. Everyone leaving G20 thinks, β€œChina is the real super power, and Xi didn’t even raise a voice or hand.”

  12. China has upped the selling of US treasury bonds and bought gold since Trump got tough, and we now see the result … the complete capitulation of Trump.

  13. Been say China south sea insider said trump had to off Xi no new tariff and talks again for him to come to the table. Trump don’t want the 300 billion tariff at 25 % the market would crash and recession. And China will ban rare earth. This give China a automatic win on there 2025 future tech. High tech as red laser white and blue geros, earth magnet, gps, all need one of the 17 metal from rare earth. Even cruse missile use lot of it. Shut our tech down. And 5 yr is the playing field. Whoever lead win. Beside our chips maker had started selling to hewel was was going to sue the gov. Was on news.

  14. President Trump finally passes International Trade 101. "I really learned a lot from this guy!", joked the American President as he affectionately backslapped his Professor, Xi Jinping from Beijing.

  15. Trump loses war … and declares victory … in the same breath. There is not one single concession from the Chinese, and yet he capitulated on the Huawei and increased tariffs issue.

  16. China agrees to ship Great Wall to Mexican boarder with 1million yogurts as free gifts πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ»

  17. 'Trump agrees not to raise tariff amid US – China trade war'? Agree with who? Did China request it? Or is this put up to make US look like its in the superior position to be granting it.

  18. US-China trade talks back on track, says Trump β–Ί

  19. I have been predicting this outcome.
    USA cannot hope to win over a nation like China that is prepare to forego and bypass US trade altogether.
    China May 2019 economic numbers say it all.
    China overall exports is up but export to USA is down. China is still in its surplus. Foreign reserves and gold holding is up. PMI is up.

    But China is still prepared to talk or trade but TRUMP must abide by China conditions this time.
    Want to play or trade.
    No more foul play. TRUMP USA please.
    Stop belittling or target Chinese companies e.g. Huawei with US fabricated lies otherwise no deal. Buy US farmer products… No problem. If China don't buy from USA it will be elsewhere anyway.
    TRUMP agreed at the end of G20 and suddenly the threat to National Security by Huawei vanished.

  20. big boy trump acts tough and then acts submissive, that's America's foreign policy. Wow, amateur league, forget pro's, lets be bro's with the bad actors of the world.

  21. And 2 weeks later we find out that China never agreed to buy anything from US farmers. Data was released today showing that they actually have been buying less agriculture as the South American market is picking up. This man is full of lies. I wish someone would leak the transcripts to these meetings.

  22. Trump face looks like the Chinese president cumed all over his face πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

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