33 thoughts on “Trump delays trade deadline on China tariffs due to "substantial progress"

  1. If I were president I would declare global warming an emergency. Reinstall daca. Move to a single payer health care system. Eliminate tariffs. And institute a wealth tax above 50 million dollars.

  2. China should just cancel the Mar-a-Lago meeting remember the last time with Trump offering Cake along with bombing a Middle Eastern country at the same time.

  3. Trump killed the US soybean industry so he gave them $5 billion of our tax dollars as a "subsidy" so they are the newest Republican welfare state.

  4. If Trump doesn't destroy(economically, technologically or other areas) China now….He/the US will regret it later….

  5. Here We Go Again trade War where's China again and I wonder how much millions in billion to trillion dollars that like everyone in America and the 50 States including your bank and everyone's Bank it doesn't matter who it is is everyone this is very careful that they're why he's doing this right now because you will never know that someone is going to take your money and that's not very good so make sure that you got your receipt copy all of the time if you want to check your money everyone's money so rate this trade War again I don't know what's going on so I don't know what's going on right now well I'm not going to say this but I already know this already but some of your that you don't know how do you say whether people are they trying to say about it how many money did how much is spent for this trade War

  6. He's making a business plan. That's what it means. Trump is smart! If you don't get that, then you don't understand!

  7. It's weird it is happening right when Mueller is announcing his report. Not released to the people of course, but… am i missing something.

  8. Don’t worry trump I’m truck driver everywhere I go we white people hate the news media…….should we tar and feather them?

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