100 thoughts on “Trump On China Trade War: ‘I Have Second Thoughts About Everything’ | MSNBC

  1. " We have become a nation of consumers, we produce nothing, and everyone knows when the producer says dance, the consumer has no choice"
    Gill Scott Heron

  2. Does he ever quit lying and bs-ing? He is a legend in his own mind. But the dumb and naive base keep on believing this lying buffoon.

  3. Don't you guys like a guy with confidence..someone that has second thoughts about ALL their decisions! I thought so…that's what a good leader does…makes decisions, back slides, bashes people that don't agree and then changes his mind AGAIN! "We're getting along very well with China?" What's he been smoking? They just added a TWENTY FIVE PERCENT TARIFF on US autos!

  4. Lumpy dumpy Trump- you’re not speaking for America or the world you two timing babbeling fool talking about himself and himself only👎🇩🇪 lying out of his hamburger encrusted brain🤨

  5. MSM should cut to the chase on every issue:
    So Mr. Dumbfuuk_Moron, did you poop yor brains into your diaper again last night…? That's Trump_Troll_Talk – he'll understand.

  6. America was Cyber attacked by Russia in 2016. Russia won the Cyber battle, and installed Trump in the Whitehouse! Trump is a wannabe Oligarch. If Trump wins in 2020, Russians win the Cyber War. VOTE Democrat to save democracy.

  7. America this is not best you can do. He is embarrassing your country and everybody else is laughing. Vote him out, you are better than this fuckwit.

  8. He talks first, THEN thinks up a lie, then thinks up another lie. If that's what he means by "second thoughts", then sure.

  9. The world is holding its breath, waiting for his next tweet. Think about that for a second…the US president's NEXT TWEET. This is crazy and the emperor has no clothes

  10. I would be embarrassed to be around people with brains when I'm brainless but than again he is brainless lol how embarrassing for all the intelligent and awesome people in this beautiful Country to be represented by this Clown 😭

  11. China manipulating the Yuan and stealing ip properties from US companies is ok if it pushes a agenda shame on msm. The Tariffs sucks but what other options lose the entire steel and manufacturing industry for soybeans. Instead of complaining show some solutions people.

  12. Lol. How long till MSNBC takes this video down now that President Trump has won the trade war with China and the markets are breaking records again despite Dems best efforts? 😂😂😂
    2 Scoops
    2 Genders
    2 Terms

  13. Most agree that the relationship with China needs adjustment. What many disagree on is how. I can't stand TRUMP, the man. But he is elected and this is his way. Will it work? So far, no….and if it does not, he's toast in 2020. But if he does get a deal that works, then, he still won't get my vote because I will NEVER forgive his exploitation of minorities to re-enforce white supremacy. So for me, it's already over. But I am concerned that many Americans don't care about the character but about pure greed and may vote him in again. Stay tuned.

  14. Macron, ……. "Waiter waiter, I think I will have a slice of that TRUMP IMPEACHMENT PIE."
    "And a glass of lithium water for the "boy."
    SUPERMAX 2021

  15. Taking out? You mean acceptong downpayments on money owed? Who does he think picks up the tab for all these years of hundreds of billions budget deficits every year? China. US sells debt bonds to finance deficits, China buy those bonds (as do others, but China is the biggest lender, financer of the US govt.). Without China paying our bills, we're screwed – Japan can't pay them all on their own. And you can't just owe well over a trillion dollars to someone and not expect to pay downpayments and interests.

    Now the intellectual property ordeal is bad. But don't mix and lie.

  16. Of course Tramp has second thoughts about everything. He runs on impulsive egomania. At every dinner, the narcissistic con-artist thinks, "Should I eat 2 scoops of ice cream, or 4 scoops, but maybe 2 extra large scoops or how about 100 tiny scoops, and then I will wash it down with diet Coke, no diet Pepsi, because I am the greatest, I deserve it, OK, maybe not the greatest, but the bestest of the cream of the covfefe of all time, . . . I want billions, no make that trillions of monopoly-money petrodollars directed to my personal bank account, also send some to my children and business partners, . . . China cannot buy foreign intellectual property, because only my buddies and I could buy the good stuff and default on the bills, but China's Huawei is really bad even though Huawei is a top innovator around the world, . . . "

    Drumpf was elected by dumb-mock-crazy majority-tyranny to be the top leader of the Zionist US empire. So were Obummer (the liberal-guilt idol) and Curious George (the half-brained prince). It's time to admit mob-rule votes are an overrated and outdated political myth. Any one-size-fits-all solution is increasingly outdated in a more complex and diverse world. The entire world needs peaceful, customized solutions for each peculiar person and unique community.

  17. POTUS seems very subduded. But I'll bet once he is back home he with tweet the G7 under the bus. He cannot confront eye to eye

  18. Well that’s a shame… you missed the following part of that drivel when Boris tells them all that the UK has enjoyed free trade for 200 years.

  19. All previous presidents were stupid? US bought goods from China because goods in China has low price and meet the need of US customers. It saved a lot of money for US customers. Trump started "trade war" simply for political speculation rather than economical necessity. He lies when he is wearing a tie from China.

  20. What is wrong with having second thoughts ? I am sure we all have second thoughts. All of us has considered, reconsidered, and again.
    I can bet that Trump has 30 thoughts on any major decision.
    No big deal.
    Trump didn't create these trade problems, but he has been the only one to attempt to fix it.
    Unfortunately, the msm continues to lie and the stupid continue to believe their lies.
    What happened to Russia ? They haven't talked about that in a week or so.
    Still waiting on the real news . Like that illegal alien who was caught in Tucson that was already deported for raping a child .
    Has msnbc spoke with Omar and question her about her marriage to her brother ? Or about Omar lying on immigration papers or tax fraud? Or putting her kids in danger. Why won't they ask her anything? What are they afraid of ?
    What's going on with the Smollett case?
    Latest info shows that our federal prisons are made up of 60% illegal aliens. Why not report on that ?

  21. Only because his kids told him this will likely cost him the reelection for good – and he knows, only a second term will keep him out of prison for the crimes he committed so far.

  22. This is fake news! He said he's considering tariffing CHina more! And guess what? China just caved! They're so desparate to get a trade deal but the President knows he has all the cards! The tariffs worked. MSNBC is an embarassment to American journalism!

  23. What America is doing now is simply bullying. Every country can see that. The world is returning to the order of the forest.

  24. So many BRAINWASHED AND DUMBDOWNED people in the comment section, well that's what the fake lying news media MSNBC CNN,nyt , Washington Post does to people that are clueless.SAD

  25. THREAD

    US versus China

    President Trump's extreme anger against China has entered its last phase – open threats. Clearly, the trade war based on high tariffs has failed to scare Xi Jinping and the Communist Party.

  26. Here's to all your Trump Bashers made a deal with Japan at G7 made a deal with India at G7 and Monday morning China calls wants to resume trade talks they're going to cave to Trump too just like the rest of you morons that watch this channel that lie to you everyday when are you going to learn?Of course it's just about impossible to argue with morons that believe the Democrats Trump is going to win in a landslide the economy is going to keep Rising jobs are going to be coming back to the America, and I don't care how many times Joe and Mika tell you that it's not happening it is happening you f**** morons.

  27. Much like Instagram, only in America can a complete fraud be lifted higher each day by the dreams of economic failures and marks.

  28. He misunderstood (on purpose or otherwise) the meaning of 2nd thoughts. The way he's agreeing that he's had 2nd thoughts, is to say he's willing to take it even further. Isn't that obvious? Or am I stupid for saying the obvious?

  29. Americans against tRump issue an apology to all countries, for the disgusting embarrassment that is the toupee wearing filthy orange traitor.

  30. That's it, all you peasants want a recession! Damit, always trying to screw those poor 1%'ers. You know those guys in $1500 suits, telling you it's the poor people's fault. Why don't you open your eyes and see where exactly we are in the world of the filth of man.

    youtube.com/watch?v=Xbp6umQT58A You should watch the whole thing, but at least start it at 8:23 , you'll see the start of phase 2; this is where we are today.

  31. More fake news! The corporate media will not admit it, but President Trump has Masterfully lined up support for America's pressure on China, and now China wants to have "Calm Talks" with us! Trump Train!

  32. Good to see our president still doesn’t understand how trade deficits work. smh

    “Taking billions dollars out of the US”??? That’s NOT how deficits work!

  33. The only second thoughts he has is whether to raise tariffs even higher (Ie tax the US. consumer)….the guy thinks he's hurting China more than us….what a moron.

  34. China earns 3% of the 100% profits from American companies. This is theft?

    If American companies move to Vietnam or Pakistan, you don’t think US companies need to show them how to do things by transferring technologies.

    You really believe that Vietnam and Pakistan won’t copy some of the technologies?

  35. Now the GOP are trotting out clowns like Joe Walsh, covering himself with apologies for putting and keeping Trump in power. Joe Walsh now says that Trump is unqualified, does not have the temperament, to be president. Just like Hillary Clinton told everyone during the debates! These old white men are past their sell-by date and need to be replaced with competent leadership. The GOP are totally corrupt.


  37. So wait, he now flies to france and tells his bull – which people around the globe know is horsepoop – to world leaders? He is really good at not making a fool of himself on the global stage.
    Much respect! 😂
    Just a pity not a single Trumpet will get that…

  38. I think he does not know the meaning…..I think he wants to say he always literally thinks twice…we all know thats also untrue

  39. Trump raised beautiful tariffs, China stopped buying from US Farmers, Farmers file chapter 11. Simply Beautiful. Early retirement. LOL.

  40. Very soon England going to join America against China. What about Australia? Australians politicians are is still on Chinese payroll list? Or they are going to join America?

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