Trump says NATO members to pay more through trade if they spend less on defense

this year’s NATO summit has wrapped up
but it seems US President Donald Trump is still unhappy with the membership
contributions of other members of the Alliance
Arjen Tolman tells us more the 2019 NATO summit in London wrapped up after
leaders reaffirmed their strong alliance but u.s. President Trump criticized NATO
allies who he thinks spent too little on defense once again calling them quote
delinquents at the lunch meeting on Wednesday with the members who spend at
least two percent of their GDP on defense
Trump reportedly suggested that he would make NATO members who spend less than 2%
of GDP on defense pay more through trade saying he will get them on trade and
make them pay one way or the other Trump again pressured other members but these
are countries that have met the goal of two percent we have unfortunately a
large number that haven’t met the goal the remarks came amid Trump pressuring
not just NATO countries but other allies including South Korea to pay more for
defense the u.s. president headed right back home after canceling the end of
Summit press conference saying he had so many press conferences over in the past
two days Trump also seemed to have been annoyed by other world leaders calling
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau two-faced after a video was unknowingly
recorded while Trudeau and other NATO leaders appeared to make jokes about
Rome’s lengthy press conference held earlier at the summit you doman arirang

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