38 thoughts on “Trump to raise tariffs on Chinese goods

  1. You only pay towards tariff if you buy foreign goods. Buy American and support your country. We are capable of supporting and making our own goods. Past trade deals created cheaper goods from foreign countries leaving our companies decimated.

  2. I'm wondering has the Trump family that makes Trump's t-shirt and neckties have they brought that business back over to the USA.



  4. Mnuchin does the talking and calms the stock market. Lighthizer, chief negotiator, hardly talks. Now, Trumps is talking and Mnuchin can no longer calm the market. I agree the long negotiation is frustrating. But, subservience is equally frustrating for China, which may decide time to say goodbye is nigh.

  5. Trump doesn't want a deal, he wants a fight. Fighting makes him looking tough, fighting makes voters losing their minds. Who cares about prosperity if we can give our enemy hardship.

  6. Tariffs are a double edged sword. While they are bringing back jobs to the US and enabling US tech companies to finally build factories here in the US instead of outsourcing for cheap labor that is no longer so cheap anymore. But the problem with Tariffs is that if they don't get repealed within a few years that the US economy improved, can be a problem when governments disable free trade across continents and prevent certain resources that are usually only available in a country to be exported to other countries. But the good is that we can finally bring back Tech from Shenzhen to make "Shenzhen USA".

  7. We need to increase tariffs to about 50%, the tariffs on China are are not high enough. We need to increase them to 50-60%. Or, no trade at all. Perhaps it would be best if there was no trade between the US and China. I like Chinese people, but there is no rule that we MUST trade with them.

  8. The trade war is just going back and front other countries have gone somewhere else to buy there products and no longer buy from America so it is putting a hurting on us. Food prices are going up gas prices are going up and trump keeps upping the ante the other countries are doing the same and are not giving in its working so well that trump has to Bail out the farmer's of AMERICA to the tune of millons of dollars. Trump is not the one to make a deal he sucks at it the only deal he ever made was bankruptcy and he wasn't any good at that with trump you get nothing nothing

  9. As a commoner, I think Trump make threats simply he want the supposedly last meeting ‘s terms that they had with China to be as favorable to US side. So as to pressurize the Chinese into accepting some kind of terms that the Chinese had refused beforehand. Well, if I can think of such easy tactics, why wouldn’t China do so? I hope China play a game with them to delay the meeting citing whatever reasons they have.Yes , China may be hurt, but the momentum of growth is in China. Meanwhile , find new partners. They can do a lot of other things .US is struggling to maintaining its hegemonic power and its focus is everywhere. See how they can cope with the increased complaint of the prices of their daily household commodities in the Walmart . Drag the trade talks after Christmas.

  10. nice, Chinese as me can't wait to see it, which inflation in the United States. you can't produce any products, no matter how high the tariff is, American will pay for it.

  11. These fake news casters are overly-stoic to a fault. These are not Americans, but wannabe / faux Americans. I wonder if they know that they sound like they're trying too hard?

  12. Just last week, it was reported that a trade deal could be announced this week,.!! Now this happens? Someone counted the chickens before hatched? Wtf !! With Trump in charge, never ever read between the lines 😂😂😂

  13. Good thing you trumptards got that “extra” tax money because everything is about to get more expensive.

  14. Trump is correct. USA is trapped in swamp, so any decent reform and progressive
    agenda is pointless. Trade War can rescue Americans besides the

  15. Good keep raising till it's too expensive to buy from China. Thats what they do to us. Get tuff. Btw I cant stand trump but China's human rights record is unbelievable.

  16. Once again an assult on all american consumers paying more, and the trump voters will pay more with no winner in sight, just bullying

  17. President Trump Please tariff CCP 50% not 25%. Chinese communist Gang is the most evil liar on earth, most of Chinese I spoke to are supporting your action!

  18. Wow. Who is advising trump? It’s foolish and stupid to threaten China. Asian countries have pride as part of their culture. Negotiations with them are complicated. They have to “save face”. What’s not complicated is that they will NOT be bullied. Especially a country like China. Never mind they hold trillions of our debt they can call in if they want to and which would wreck our economy…….Again, Wow. Yes the economy that President Obama started reviving is doing well, but if every other thing in our Already Great America is being destroyed, so what? There are dozens of non psycho republicans who would do as well or better than trump without destroying trade and everything else we have held dear for over 2 centuries.

  19. Tough guy trump says he’s closing in on a “big trade deal” with China. Hmmm … just like he is closing in on: – a health care plan – infrastructure – North Korea – peace in the ME – Space force (whatever that is) – lowering the budget deficit – the wall. Boy, all this winning!

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