44 thoughts on “Trump warns European Union of retaliation over tariffs

  1. Do it NOW. Congress is not their to help Trump, he doesn’t need them, Trump proves he is more effective than Congress. You don’t need the EU, Nigel Farage and Brexit has just proved the people are fed up. The Yellowjacket in France. You owe Americans not the EU. If there is an imbalance in tariffs, then do something about it. If you can’t play Poker don play at the same table as Trump. America First.

  2. Trump's an economic idiot! He's gone bankrupt 6 or more times. Successful businessman? Yeah his father was, he lost that money and now he's heading for the biggest bankruptcy of them all . . . . the US economy. He'll say . . . . "to hell with it, we'll just not pay our debts" . . . . yeah he's done that before too.
    Economic super cycle is ending and another beginning next year and that's when when recession hits and if you can't service for debts (yeah you can service debts by having a trade war with basically, the world) recession turns to a depression. It will be Trump's depression and it will be larger than the one in the 1930's.
    There are many county's in the US that are having difficulty delivering basic services to their communities, so much so that towns are left abandoned.
    The US Federal government will have a cash flow problem and cuts will have to be made, mostly to services to the population. However their are many facilities that require constant maintenance and improvement of safety features. These will be affected too. The crumbling of an empire. What happened to the former Soviet Union? Ran out of money, hence . . . . Chernobyl. The US can't even look after their war veterans. Been to LA lately? Homeless veterans lining the streets.
    The fall of the New Rome!! Trump is Nero, but instead of playing the fiddle, he's playing with himself. Great choice for President . . . . NOT!!

  3. So let me get this straight the other side is making more profits cause the American companies can't compete on both quality and cost so they punish the winner ! And this comes from the beacon of capitalism who lectured the world for decades of the benefits of free market economy for the human progress ! Such an empire of hypocrisy this united States.

  4. AT last an Americian Government standing up for America, we IN Guyana south America buy americian and Japenese cars, Trump is the best.


  6. The EU is already surrendering to US trade war threats. Trump is a genius. Abolish the EU. We'd like to trade directly with individual EUropean countries.

  7. If there were no tariffs for everyone, trade will be completely dependent on competition, quality and price of items going back and forth between all countries. If we apply the theory of a Capitalism and Free Enterprise, the consumers will eventually be the winners with cheaper and better quality products.

  8. All countries will go to other countries an will not deal with USA we loose not them we will be taking out of everything an this country will be left an a Civil War an there will be no army willing to kill there own family as there family is trying to kill everyone in the house an are president that don't care about us

  9. It is interesting when Trump blames China for the trade deficit when in reality it was American companies that moved their manufacturing to China making China an industrial giant and the US their biggest consumer. Tariffs won't fix that!

  10. Trump opened a can of worms that the US citizen will pay for in higher prices and jobs lost. Trump the man-child doesn't understand that tariffs are like sanctions. They are an attack on another countries economy considered an act of war by reasonable people. That is why it is called a trade war. Like all unnecessary wars it will be the common consumer that will foot the bill.

  11. Trump wants to destroy the EU so that he could fuck each and every European country as he wishes… or as Russia wishes! Long live Europe! Europe is ground Zero… the cradle of civilization and liberty! The holy Continent! Don't fuck with us!!!! We are not Iraq, Vietnam or Afghanistan! This is Europe! Trump thinks he can just keep pushing and bullying us… but he doesn't realize that Europe is self-sufficient and more than capable to provide itself with everything from a needle to a satellite. Europe will prevail, and will last! Eastern Europe exists because the European countries were separated and the fucking communists of the ex-USSR took advantage of that and enslaved eastern Europe, country by country. Putin longs for the olden days and would love to enslave Europe again. But what Putin doesn't know is that we are not our Grandparents… he can fuck his Alt-right-neo-communism! A united Europe is stronger than Trump and Putin together!

  12. What a bunch of goddamn nonsense. There are plenty of US products for sale in Europe, even in the small village I live in. If you want to sell more US made cars here, make better and more economical ones and we will buy them. If you want to sell anything here, be competitive, that's how free trade works. Try to shove it down our throats or coerce us to buy anything, and you won't be able to give it away. A "businessman" like Trump should know that. I don't mind the disagreement, I mind the lack of manners. Please elect somebody with some decent manners next time, because nobody is impressed by this amateurish excuse for a bully.

  13. You that trumpsnd you will lose the toris firvye Americans who vacation there even though the can’t the US they are just being civilized and Thad it .

  14. Trump, you forget that the US is already isolated by 75 % of the world but not Europe, we'll find other ways to sell our stuff, you're just counting on the differends of those 120 billion that we export more to the US then the US to Europe. Europe to US -> 360 billion, US to Europe 240 billion, our products are just better, that's all !!!Don't underestimate Europe !!!

  15. The best part about this is that most of you have no clue what the tariff will mean for you at the store. The tariffs TRUMP is proposing will be paid for by YOU. Not the countries that the tariffs are applied to. It hurts those countries because YOU will not be able to buy as much crap not because it'll cost them more to bring it in.

    The saddest part is that to be able to manufacturer at a level that would actually swing the economy back to American made products would mean slave wages in those sectors unless the tariffs were so high that you could not afford to buy anything but American.

    This is a fools game and your all being played.

  16. Hey if they can put tarrif's on us we can hand them some to, don't like it don't do it, period the problem is theirs to many bullies trying to bully us, well we got a man in office now who knows how to handle bullies and put them in there place:

  17. EU has more to lose than we do, Canada has more to lose than we do, China has more to lose than we do. So let's take on them together at the same time, fuck mathematics addition, they have more to lose combined than we do!

  18. So jealous from Australia you have a President who puts America first – awesome!!!! I think all our politicians had sold us out to the NWO so let Trump go ahead and do his thing. You were going backwards with Obama so what's to lose.

  19. Let those europeans rot.
    Colonization was over decades ago and america does not give a fuck about the old fart world.

  20. If we Black…White…Hispanic….(Etc)…Lgbtq…Rebel flag waving rednecks..Hippies….Skaters…. Waiters…Church Folk…Antifas…Muslims..Buisnessmen…. "ALL" rose up together and said that's it. We are done giving away our money to ungrateful bastards.. Can you imagine? The world would crap their collective leftist mom jeans.

  21. I don't know about you, but I wake up glad knowing that Norway and Finland are on that wall watching over our national security. Those Fins don't need our Tanks or Bombers to feel safe at all. Nothing ever happens over there in Europe. Now we go back to the real Earth and shake our heads….You dumb leftist would be Russian slaves by now or Kneeling towards Mecca 10 times a day. And you will when the U.S. is to broke to care. Screw you and your BMWS. Glass bottles are better than cans in every way. We got more sand ( Glass) than God on our coasts. Where does all that silicone come from ? This is the one time France should surrender. lol ….to Pres Trump.

  22. We have no friends, they are all looking out for themselves. lay those tariffs on them, prices of goods will be dictated by the market values.

  23. We in the EU are a people of half a billion people, not some banana republic, bring it on if you must……….stupid.

  24. America does not need allies that mooch and protect their economies to the detriment of the American economy. Trump is an earthquake. This guy knows his business. Trudeau for my part, is a clown. Trump is a master businessman. Canada for Trump!!

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