Two minutes with… Paul Gambrill, Managing Director Marketing, Paddy Power Betfair

I think one of the biggest challenges
that we’ve certainly got is finding the right audiences. So, audiences are now
much harder to reach so getting in front of them is a huge challenge for us.
Secondly is then building our creative to actually reach those audiences, so as
you can imagine more platforms, more varied audiences, good creative in front
of them across these platforms is becoming very difficult for us to do. I
think also cutting through the jargon and we work very in a very digital space
being able to assess what works, what doesn’t work, what’s real sounds great but in practice doesn’t tend to deliver what we want to is a
huge challenge for us. I think in reality what we need to do to address it is
about getting back to the basics, so kind of thinking about what we’re planning to
do, what’s the outcome we’re trying to achieve, what’s the hypothesis. We think
very much about the hypothesis that we have and then how do we go about
delivering it. So being very clear in brief writing being, very clear in
planning, if we get those two bits right we tend to find everything else comes off
the back of it. People tend to want to rush into things
and just kind of go gung-ho to deliver stuff and and if we can plan a brief
well most other things tend to roll off nicely off the back of it. in terms of best insight we actually
worked quite close to the MediaCom team to figure out audience consumption
habits everything is shifting a lot last year. We were heavily investing in TV
this year as the audience fragments we’ve spent a lot more time investing
into multiple different platforms. So, actually the insight to tell us you know
where the different demographics are going to view media has allowed us to
become a lot clearer in the planning process. You know who do we want to get
and where we’re going to find them; gone are the days of just running TV
campaigns and having that ability really to have fresh up-to-date data has been a
vital for us. The next big thing in 2020 for me is we
need to get to a place where we are making big investments in a number of
small things, or big platforms big investments but potentially not trying
to do too many, so you know data is becoming much harder for us to get hold
of, things are becoming a lot harder for us to measure, so if we can get to a
place where we do fewer bigger things I think we’ll be able to measure things
better, have a clearer understanding of what works and what doesn’t work you
know with more data there’s more complexity and and I think a lot of
people at times say something they’re not so I’m getting back to the basics of what’s important. I
think we might start doing direct mail soon you know!

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