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Thanks, Amir. Let’s drill down into different types
of ideas that you could dream up. The first type of idea
is a simplify idea. With these types of ideas,
you’re trying to make a process or a task much easier for your user. Instagram did this by simplifying
the process for combining images. They have an app called Layout,
which allows you to combine photos from your camera phone into
customized layouts. Another type of an idea
is a me too idea. It’s where you take a current idea and
you bring it to a new market. Flipkart is a me too idea. Similar to Amazon, the company
leveraged market insights in India to pioneer concepts such
as cash on delivery. Flipkart also partnered with other
companies to provide exclusive sales on its website, since it had such
a deep understanding of India and its user’s needs. Virtualize is another type of idea. It involves moving an activity
to the online space. Need to do your taxes? TurboTax allows you to send off
your tax forms electronically. You can even do them from
your mobile phone or tablet. Need to hail a cab? Lyft makes this process
also really seamless. You can do it right
from your mobile phone. For this type of idea, it’s important
to think about how you can leverage existing technologies or
build upon new technologies. For example, Lyft used the fact
that everyone had cell phones and GPS locations to provide cab
service to people on demand. You might also try to remix or
combine two or more ideas. Slack, an online messaging tool,
is one great example of a remix idea. Slack is a team communication tool
that streamlines email, chat and private group messaging while
making all content searchable. I can chat at my fellow course
developers or I can put in an order for some late night food. Finally, there are types of
ideas that seem impossible. Or almost impossible. These types of ideas are just
like Google’s project Loon. Project Loon attempts to bring
internet to the rural and remote areas of the world
using helium balloons. In the next few exercises, you’ll
look at some different companies and determine which types
of ideas apply to them.

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