U.S. could close first phase of trade deal with China before Dec. 15th: Bloomberg

now just one day after it was reported
the us-china trade war could drag on past the 2020 u.s. presidential election
there’s now some fresh optimism in the air that a deal could actually be struck
and sealed rather soon as well chair jong-eun reports there has reportedly
been a somewhat of an optimistic shift in the trade talks between Washington
and Beijing this comes just 24 hours or so after President Trump suggested on
Tuesday that the negotiations could drag on past a 2020 US presidential election
which is still some 11 months away bloomberg cited sources on Wednesday as
saying Trump’s comments should not be seen as an indication that there’s an
impasse in the negotiations according to the report US negotiators expect a phase
one trade agreement with China to be completed before a tariff deadline set
for mid-december the US has threatened to impose 15% levies on an additional
160 billion u.s. dollars of Chinese imports by December 15th
adding to the new sense of optimism President Trump himself made more
positive comments on Wednesday on the sidelines of NATO summit in the UK see
what happens Reuters reports that Jared Kushner a senior adviser to his
father-in-law President Trump is taking a bigger role in the China trade talks
and his direct involvement is also boosting confidence Kushner has
reportedly taken on a greater role in the talks with China over the past two
weeks Kushner played a pivotal role in the latter stages of u.s. trade
negotiations with Canada and Mexico in 2018 to replace a North American Free
Trade Agreement with the United States Mexico Canada agreement Choi dong-hoon
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3 thoughts on “U.S. could close first phase of trade deal with China before Dec. 15th: Bloomberg

  1. This host is a moron. He took a throwaway line about waiting until after the next election to complete a deal with China and then reported it as an official US position.

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