Hello, my name is Chloe and this is a Public
Goods unboxing and review video brought to you by the ClockworkRise channel. I’ll show you what we got and how much we
paid for our first three orders, then I’ll tell you what we think after a month. But first, a quick overview. If you are unfamiliar with Public Goods, they
are a company with a warehouse to customer business model. The idea is to cut out the middleman to keep
product prices low, which are exclusively offered to members. This is not unlike other member-based brands
such as Kirkland which is only offered to CostCo members. You pay a membership fee to access their products. The company makes profits from the membership
fees, and not necessarily on the products themselves. Public Goods seems to be focused on making
natural, yet effective products that look pretty on your shelf. Think: full size hotel products that are natural. These would be perfect to stock your AirBNB. Public Goods ships products straight to customers
rather than through distributers or brick & mortar stores, which is similar to Amazon
or Brandless. However, where Brandless is a brand focused
on making $3 items, Public Goods is focused on making natural, eco-friendly products and
going beyond just cutting “BrandTax” (whatever that is) by only charging cost. And while Brandless & Amazon Prime members
get FREE shipping, Public Goods members pay less for better products AND get FREE shipping
over $25. If you like natural, minimalist-esque products,
but are sick of sifting through reviews or paying more – Public Goods is the way to go. If you just want to get all of your household
products from one brand for somewhat lower prices, Brandless is a good option. It only took me a few minutes to see how Public
Goods is a much better match for us than Brandless just by comparing ingredients in a few items. I found Public Goods when I happened on their
IndieGogo page and saw that they were offering a lifetime membership. I was kinda desperate for a solution and decided
that I would take the gamble and buy the membership without knowing much about them or their products. I got a lifetime membership to Public Goods
for $69 in April 2018. We needed a few things, like shampoo and deodorant,
so I placed our first order right away. It arrived a week later. We were anxious to see what we got for our
money. The products were wrapped in bubble wrap and
packaged in a small-ish black box. The classic black and white packaging feels
like high-quality product. I don’t exactly know how to say this, but
the plastic packaging is divine. It has a matte texture that feels nice. If you are zero or minimal waste, these plastic
packaged products may not appeal to you. Though, I know Public Goods is planning on
offering refill options for some of their products in the future, which I intend to
take advantage of. Also, we noticed that the bottles are full
to the brim with product, no wasted space. We had ordered shampoo, conditioner, a couple
shavings creams and deodorants as well as a mini lip balm to get the FREE shipping over
$25. If I wasn’t a member, this order would have
been too expensive. If you are a member, these are very reasonable. Actually, the shampoo costs the same as Brandless
when you break down per ounce price. And is half the price with 50% more product
than my previous natural shampoo I was using. I recovered more than my membership fee in
the first shipment by their logic, but if their shampoo worked out better than my previous
one, I knew I could recover my membership fee just from shampoo & conditioner alone
for about a year. A couple weeks later, we noticed that Public
Goods released their cleaning product line, so we ordered them, too. This shipment arrived in a larger black box
about 8 days later. We ordered the glass cleaner, bathroom cleaner,
surface cleaner, and a couple dish soaps. The shrink-wrap packaging on the cleaners
did not hold together unpadded in the box, but everything still shipped undamaged. Again, I would not have bought these if I
wasn’t a member. With my lifetime membership, these were quite
affordable and the shipping was FREE. We ordered our 3rd and most recent shipment
Mother’s Day 2018 and it arrived only a few days later. We got more surface cleaner, dish soaps, and
shampoo, which might tell you what we thought about them. Plus, we ordered some sunscreen and 2 ayate
wash cloths to try. I was especially excited to try the ayate
cloths, which came in a thick paper packaging. I probably would have been willing to pay
full price for the wash cloths, since I’ve been looking for something like it. However, I’m glad I only had to pay cost
for everything here with my membership. All of our orders have taken Public Goods
about a day to process and they have all shipped from New Jersey to Utah. The first two shipments that took a week were
shipped via UPS ground whereas our 3rd shipment came via USPS 2-day Priority Mail. I have only ever used FREE shipping, but you
can select 1-3 day shipping from the options at checkout. So the black boxes full of nice bottles are
cute, but how do the products actually perform? I’m going to give you our first impressions
after our first month using some of these products. Starting with hygiene products, we first tried
the shampoo and conditioner. We had been using Desert Essence brand natural
shampoo & conditioner previously. The Public Goods stuff performs better in
our opinion. It lathers up nicely and leaves my hair feeling
clean. It has a citrus-y scent with floral notes
that’s nice, neutral and not overwhelming. We liked it enough that we bought more so
we don’t run out. The shaving cream is not going to be foaming
like you get from a can, but it works just fine. I have been using it on my underarms and legs
and I like it. We were using plain bar soap before and my
husband has no preference, but I like the shaving cream and I’m looking forward to
having it for leg-shaving season this summer. Now the packaging on the deodorant is fantastic. It comes in an ergonomic cylinder with a screw-top
lid. It has a pleasant citrus-y neutral scent similar
to the shampoo. The 2.5 oz of deodorant is solid, but feels
like a roll-on, if that makes any sense. It goes on easy and feels fairly light. We were using a thick, heavy shea butter-based
deodorant before and my husband went through so much of it due to his underarm hair grabbing
more than desired. The Public Goods deodorant seems to work well
for him, although I think he would prefer a strongly masculine scent. Being less than half of the price of something
he likes more, we’ll probably stick with the Public Goods deodorant for now. Personally, I prefer using my thick natural
deodorant. The adorable little mini lip balm is my 2nd
favorite Public Goods product so far. It’s basically just coconut oil & shea butter. I like this cute little guy because it fits
in my clutch wallet and I can moisturize easily on the go. Whether I have chapped lips or I missed my
ashy elbows out the door, I can just rub some of this on while out-and-about and I’m set. I absolutely love it. We were using Seventh Generation dish soap
before. The Public Goods dish soap performs better
in our opinion. It has an energizing lemongrass peppermint
scent. Just a small amount will cut through the dirtiest
days-old Tupperware or the greasiest last-night’s-dinner plate. It’s greywater friendly, yet impressive. We like this one. All of the cleaners came with detached spray
nozzles. I just poked a hole in the foil under the
lid and stuck the sprayer in each bottle. They have the standard SPRAY/STREAM options. Generally we use soapy water to clean, but
the surface cleaner is nice for a more powerful, finishing clean. It has a pleasant jasmine scent to it makes
the house smell just lovely. I like that’s it’s biodegradable and plant-based
yet works fantastic. We have dogs and a toddler, so this comes
in handy regularly. We have a lot of different surfaces in our
house and we have used this on pretty much everything. It’s a good go-to cleaner; we enjoy it. We were in desperate need of a good bathroom
cleaner. We use castile bar soap and we get a lot of
soap scum buildup. I was using homemade cleaners but got sick
of making them & the elbow grease involved. Sooo, our bathroom hadn’t been properly
cleaned for quite a while; it was disgusting. Just a quick spray and wipe with this stuff
and the soap scum washes away. It has an invigorating rosemary/eucalyptus
fragrance. I am very impressed with the performance of
this cleaner. We are now (finally) cleaning our bathroom
more regularly with the help of this stuff. It’s so much easier. As for glass cleaner, we were using an alcohol-based
homemade spray before, but if I didn’t make the recipe right it wouldn’t work as well. This stuff is also alcohol-based, but leaves
no streaks. It doesn’t have a scent, but this stuff
works perfectly on all of our glass & mirror surfaces. We like it. The sunscreen came in a hangable squeeze bottle. It’s a natural sunscreen made with zinc
oxide. We prefer to use natural sunscreens. I was disappointed when I went to try to squeeze
it out of the bottle. The seal came off of the bottle and lodged
into the squeeze-lid, so I couldn’t get any out. I was able to get it out with a toothpick. Other than the packaging malfunction, the
sunscreen itself feels really good. No scent. It’s like any other zinc oxide-based sunscreen,
which are often criticized for how paste-y white they appear when applied. I don’t have that problem with my complexion. Hehe. This one is slightly less paste-y than others
I’ve used. I found it comparable to the Honest baby sun
stick that I like to use on myself, although for less than half the cost and more than
twice as much product, I think I’ll be inclined to purchase the sunscreen from Public Goods
in the future, stick or no stick. The ayate wash cloth is hands down my favorite
Public Goods product so far. I got 2, one for the kitchen, one for the
bathroom. They are made from agave plant fibers, so
they are completely natural & biodegradeable. They are also supposedly mildew-resistant. In the kitchen, I’ve found occasions where
I can’t quite get a pot clean from burnt-on oatmeal mess. This cloth works better than the scrub sponges
I’ve been buying and it should last a lot longer. I have dry skin with occasional eczema and
I’m very particular about my skin care. I have been seeking a natural, super rough
exfoliating cloth for use when I shower to no avail. I got this large supposedly “rough” exfoliating
cloth online and while it works great for hard to reach areas like my back & feet, it’s
still too soft for my liking. Enter the ayate washcloth to make all my scrubbing
dreams come true. I use it all over my body. Like most people might, my husband thinks
it’s a bit too rough to use in the shower like I do. He does like it as a dish scrubber though. To conclude our review:
We like the shampoo/conditioner and love the balm, ayate cloth, dish soap, and cleaners
enough to purchase them again. We had some mixed feelings about the deodorant,
shaving cream, and sunscreen. I would only recommend these in certain circumstances
for specific people. We are eager to try more Public Goods products,
including their soy candle and some items we are waiting to run out of first, like castile
soap and toothpaste. I do not regret my $69 investment for my lifetime
membership to Public Goods. Ordering from the Public Goods site for our
household supplies is now part of our monthly routine & budget. Thanks to my gamble, our homelife has improved,
if only a little. This video is brought to you by the ClockworkRise
channel. If you like informative ad-free videos give
this one a like. Although, if you argue that this video was
just one giant advertisement for Public Goods, I can’t really argue with that. I’m an idiot that just marketed this company
for free. Hey, um yeah, Public Goods, if you’re watching
this, I just made you an awesome review video. Your welcome. If you maybe sent me some stuff in gratitude,
I’d be cool with that. Thanks for watching everybody!
[singing] "Old McDonald had a farm E-I-E-I-O"

39 thoughts on “UNBOXING | PUBLIC GOODS – part I

  1. I did a review after ordering from Public Goods for one year. Check it out: https://youtu.be/8EVOvU00qpo

  2. am i the only one that jumped when she went from showing her using the Ayate washcloth in the shower to the kitchen sink? God i hope you guys bought more than one lol

  3. What a detailed review. Very helpful. You got to the point immediately. No lengthy, rambling intro. Great job.

  4. Thanks for such a detailed review, miss. You really put in a lot of impressive work. Public Goods should indeed send you some gratitude.

  5. I'm not impressed with their pricing. I can get Mrs Meyers, Method, and other natural cleaners and household items from Amazon for much cheaper (on sale) than PublicGoods. Even Brandless and The Grove offer much more competitive pricing than PG. Not sure what PG's longterm angle is, but they have a lot of competition…

  6. Thank you so much for your review. It was especially useful for me, since I make a lot of my own household cleaning products and try to go as non-toxic as possible. I've been cleaning my hair with baking soda for over five years now, for example (rinsing with diluted apple cider vinegar) and it's saved me so much money!

  7. i think Public Goods either always has, or switched to bio-degradable "plastic" made from sugar cane, so you should be able to throw in in with your recycling.

  8. They now offer a travel-size package (body wash, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, moisturizer) for only $12! With the free 30-day trial and $25 out-of-pocket, you could try up to like 9 products on your first order. (Example: $12 travel package (5 products) + $1.25 mini lip balm + $4.50 toothpaste +$4.25 dish soap +$3 tissues = $25.00 + FREE shipping)

  9. Do you find that there are issues with them keeping things in stock? I was just looking and considering trying it, but so many things were out of stock

  10. The next video is up and showcases 9 additional products besides these 11. (Link to next video at end of this video or in the description above.)

  11. I think the dish soap smells way too strong. Like ivory x 10. It doesn't stick to the dishes like the artificially scented ones do, but if I use a tiny drop to clean my glasses in the morning, all i can smell is lemongrass all day long.

  12. enjoyed the video; I bought a lifetime membership, but haven't been able to use it yet due to moving. I thought that there was no way those natural cleaners would work that well! Now, I'm excited.

  13. Thanks for your review! I was debating whether or not to try the ayate washcloth, and thanks to your review I might try it now!

  14. I'm not a Public Goods spokesman, just some chick that bought their stuff. For clarification though, I paid for a lifetime membership and will never have to pay the annual fee. If you do not want or can no longer get a lifetime membership from IndieGogo, you will either have to obtain an annual membership each year you want access to Public Goods products or pay "full price" for the products. Hopefully the pricing/membership can be made more clear on the Public Goods website if this comment was too confusing.

  15. I searched public goods on YouTube and your video came up. I love your video style. And what I saw of your personality/sense of humor. Hope to see more videos soon! (I subscribed)

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