Uncleared Bank Transaction Report in QuickBooks Online

Welcome to another GBC tutorial. I’m Ufuoma Ogaga, owner of Goshen … Bookkeeping & Consulting. In this tutorial, I will address one of the … questions I get asked by clients, which is how do I see a report in QuickBooks Online that … will show me the list of transactions that have not … cleared my bank account. The report you need is called Uncleared bank transactions report. This report will show you outstanding checks and all … transactions that have not cleared your bank account. QuickBooks Online doesn’t have the uncleared bank … transactions report as one of the standard ones. You have to customize it using your balance sheet … report. Which is also known as a … statement of financial position report if you are a nonprofit organization. Let’s switch to QuickBooks Online so that I can show … how to create this report. This is my QuickBooks Online sample file. In here, I am going to click the … Reports tab, then select standard reports. In this standard reports screen, you can scroll down to find the Balance Sheet or … Statement of Financial Position report. My own is already listed as a favorite here so I am going … click on the it to open it. This is what a typical Balance sheet report looks like. So, I am going to make a few … changes to customize this report to get the uncleared … bank transactions report that we need. The first thing to do is to change the report period to … all dates. Change the Accounting … method to cash basis then click run report. So we need to see uncleared transactions for all bank … accounts. So, I will click on the total bank account line to open a … transaction detail report. This report shows all of the transactions that has been … processed throughout the years for all bank accounts. I am going to customize this report to only show my … uncleared transactions. To do this, I will click the customize … button at the top right corner of the page to open the … customize screen. Here, I am going choose the option to show negative numbers in … red and in parenthesis. Expand the filter option then scroll down to find and click on Cleared. In the drop-down option for the Cleared filter, select uncleared and collapse the filter. I will expand the header section, then change the report title to “Uncleared Bank … Transactions”. I will also uncheck the boxes … for date prepared and time prepared. Once done, I will click on the green run … report button to run this report. So this is how the report looks like. To customize it further, I can group or sort the report … by any of the displayed columns and click run report … to see the changes. I love customizing my report … by grouping or sorting the report by name or sorting … them by the name of the vendor, so I am going to choose that option. And, click run to report the again. Once done, I will save the report so that it … is easier for me to come into QuickBooks Online and run … the report at any given time without having to repeat all of … the steps I just did. So to do this, I will click on the save customization button at the top. And, I am going to leave it as the … default because QuickBooks is already automatically … picking up the name. Once you save the report, it will automatically be stored … under the custom reports tab. So see the custom reports tab, I am going to click back to the reports list. Here is the report we just created. I can email this report to someone else by clicking on edit. And, select a schedule for the … report to be sent to the person on monthly basis. I am not going to do that so I will exit out of this screen. Coming back to the reports screen and by clicking on the … dropdown arrow next to the edit button, I can export to PDF or Excel. Now you have a report to follow-up with your vendors … To find out if a replacement check needs to issued or to… figure out why a transaction did not clear the bank account. Check out my blog for more QuickBooks Online tips. Thank you for watching!

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