US-China trade talks relaunch but little has changed since deal fell apart

23 thoughts on “US-China trade talks relaunch but little has changed since deal fell apart

  1. US is not sincere, accusations are baseless and flip-flopping, where is the evidence for IP theft? what is the basis to demand a country to change her law to suit US imagined demands and accusation.

  2. Why waste your time and efforts to change China behavior? Just stop any trade talk and do anything you think fit to make America great again forever! Bible is not important for American anymore, because American have become God already. 为什么浪费你的时间和精力改变中国的行为? 只要停止任何贸易谈话,做任何你认为合适的事情,让美国再次永远伟大! 圣经对美国人来说并不重要,因为美国人已经成为上帝了。

  3. Move our businesses out of China take the 1-10% difference and produce in India . China will suffer greatly. They are already facing a decline in their gdp and economic growth. Their curve is over. Time for decline of economic growth in China. Watch.

  4. This man should not be on any TV.. When you have left the helm of logic into anarchy.

    Carlos: Until they change the law, I had to import a 1000 tonnes of cocaine. There are people here running a business of selling cocaine, and they just can't get the product. This is outrageous, many good god honest loving liberal Americans can not get messed up beyond recall at the weekend because of some silly law. Until the law changes we must continue to break what ever law we feel like as it is mean to business. Them strawberries will not pick themselves, and feck it if you think for a minute that I will ever bend over to pick anything apart from taking it.

  5. I don’t trust Boomers with discussions about trade with China. It was their big money making deal and they made a huge amount of money while ignoring the IP China was accruing (stolen right from the manufacturing line), the humans rights travesties (sweatshops and labor camps), the pollution (they burn their trash and have zero EPA which has torn a huge hole in the ozone over our arctic pole), and they are now retiring leaving millenials with stagnant wage growth, industries dominated by work visa workers who protect only their own, a housing market that’s sold to the highest foreign bidder so Americans can’t even buy in their own country anymore. I know no one boomer is to blame but I don’t think most boomers can see past the easy money aspect of trade with China to all of the problems that come along with it.

  6. Good, who cares if the deals fall through. Short term economic losses for the USA but in the long term we will make much better deals with other nations that will take over the manufacturing that China currently provides. We need to start protecting IP or we will soon see the end of American innovation as there will be no incentive to invest millions in a technology that will get stolen the second you try to manufacture it to recoup your investment. It’s an erosion of our greatest skillset and once it’s gone we may never get it back. Other countries make stuff for less and have governments that are willing to deal with a democratic free market system. China was communist when we began trading with them in the 60s and our goal of turning them democratic through free trade has failed because they are still communist, so let’s let them be. The fact that we can trade with China and not Iran or Russia (for the most part) shows that we clearly have double standards based on greed. We need to treat communist nations the same and just not deal with them without reciprocal deals.

  7. Here is the lesson,
    Stable geniuses never think about consequences. Never think ahead .Just wing it all of the time and your poorly educated supporters will love you anyway when you frame a massive fail as a massive win.

  8. China and its inhabitants believe they are destined to be the sole superpower. The ignorance and foolishness isn't typical of the Chinese but they seem to be Drunk of the success brought upon them be the IMBECILES from the western powers who have no allegiance to their country. The Chinese are living well and growing fat from the prosperity of a booming economy. THE KEY THING HERE IS THEY BELIEVE THEIR PROSPERITY IS OF THEIR DOING. CHINA IS NOTHING BUT A BACKWARD COUNTRY AT LEAST 50 YEARS BEHIND IN NEARLY ALL FACETS OF 1ST WORLD NATIONS. What we have now in China is a dr Frankenstein's creation of an out of control rogue nation with zero regard for morals and ethics, with the SOLE MISSION OF WORLD DOMINANCE.

  9. Hey guys i'm not smart in this but it appears obvious we have to require that question! Read the 14th.Amendment ?????

  10. I am Zhang Fei (張飛)
    Why can not you ?
    We must be able to know what we want to know.
    We must be able to think what we want to think about.
    We must be able to insist what we want to insist.
    We must be able to believe what we want to believe.
    Why can not you ?

  11. What has been politicized is the welfare industrial complex. Your deceptive practices are stunning. Ask Rupert Murdoch if he had a nice time on the Lolita Express…?

  12. The citizen question was in place until Obama took it off. Now trump just want to put it back but hit a road block. It’s a legit question that why it is called a census.

  13. Ask on Census these questions: (1) are you a American Citizen, (2) are you a green card Holder, (3) are you a Illegal alien,, (4) are you a child of a Illegal alien . Simple way to find out who is in America.

  14. Just place max tariffs and go from there. If China wants to stick their nose in the air, that's a good thing. Trade will go elsewhere and the USA and others that trade with China will have a better arrangement for all. Even Apple and Chevrolet will end up better off as new models come out. In the meantime, China effectively owns them. China will make knock-offs and sell them at a low price.

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