“USA Trade Online” Tutorial 1: Creating Your First Report

Tutorial 1: Creating Your First Report In the last tutorial, we introduced the Data
Source Selection page and the types of trade data available in USA Trade Online. Now, we will begin to dig into the data and
show you how to create a basic report. In this example, we will create a report showing
annual U.S. export value in 2015 and 2016. First, on the data source selection page,
select “Exports” under “HS District-level Data.” You can customize your data report by selecting
variables in the “Report contents” section on the left side of the screen. First, select “Measures” under “Report contents.” In the center of the page, you will find a
list of the available measures. For this example, we will select “Value.” Notice that “Value” is the default member. This means that this variable will automatically
appear in your report if no other selections are made. Definitions of each measure are also included
below for reference. Now, navigating back to the “Report contents”
section, select “Commodity.” Select “All Commodities” by clicking the check
box. In the next tutorial, we will delve into more
specific commodity-level data. Next, we will select countries. Navigate back to “Report contents” and Select
“Country.” Then select “World Total.” Finally, we will select the time period of
interest. Click “Time” under “Report contents.” Then select 2015 and 2016. Now that we’ve finished making our selections,
it’s time to review the report. Navigate to the top of the page, and click
“Report”. So now you’ve created your first report in
USA Trade Online. The last step is to save your report. Navigate to the grey tool bar and click on
the save icon. Then choose “Save as.” Then, save your report as “Tutorial 1” and
click “OK”. For those following along, we will be returning
to this example for later tutorials where we will teach you how to re-format your report
and teach you techniques to further customize your data.

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