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♫ So, you enrolled in
a UnitedHealthcare plan. You got your card. We’re happy to see you. Now you probably want to know
how your benefits work. Well, you’ve come
to the right place. Simply log in
to your member website,,
or download the mobile app to get the most
out of your benefits. ♫ The first thing you need to know is what’s covered
under your plan. ♫ You can search
for network doctors, clinics and hospitals, tests, services and treatments, or conditions. Maybe you’re not sure if you
need to go to the doctor at all. With NurseLine,
you can talk with a nurse on the phone 24/7
or chat with one online. You could save time,
money, and worry. You can check to see if your local pharmacy
is in our network. You can also check to see
if your medications are covered and find lower-cost options
like generics. ♫ When it’s time
for managing your benefits and paying your bills,
we’ve got a handy tool for that. We can help you track
the whole process from start to finish. You can view the status
of your claims and track payments. If you have a balance, you can even pay
your bills online. Okay, so now you know
about managing your benefits, but staying healthy
to begin with is even better. Exercising and eating right
are a great start, but getting regular checkups
and screenings is also important. There’s plenty about that
at, too. You’ll find information
on preventive care that may keep small problems
from becoming big ones. The best part is that most
preventive care services are available
at no cost to you when you use network providers. (crowd cheering) If you have questions
about your benefits, check the website
or give us a call at the member number
on your ID card. We’re here to help. Be sure to check out
our other videos on the UnitedHealthcare
YouTube channel to learn even more
about using your new plan. Thanks for watching. ♫

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