26 thoughts on “USS Enterprise B & USS Excelsior Analysis Review Retrospective

  1. I worked on cruise ships and there were many difference between ships in the same class. Often an older ship from the same class actually had more advanced systems and improved interior designs than those constructed later, simply because the older model had gone into dry dock and received upgrades after the other ships had gone to sea.

  2. nice to see Cameron finally grew out of Ferris Bueller's shadow and went on to captain the enterprise B. Took him about 300 years but some people are late bloomers.

  3. Cool video. I HATED the Excelsior in TOS movies. I'm not sure if it's because it's butt ugly or because they were "the bad guys" when I was an impressionable kid.

  4. Alan Ruck is such a versatile actor, going from playing a teenager to only a few years later playing a 30 something star fleet Capotain.

  5. Its a 1950's kitchen appliance. Everyone knows this. But no one, no one in this world knows what it actually does. So they made it a space boat.

  6. I like it because it reminds me of a fanciful 1960's or 70's cruise ship. Love the aesthetic design of the outside.

  7. You said that the Excelsior appeared in Star Trek V. I can't think of any scene where the Excelsior was in that movie?
    Someone refresh my memory or was that a misstatement?

  8. Just now getting to your stuff. Interesting and fun! Anything out there about Enterprise C? That' my favorite then the Excelsior.

  9. i chose to ignore the exstances of the enterprise-c… the most god awful and hidios design of all time. LONG LIVE THE EXCELSIOR CLASS!

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