VEGAN WEDDING: THE SHOES | Manifeste 011| Minuit Sur Terre

Hi, It’s Ann from Veggie Magnifique, and today I’m going to show you a vegan boutique in Paris where we’re going to go shopping for my vegan wedding sandals! So, let’s go! So, we’re here with Maud, the co-founder of Manifeste 011. Hello Maud! — Hi! Could you tell us a bit about your boutique that you started with your twin sister. Sure! We opened this boutique around a year and a half ago. We are the first responsible and vegan fashion boutique in Paris. We’re also online. We’re in the 11th neighborhood of Paris. And it’s true that, for us, it was important to show Parisians that you can have vegan fashion that is beautiful, inventive, and creative, and that is CLEAN, too. Meaning, not just fashion made with plastic, but also with more eco, sustainable, and responsable fabrics. That’s amazing. And also I see that you have so many different things, not just shoes, but also handbags, jeans, clothes, outerwear…etc. Exactly. And now that it’s summertime, we also have swimwear, made from recycled fabrics, made in France. We really try to showcase local brands… not imported. There are a lot of American brands, but we try to have European and French brands instead, to show that you can shop more locally, and they’re making creative and beautiful things… that’s super important, of course. It has to be beautiful. (Of course!) To please as many people as possible. That’s the idea! Awesome. So let’s take a little tour! Mais oui ! With pleasure. So let’s try on some sandals… Thanks for finding a size 10. Oh, you’re welcome. We have all the sizes. So let’s start with this model. Wow, it’s soft! Yeah, it’s a really soft material. So it’s not leather… it’s…. (Of course not!) Actually the creator of Minuit Sur Terre sought to find a new material when she created her brand. Her company is in Bordeau. So she developed her fabric in Italy. Principally it comes from grains… from wheat and barley, to create a beautiful material. So the fabric is from Italy, but the shoes are handmade in Portugal in a small workshop. Wow. Awesome. And how long has this brand been around? Around two years. Ah, so it’s pretty new. Yeah, it’s a pretty new brand but it’s getting big now. I think they might be a bit big. These run wide. They’re beautiful… and it’s… (tries to find the word for squidgey…) The sole is soft. It’s not hard. Let’s try the second pair. The shoebox is so pretty. She really makes an effort for the presentation. There’s a care guide inside… (With llamas) voilà les llamas… She explains how to take care of the material. It’s very simple, actually. It’s just like leather, it’s waterproofing for synthetics, etc. This pair is beautiful. The gold is lovely, it’s a bit of a silvery gold, it’s not too yellow. I think it’s really beautiful. Yeah, it’s super pretty. Go ahead and try… You see, the fabric is so soft. The specialty of Minuit sur Terre is that she makes a handful of collections per year, but in small quantities, in general, She does collections in spring, spring, autumn, and winter. and she readapts things, and it’s always in small quantities, so sometimes a style will run out because there’s a lot of demand. I think those look a bit big… Yeah, I think so. Try walking a bit… So I loved the gold ones but I thought it was gonna clash with the bottom of my dress… because the gold wasn’t exactly the same color and plus they were a little bit too big. So I decided to try on the camel colored ones instead, and honestly I loved them. They were just the perfect fit. They were a half size below… and also you know what? I just love the brown sandals I love brown shoes… and I thought I’m gonna get a lot of wear out of these… in addition to the wedding. And plus they’re gonna provide kind of an earthy feel to my wedding attire. In the end I loved them and I will continue to wear them! Thank you guys so much for watching! See you next week!

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  1. Who's been to Manifeste 011 in Paris?! 🙋‍♀Have any of you tried Minuit Sur Terre shoes? Let me know! Thanks for watching!

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