Video SEO, SEO and E-Commerce 2012- (DV TV Ep:1)

Welcome to Digital Voice TV, my name is Gary
Jennings. I was walking down my local high street a
couple of weeks ago and I saw this sign in a restaurant window. The sign should say open, but it doesn’t.
It’s actually a confusing message because it’s not working properly. In our first episode of Digital Voice TV,
I’ll be asking ‚’How open for business is your company’? I’ll cover 3 basic tips with the purpose of
helping you to ensure that you’re fully open for business in 2012. Tip Number 1 is Optimise Your Website User
Experience Let’s use E-Commerce as an example. Forrester Research
has predicted that online spending in the UK is set to reach £56 Billion
by 2014. According to a recent Capgemini report the
online conversion rate for retailers has halved from 8.4% in 2006 to
3.8% in 2011. If you add in shopping cart abandonment rates of up to 75%,
then having an optimised e-commerce platform is more essential than
ever. There’s little point in investing in online
marketing to increase visitor numbers if your e-commerce platform
is under performing. Searchengineland have published an excellent
11-point info graphic with some superb optimisation tips that will help
you optimise your Checkout page. I also recommend investing in an in-depth
website audit to ensure that your website is fully optimised in the areas
of usability, accessibility and navigation. This will also ensure better
search engine indexing. Tip 2 is to Optimise your search engine visibility
by widening your digital footprint With 91% of UK companies now leveraging search
engine marketing and an anticipated spend of £2.48 Billion in 2012,
there’s more competition than ever. To compete effectively it’s important to stay
up to date with new opportunities. One of the newest and most
exciting opportunities in search engine marketing is Video SEO. Cisco
has predicted that by 2013 90% of web traffic will be generated by video,
and online video is the highest ranking and most engaging element
within the search engine Universal search results. Optimised online
video should be considered a must-have content variety if you’re looking
to widen your digital footprint. Tip number 3 Measure and Analyse your results After more than 8 years of Search Engine marketing
experience, I’m still surprised by how many companies still don’t
fully measure their campaign performance metrics. A recent report indicates
that nearly a third of companies do not integrate user testing and
analytics at all. One person that I spoke to recently actually
thought that Analytics was a girls name. So to summarise todays 3 Tips, let me introduce
you to Anna Lytics Hi Gary, todays 3 tips are: Optimise your
website user experience Widen your digital footprint Measure and analyse
your results Thanks Anna and I hope that you’ve enjoyed
our first show. For a transcript, which includes links to all of
the resources discussed, please subscribe below. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you again
in 2 weeks.

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