Visiting Nordic Reef – Scandinavian Coral Wholesale at Its Finest

Hi Reefers Welcome to another video. So I recently visited Nordic reef, which is a coral wholesaler in Denmark I have some footage from my visit and I hope you enjoy So first up we have this Acro / Micromussa lords tank Something I really like about this tank is just this huge amount of corals and also the large diversity This seems to be their broodstock section for their Micromussa lords I really love this green variant here Next up is their Scolymia section As you can see, they have so many Scolymias. It’s kind of crazy And another load of Micromussa lords So over here we have this interesting acan So it’s a grafted piece which is both green and red and they actually fuse together, which is not normal Sometimes people just glue two different colonies together. This is not the case here So here we have a top view of the Scolymias and I really like bleeding apple that we have over here And here in the corner we have another specimen I really like this specimen it’s almost a master grade Scoly So next up we have frag track tank and also a broodstock tank And as we can see they have so many corals here I Like their Homophyllia Bowerbanki’s, their Acanthastrea echinata’s They also have a lot of Micromussa lords Really like how they put everything on these small ceramic plates And it makes everything very easy to organize and move around Also like this little small selection of Lobophyllias This specimen is just amazing. I think it’s a welsophyllia or bowerbanki (a Lobophyllia) This next tank is for all you SPS lovers It’s just the acro heaven, I would say Some of these colonies are just incredibly large and I think I would say 10 inches across is not an Overstatement here And as we can see you there are so many different kinds Acropora I really like this shortcake here, Microlades We have a Latistella, Tenuis, Millepora, Spatulhata could rattle names off all day, but the Thing is just they have so many different corals here This next tank is an LPS broodstock frag tank. We have Cyphastrea Meteor showers everywhere It’s basically everything else that Micromusa lords here There is a lot of encrusting and plating Montipora’s A little mix of Favia’s and Favites Few Acropora why not And at the amount of encrusting corals here. I don’t think I’ve seen so many in one spot before Here, I think is one of my favorite specimen This orange red and green one, looks crazy Acanthastrea echinata here, orange polyps and turquoise base We also have this extremely orange one over here and just left to it. We have the convict chalice Here is the view of the frag tank from the other side Actually only got to shoot half of the facility as they were changing the light fixtures in the other half So hopefully I get to visit another time so we can see that part So pay attention to how everything is very well organized I think a lot of other coral wholesalers could learn something from this In these Cyphastrea’s looking great And here in the middle we have some gold chalices they look so amazing I Think it’s one of the corals, I would have taken home if I had a store Nothing beats a good meteor shower coral So next up we have this mushroom tank start off with some Micromussa lord broodstock But then it progressed to some Euphyllia’s and lastly we have these Mushrooms, I really like these Ricordia Yuma’s. I think there’s also some florida’s in the mix Over Here we have some Rockflower Anemones Every color you could imagine White, red green and so on So next up we have this soft coral section, it’s mostly Discosoma and Rhodactis, I think and Also looks like there’s a mix of other soft corals in there We have a bounce mushroom here Would be really interesting to see how it looks in a normal reef tank And lastly we finally have these Trachyphyllias it’s kinda crazy how much they pop under these blue lights That was everything so sadly we couldn’t film the remaining part of the facility due to the changing of the light fixtures, but Hopefully I can visit another time and then we take a look at that part Thanks for looking to the very end and don’t forget to like and subscribe

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  1. Hi everyone, i am aware that the coral at 2:45 is in fact a Lobophyllia and not a welsophyllia i mistakened it for.

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