Want To Start A Business? Sell On Amazon (not in retail stores)

everybody Alex right here so I’m reading
the the paper this is Mona girl this is yesterday’s paper having a look good
read it up biggest thing that caught my eye was spending Bertha nice now else
hits uber at the day before that it was something like retail retail slumps to
the other sprint whatever and then today’s paper it was it was something
like I because enough is paid it said something like online sales massively
increases retailers hitting it Harvey Norman is not feeling the you know not
feeling the budget syrup I think you know the tax back tax cuts that people
are getting from the the MIRR certain government you know Harvey Namit isn’t
getting it back you know so people are not spending every tell people are not
in the all going online and this is something but I’m seeing more and more
and this is something that’s I think ringtail us especially like to look
around at the shops behind me and you’ve got clothing shops
you’ve got people even wanting to start a business if you’re looking to start a
business do not go and start one of these shops do not go and open up a shop
and try and sell goods in the shop right because not only you’re dealing with
overheads way to start electricity although you know although there’s a
come with opening a physical location you’d need to do that because that’s not
where the customers are going they’re going online they’re going to Amazon to
buy the products right keep going online to buy the products as just convenience
this is this is for this is pretty much the future of retail and that is people
want convenience they want the same day delivery they want the second day free
delivery right they want the free shipping right so people want the
convenience of going online and buying the product to get an instant
gratification they want to go down the beach in the oven it runs is why you
need the online this is why people gonna start a business or start a business
that sells online you need a sell I’m from Fort Pierce an apartment people
actually wanna buy it’s not just doing any meaning money mode I’m gonna sell
sunglasses right he’s still gonna do the research and find out what people are
buying online so guys check it out check out my videos my other youtube channel
don’t forget to subscribe have a great day don’t you soon how about you

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