Waxie Strengthens E-Commerce Solution with IBM Infor Alliance

Aaron Gerraughty, Waxie Sanitary Supply, Vice
President, MIS We love the support we get from Infor. We’ve
made our strategic changes where needed to the products and it’s just
worked out great for us. At the time we didn’t have an e-commerce solution, they
were very strong in e-commerce and we’re one of the leaders now, doing
a lot of business over the web and it’s just a great product, great fit for our business.
For us, one of the most important things is stability. We get that with the iSeries; it’s
always been the tried and true solution, it’s one of the big reasons we went with
Infor – A+, it just works. You don’t typically need support but when you do,
they’re getting on it. They’re as good a support team as we’ve ever had. And
the two, between IBM and Infor, you couldn’t pick a better solution.
One competitive edge that we’ve got is the reliability, the support that IBM gives
us. The support that Infor gives us is top of the class, best of breed. Being there
for customers 24/7, knowing you’re going to get a delivery in an emergency,
that’s part of the Waxie way. When the lights go out in Southern California, we
actually stay up and it’s part of the reason why we are in IBM shop, that’s
probably the reason why we’re an Infor shop and it just works.
It’s going to give us a much better ability to compete with the non-traditional
jan-san suppliers. The stability will always be there, it also allow us to grow into
other markets if we so chose. The IBM Infor Alliance is a one-stop shop,
I would start there, I would end there, I won’t even look anywhere else.

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