We Are Not Direct Selling and We Are Not MLM

Welcome to Network Marketing Pro. My name
is Eric Worre and today I want to answer one question once and for all. What is it
that we call what we do? There’s people who say that we are MLM, multi-level
marketing. There’s people that say that what we do is direct selling. A lot of
people talk about that. Direct-to-consumer. Affiliate marketing.
All different kinds of things and some say network marketing. Okay so I’m going
to describe what it is that we do and then I want to answer the question once
and for all. In my opinion, here’s the best description of all of those that I
just I just named. I’m going to give you the best description and I hope it can
become the standard that we all embrace because, right now, we’re confusing the
world. Right now the only way to let somebody know what it is that we do is
to to name a company. Oh you know it’s like this company. Oh you
know it’s like that company. Oh. People go oh okay, okay, okay. I’m not interested
because I know about that company. So we need to describe the channel of
distribution that we represent because there are different channels of
distribution, right. There’s retail. There’s franchising and there’s what we
do. There’s many other forms but there’s what we do. Okay. So let me describe what
it is that we do. Give you a description and then let’s come up with a name for
it. Alright, so you with me? What we do ultimately is we sell products to
consumers using word-of-mouth advertising. That’s essentially what we
do. Now we do that with three basic strategies. Strategy
number one is personally, as distributors, for a company; we personally go out there
and we gather customers and we sell products and services to those people by
sharing with them the value of those products and services. We educate them about
the value of those products and services. So we personally create and gather
customers and service those customers. That’s what we do, number one. Number two,
we build a network of other distributors doing the same thing. Okay
and we expand. We’re constantly expanding that network. So in other words,
it’s not just what we recruit but we have the ability inside of this business
to build a group of distributors that we recruit and they have the ability to
grow on and they have ability to to grow one. So we can have this ever-expanding
network of distributors who are also selling products and services to
consumers using word-of-mouth advertising. So, number one, we gather
customers with word-of-mouth advertising. Number two, we build and expand a network
of other distributors doing the same thing and three we as leaders, we apply
leadership to that network to improve the productivity of the network. A
function of a leader inside of our business
is to improve the productivity of that network because if there’s two networks
out there one of them isn’t selling anything. One of them isn’t growing. One
of them isn’t expanding. One of them isn’t moving products and the other one is
moving a lot of products. Well, one has no value and the other one’s very valuable.
So one, we sell products and services to consumers using word-of-mouth
advertising. Two, we build and expand a group of other distributors doing the
same thing and three we work as leaders to improve the productivity of the
network that we are building and growing. That’s what we do. Now, so if you’re to
describe that in a term, let’s talk about the term multi-level marketing. MLM. Does
that describe what I just talked about? The answer’s no. It does not describe it.
All it talks about is the second aspect that you can get more than one level of
benefit from the group that you’re building. It
doesn’t talk about sales. It doesn’t talk about the the leadership aspect. It
doesn’t talk about expanding the network. It doesn’t talk about any of
those things it talks about one little aspect of our compensation plan. So,
multi-level marketing or MLM is in my opinion a terrible term for what it is
that we do. The second one’s going to offend a bunch of people. I’m just
telling you right now. A bunch of trade organizations, a bunch of people, put a
lot of time and effort into this term. But some people like to describe
what I just laid out as the attributes of what it is that we do. They love to
describe it as Direct Selling. Here’s why Direct Selling is a poor description of
what we do. A little kid selling lemonade on the street to somebody walking across
is engaged in direct selling. Is that what we do? Not at all. A person selling
their used automobile to somebody else is engaged in direct selling. Is that
what we do? Not at all. Matter of fact direct selling implies direct from
manufacturer to consumer. Does it not?
Yet we’re in the middle. We’re the connector
between the consumer and the manufacturer so it’s not direct at all.
It’s through us. It’s connected through us.
I watched recently, I went and sat in, there’s a couple professors, amazing
people, that teach their top marketing experts or top business ethics experts and they’re fans of what it is that we do. And I watched them. I
sat in their class and I watched them try to describe what it is that we do to
this group of very high level students. And the students were completely
confused. Because they kept using Direct Selling. So Direct Selling, you
mean like internet marketing? No, no, no. That’s internet marketing. That’s not
that’s not this. Oh you mean like getting
some product over here and then selling it to consumers directly. Is that what
you mean? No, no, no. That’s not what we’re talking
about at all. So these poor kids were so confused and
guess what the entire world is confused when we use direct selling. That’s one
piece of what we do. Yes, we get the product from the manufacturer and yes we
market that product to customers using word-of-mouth advertising. But most of
the world is involved in direct selling of some sort. Anything that’s not retail,
anything that’s not franchising is a form of direct selling and it’s
incredibly confusing because it doesn’t describe what it is that we do. So I’m
sorry. I’m sorry. Direct selling is nothing more than
confusing to the marketplace. So based upon the description I laid out for what
it is that we do MLM is a poor description. Direct Selling is a poor
description. Let me give you the best description in the world and I pray that
it can become the standard that we all embrace. That is Network Marketing. What
do we do? We are marketing products and services through a network of
distributors. And ever-expanding and ever-increasing in its
productivity network of distributors. We are using a network of distributors to
market products and services using word-of-mouth advertising. It is clearly,
network marketing is clearly the best description to try to define what it is
that we do. Now if we will all embrace this then we won’t have to say, when
people say, so what do you? What do you do? We wont to say, oh you know, like this
kind of company. Oh, you know, like that company. Oh, you know, like this
billion-dollar network marketing company or that billion-dollar network marketing
company. We won’t have to use names of companies anymore in order to describe
what we do. It’ll become like franchising. You’ll have retail. You’ll have
franchising. You’ll have network marketing as a distribution channel. Now
and I’m going to give one more thing that I think is going to offend some
people. There are some inside of the network marketing community that run
away from defining us as what we are. No, no we’re not one of those network
marketing companies. We’re direct selling company. Like they’re hiding from the
fact of what we are. We need to be proud of what we provide. Is there black eyes
from now and then with people with irresponsible claims on the product?
People with irresponsible claims on the opportunity. People who misrepresent what
it is that we do and say it’s super easy. When it’s not necessarily easy. It’s
challenging. It’s entrepreneurial, but you know it’s real entrepreneurial work.
But instead of embracing the fact that their network marketing. They try and
just hide it. No, we’re like this and they just try to describe
it under these more confusing rules. And they, at the same time,
they kind of say no we’re not like one of those network marketing companies.
When of course they’re a network marketing company. The sooner the entire
profession, the entire industry, all the companies represented say yes I’m a
network marketing company; yes I’m proud of it. Yes, for the average person with
entrepreneurial dreams it’s a better way. Yes, this is what we are. The faster that
happens the faster our entire profession gets standardized around the world. The
faster we stop attacking each other and trying to differentiate between each
other as far as what we are and we just bring products and services. We’re proud
of the fact that we use it through word-of-mouth advertising. We’re selling
quality products and services to consumers using word-of-mouth
advertising. We are building and expanding a network of distributors who
are doing the same thing and we are increasing through our leadership the
productivity of that network. So I hope that helped. I know it’s going to be
controversial, but if you know somebody that needs to see this go ahead
share this with them. Let them take a look at it. Maybe share it with your
company. Maybe shared it with the people who are
working inside of your organization that maybe aren’t just as proud of network
marketing as they need to be. Do we need to get better? Yes. Do we need to
improve? Yes. Network marketing isn’t perfect, but it
is better for the average person with entrepreneur dreams. Let’s put our
shoulders back. Let’s put our chins up and let’s go tell the world. Everybody
have an amazing day. I’ll see you next time. Take care. Bye bye. Hey my name is
Eric Worre and if you’re involved in the network marketing profession I want
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  6. Great video and explanation. No matter how you slice it, its a business model to make money. A lot of people in Primerica deny that they are a networking marketing company but if you break it down and look at it, it is network marketing with a twist. After 7 years with them, I have no issues calling it network marketing.

  7. Eric (& Colleagues) – why not "micro-franchising" as a way to describe it?  At least people understand a franchising model.  With NM, we are similar to a franchising model, without the onerous bricks & mortar, employee responsibilities, high entry costs, etc…

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