We Tried Target’s Top-Selling Lipsticks

♫Gimme dat lip gimme dat lip ♫ Gimme dat lip gimme dat lip (upbeat music) – Today we’re trying Target’s
top-selling lipsticks. Ooh. – It’s rare that I go to
Target for beauty specifically, but then it’s like right there on the left and I’m like, what if I just veer through the e.l.f. aisle today? – I’m like one of those fish
at the bottom of the sea I see the brightest light in
the store and I’m just like (angelic music) – In high school I used to hang out in the Target parking lot (laughs) because there was nowhere else to go. When I finally did go inside,
I loved the beauty section it’s filled with so many
choices, maybe too many choices. – I feel like the quality is gonna be decent but not luxurious. – To be equivalent to like
a pumpkin spice latte. – So, basic. – Let’s smother our lips
in affordable creams. Oh it’s e.l.f! – Eyes lips and face. – Is that what it stands for? – Yeah, eyes lips and face! – I’m shook. – Whoa, why did you take that off? – Cause it’s a little like extra. – What? – You never read that
Buzzfeed article on hacks? – No. – This is cute. – It’s nice. – It’s very moisturizing. – What do you think so far? – I don’t know, being a matte girl – Yeah she doesn’t like moist things. She likes dry ass lips. – Don’t ever say that again. – I feel like for the price
you can’t beat this shit. – This is a really good quality and it’s inexpensive, and
it’s a good color payoff. (pops lips) – Bring me the lippie! Melting pout. Take it’s top off baby! – With consent. – Oh, this is cute! – Wow! Look at her go. – This color is vibrant as fuck. – I kind of like it on you. – Yeah, I look sweet, which I’m not. – I like your color a lot, it’s very blue. – It is very blue. – You have a lotta like, particles. – So do you. – Really? – Ooh, that’s pigmented! That’s bright! – The colors are very
pigmented and lovely, but it’s too oily and it
moves around too much. – This is the kind of lipstick that you accidentally touch your face and then it gets all over you and
then you’re like, oh fuck. – Is it worth the sacrifice
of having to apply all day? – Gell no. – Yas bitch, rev up Revlon! – It’s like cute, and it’s sleek. – It’s chic. – What is it– I’m sorry, did I just
erase color on my lips? – This just looks like chapstick disguised in different
packaging, what’s HD about this? – Ooh! – Ah! – Oh, that’s some color. – I like it. – I love this. Ooh, okay! – If you were to look at my
lips and look at your lips you wouldn’t think they’re the same brand. – I’m impressed, Target. – And it smells nice! – And, now I will be leaving. – Milani, me likey. – Milani I’ve heard of before, I actually use their nail polishes a lot. – It’s a matte lip cream so
I hope it’s not like crusty. – Crusty lip sissy! – Oh! – Wow. – This smells like butterbeer. – It does, exactly. – Oh. – Oh, wow. You see how that instantly
is just like, dry. I’m here for it! – Oh no, it’s getting inside
me, it’s like a disease. – Yo, I really like this color! – What’s the color called? – Gorgeous. – Oh isn’t that true! Look at that! – Oh, fucking vamp. – I feel like you’re really close to me while I’m putting this on. – Maybe it’s different
formulations for different colors, so just be sure that you
pick the right color. – Precious. My precious! ♫Maybe it’s Maybelline – Maybe it’s geared for 24 year olds. – This shit don’t move. – So apparently there’s color on one side and then a little that locks it all in. – When you look at this end though too, this is not a ton of product. – It smells like candy though. – It’s not a ton. – My color is “Constant Cocoa”, because what else would we call something brown. – Ooh, that’s a color. – Whoa, come on Barbie let’s go party! – Ooh sissy these are like some real vibrant, fun colors and I support that. – Now I put the top layer on. – The lock and load layer. – The lock and load layer! Here we go! – Magic, look at that! – Oh. – I’d wear this to an all day buffet cause I knew it would never
leave and I would just eat all day and never have
to worry about my lip. – 100% knocked everyone
else out of the water because it wasn’t too dry or matte, stayed in place like impeccably that shit is not gonna move. This is another one
that’s going in the bra. The people of Target know
what the fuck they’re picking. – I was pleasantly
surprised by the results, there was a reason that
they’re the top sellers, cause people know what’s up. – This is the Target dance move. Shove it, shovel those lipsticks in. – This is a great nude lip, which you’re used to, you’re used to being nude. Jasmine loves nudes, any
type of nude, Jasmine loves. (laughs)

100 thoughts on “We Tried Target’s Top-Selling Lipsticks

  1. "It's called 'constant cacao' because what else would we call something brown."

    ….Cacao is brown? So it makes sense to name a brown shade after something brown. It's like how white shades are named stuff like "ivory" and "frost/snow". It just seems a really weird criticism to make.

  2. The man that 24 hours stay lipstick from Maybelline I recommend using that on a first date just in case I'll end up kissing you won't get lipstick all over his mouth or her mouth

  3. Why can Jazz pull off ANY lipstick color and rock it but then there's me wearing chopstick that looks like shaving cream✨ makes no sense

  4. If no one noticed at 2:56 the HD BLOSSOM is the same one Jasmin had it just looked better on her no offense Jasmin ily

  5. Nina, don't blame the lipstick for your shity job at aplying it . Learn how to aply it, specialy liquid ones and matt ones

  6. The lipstick by Milano smells like raspberry and it’s nice. It’s so opaque and really easy to apply, but start on the inside to the lip.

  7. Buzzfeed needs to stop putting Nina in videos. She has no idea what she is doing the only reviews I trust are Krissy, Jasmine and Cissy

  8. "I'm sorry did I just erase color off my lips."

    "She likes dry lips."…."Don't ever say that again."🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  9. "Take its top off baby~"

    "With consent."


  10. People having a go at the girl for not being able to put on lipstick but honestly I feel attacked because I identify. Ha.

  11. I have the 24 Hour Lipstick in a dark raisin color and there is a lot of product. I’ve had it for about 7 months and it’s not even halfway done.

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