Westworld | Official Season 3 Trailer | HBO

I was born into this world. And my first memories of it
are… pain. For my kind, there was one place
we were never allowed to go. One place we were never allowed
to see. Your world. ♪ (MUSIC INTENSIFIES) ♪ CALEB:
Who are you, Dolores? DOLORES:
You and I are a lot alike. They put you in a cage.
Decided what your life would be. Did the same thing to me. Have you been watching me? DOLORES:
Not me. But someone. Something… has. CALEB: Then who is it
that we’re going after? DOLORES:
The person who took your future. MAN:
Welcome to my world, Maeve. MAEVE MILLAY:
What do you want from me there? MAN: Dolores. I want you to track her down
and kill her. ♪ (MUSIC CONCLUDES) ♪ ♪ (“SWEET CHILD OF MINE”
BY GUNS N’ ROSES PLAYS) ♪ Welcome to the end of the game. Five of us…
against an entire world of them. DOLORES:
It’ll be enough. CALEB:
I finally understand my purpose. I’m gonna save
the fucking world. The plan. It’s starting. CALEB: What happens
if this doesn’t work? DOLORES: We do this
the old-fashioned way. The old-fashioned way? We kill everyone. ♪ (MUSIC INTENSIFIES) ♪ You’re not the only predator
here. DOLORES:
The real gods are coming. ♪ (MUSIC STOPS) ♪ And they’re very angry. ♪ (MUSIC CRESCENDOS) ♪ ♪ (MUSIC CONCLUDES) ♪

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