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Hi everyone Fritz here welcome to Las Vegas So in this video it might seem counterintuitive that I’m in Vegas as a financial consultant I’m helping people save and grow their money for the future, but Las Vegas being the gambling capital of the United States It’s like why am I here? I’m actually here for work so my company we have an annual convention here and It’s because our company is so big that we have to be held in two arenas at the same time Duel livestream and that’s only a fraction of the company But it’s good time and this is a good setting for us to go over Some of the things that are very important for you and your finances going forward Like us that are here for our convention. We need to have two things We need to have DISCIPLINE and FOCUS we need to have the discipline to know that we are here for our convention to be laser focused in on it and Not go partying, not go drinking, not go gambling Our days are pretty much from 8:00am to 6:00pm every single day, but we need to be focused and disciplined Making sure that when the convention is over, we’re not going straight to the gambling table, that we’re not looking for a party we need to be disciplined here because how can you take your Financial advice where we expect you to be disciplined and focused if we are not doing the same for ourselves At our company convention we have our top leaders and top producers for the previous year go over some of the trials tribulations and and obstacles that they’ve went through and some of the solutions that they found, share it with everybody else, as well as the new things that we’re going to implement for the future how we can improve things not only for our agents, but also for our clients and That’s what we are here to do. That’s what we need to be focused on. That’s what we need to be disciplined on It’s the same thing with money when you have your money goals in place, when you have your financial goals in place Have your short-term and long-term goals planned out You need to be laser-focused in on them and everyday have the discipline to not buy Food out if it doesn’t fit your budget to not have a luxurious weekend every weekend if it doesn’t fit your budget. Stick to the plan at hand, if you have any increases at work, redo your financial plan that way You know exactly where and when you can spend your money, that way when it’s time to retire when you no longer have that consistent Stream of income that you once did when you’re actively working you are still free and You don’t have to go back to the workforce. You don’t have to rely on your family And so I promise you, we are working very very hard out here as financial consultants to be disciplined and focused That way we can help instill those things with you in your financial plans going forward But I have a special treat for you! Rather than just telling you that we’re working hard on our convention. I shot some clips I couldn’t get all of it because we weren’t allowed to bring in heavy camera equipment into the Convention Center But I shot some clips to give you just a small insight into what we’re doing as a company for our agents for YOU as our clients and I hope you love this video because I loved shooting it for you. I’ll see you in the next video to our convention oOo! I told him it was gonna be under 300 he’s like no it’s gonna be like 400 something So because we’re such a big group we actually went shopping Grocery shopping because we got a suite with a kitchen we’re gonna cook these next few days we want to save a little bit of money and Eat more healthy too. So that’s pretty much what we do right after we land we go grocery shopping And here we are the first official stop that we do for the company is at our company Expo here We’re going to talk to all the vendors that Support our company as a whole see the changes that are coming out with us have some fund raisers Donations that we can enter in and and hopefully we’ll win this year, which is a free trip to Hawaii Thank you Thank you, all right Thank you Hope you can hear me in here because it is so loud, but this is what we would consider our regional convention We have the big convention with over 30,000 of us and that convention goes over everything That’s new in the company all the changes that we’re implementing and very general information but Here here’s where we get into the very Specifics of what’s going to us in our market, in our region, some of the things that troubled us, and the solutions that we found And how we can apply them moving forward This is just a small fraction of what you see as the entire company, and I’m so happy to be here Look at all the people already here. It’s not even 8 o’clock in the morning yet and people are still funneling in Again they want to focus and discipline to build a big business even though that where Las Vegas ignore the distractions and keep themselves moving forward for their goals and their families!

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