What Are The Reasons Why The Dems Sell Out?

as to the peace to bosnia is why these
democrats are and that everybody always talks about
one is that their complicity and that they are you know they get money from
the same pokes and they want the republicans the women
s at all sure you know they play they play the role of the watching the
generals answerable to globetrotters restrict their estate in
and day out like hey we get paid to be the washington’s we have pay to get our
escape passable obviously was the money for that’s one theory the second theory is that they’re stupid i think that it’s i’m actually a given
the benefit of doubt and go with they’re stupid technique is always argued and they’re part of this corrupt archana
system is great evidence for the stupid theory
as was the evil theory for the seller democrats what procedures
fashion and that’s not it something that’s theoretical it’s
real it’s it actually happened i’ve talked to one of the staffers who or an important senator there and he said he talked to staffers for
even every progressive senator alan and is
this is all correct right policies kind it’s easy to say that way
but trust me on being passed away uh… honest with you people off the record democratic
important emigre senators and if that was said no check you don’t
understand this time it’s real there really is a threat and we can tell
the public and willing to give below not so we have
to make sure the fine civility passes this protect america and slick and among unconfirmed condensing do what does the intercepting phone calls
in just a already do anyway if there was a real threat to get a
warrant stalking what does that happen you with some motion right that dick cheney just told you about i can’t pull can you believe that i couldn’t believe what i was hearing so the senators actually believed laura black which invoice tell them everytime i think it’s this is in two thousand two
or three or four this was in two thousand seven people even share house still to do you have to be so you know when they say they’re
complex and they get the money in there doing all the stuff that’s partly true but it’s also true that they were
painfully stiff

6 thoughts on “What Are The Reasons Why The Dems Sell Out?

  1. Neither. They just triangulate. They don't have to appeal to the left-wing, since the left-wing's votes are guaranteed [in their minds]. So instead they spend all their time trying to appeal to the center and right.

  2. actually….they are stupid also. Because, like Cenk has said before, they think they country is farther right than it actually is. And they underestimate the voters on the left rebelling and not coming to vote for them in the future.

  3. You are missing the boat on this one Cenk, its YOU that believe the THEM! A couple staffers sell you the "BOO!" theory and you swallow the hook. The staffers themselves justify it that way so they can sleep at night, who knows what nasty little secrets the wiretapping has turned up. If you think Senators can't be bought then why no clean election laws, public campaign finance or term limits? There is the Washington DC bubble and then there is the pundit bubble, but they are both bubbles Cenk.

  4. Yeah, not like Democratic Senator Jay Rockefeller, who was, when supporting the telecom immunity provisions in the FISA bill, "cocky" about having "won". Don't worry about the combined over 100,000 dollars he apparently received from telephone utilities and telecom companies, though. Has nothing to do with his advocacy for telecom immunity.

  5. yeah man with all the reports, studies, and evidence you have shown there is no way anyone can argue. oh wait u just went on an idiotic rant.

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