what's poppin y'all industry plant is a term that gets thrown a lot around past couple years in rap and while some rappers are likely industry plants accusations against some rappers are just ridiculous it also only seems to be a term that's used on rappers and usually negatively there's artists out there like Lorde I've been time since they was like 12 and got a fully produced album at 16 with all this promotion and everything and nobody cares but rappers are under scrutiny for how they got on and rightfully so because there are two differences let's first give a definition for an industry plan and how I see it is a label funding and pushing an unknown rapper or artist in secret and masking it as them being on sign now the important part as to why this is that is the deceit labels know that rappers that grow organically and while they get independent get real luck and have a crazy committed families they realize that forcing the rapper or their song down our throats won't get them a loyal fanbase and usually makes their song much bigger than the artist so they try to get the best of both worlds and pump some money into an unknown rapper who claims he's independent gets a strong fan base and then quote-unquote signs which is really just revealing here was a sign in the beginning but people don't know that and continuing from there or the rapper continues to parade around as being independent while still being son even after they blow up and someone who's been accused of this plenty of times just chance the rapper because he's also one of the biggest rappers just in general fans and skeptics now look at anybody that came out of nowhere as an industry plan even when they sometimes just got lucky and got rappers like Fetty WAP designer gold link but then there are people that legitimate claims can be made for them having been an industry plant Rory and Travis Scott being to Rory was already on movie tracks before you even drop the tape and there was revealed he was signed before and Travis come up is so confusing to certain people between him day and signs of Ti working with Kanye then working with Drake before most people who really weren't combing the internet for music didn't even know who he was now one recent rapper people are saying as an industry plant is nav out of Toronto Canada this low-key kind of makes sense because the way it is faced and marketed self early on is something I can see a label telling them what to do they know people are real skeptical about Asian or Indian rappers and not likely to gravitate towards them unless they're crazy good and original his single myself got played on Kylie snapchat and he was even a producer on back-to-back he was working with huge names and most people ain't hear about it until it's placed me on trial to Scots birds in the trap saying McKnight album then he was working with everybody and got signed to EXO I do think he was probably not necessarily an industry point but had connections that got him these placements because he's definitely over 25 I think so over the years he's probably built up some relationships in his city it's a bit different than the label pushing you because he wasn't getting no radio play definitely not in the state until you did song with the weekend back to what I was saying earlier people were trying to throw industry plan on people like Fetty WAP or trap queen bobby schmurder 4 ha Negus post Malone for white Iverson you got to be absolutely ridiculous to think that they were industry plans because one bobby was doing all this crime I got him locked up but labor would have made sure he was Ian so you wouldn't have to do that and probably kept them away from me too and number two the production level and quality of both trap queens and hot nigga music videos which is how they blew up it was on YouTube was absolutely amateur I'm talking like Chicago drill music videos they just had the homie recording it and these songs got a huge buzz online especially Bobby because not only it was a song in flame but I had me mobile content with the hat never coming down it was on vine and Twitter everywhere now post knows a little if he cuz he said he went to LA before he even blew up which is kind of skeptical because people have blow up all on and off the song are usually at home then they move out once they get pop it wide Iverson was a song they got millions of plays all over South Cloud and while I could maybe see where someone is coming from when they say post is a plant I don't believe it other than maybe him getting put on a lot of blogs for this song it was just a good ass song and sometimes or most of the time if something is really that good is going to get spread an easy way to debunk people that call any rapper a plant is to look at their catalogue of music how is someone a plant if they've been grinding for two three four years before they even got one song they got him popping when people thought when people talk about young thug being a plan to make everybody sauce I'm not going to argue with you on the industry probably making a dress and be seen and suspect attire because if you notice he don't be wearing dresses as everyday clothes back when he did it he don't really do it no more cuz he's popping up but he used to only do it when he was seen or to take a picture and post online for some publicity he was pretty normal otherwise now for him being a plant he had a whole damn three-part mixtape series I came from nothing one two three and then 1017 thug whereas whole musical style was way different and years before he got signed to 300 or even big songs like hookah stoner and such if you want to look at bonafide industry pushed artists you gotta look at Tillis with Lord and the whole damn ovo roster that makes the sweatshop rumor seem even more true Majid Jordan came out of nowhere never heard of him until they featured on a Drake song Roy Wood who can't even find music up before he was signed officially partynextdoor division the list goes on most of these artists I have never heard before they signed to the label but when it comes to actual industry plans my definition mollis the suspect is pretty short I got Rory chance the rapper and maybe Travis Scott but not really I don't think chance was being pushed by a label necessarily though just because it was all his comments about them Travis never really hid the fact that it was signed but never really declared it either so the only person I got on here with enough evidence that I as a judge would convict as a planet is Rory don't like his music and want him to come out of hiding though but let me know what y'all think in the comments and please mention some people I might have missed because I know there's gotta be some like subscribe if you enjoyed thank you for watching peace

24 thoughts on “WHAT IS AN INDUSTRY PLANT?

  1. You are so lost dude. Watching you made my intellectual attributes go soft. I'm going to go watch Joe Budden. I need to recalibrate BS with reality.

  2. Travis had to leave college and was homeless for some time in LA then his music got the attention of T.I. and Kanye do your research

  3. Rappers don't even have a real come up story anymore. Whatever happened to getting big locally, then state wide, then national? I mean social media is one reason. But still you catch my drift.

  4. idk, i feel like Billie Eilish is a industry plant, because shes too much like cocorosie and grimes being sold to high schoolers

  5. My nigga no one cares about lorde cause that genre isn’t about originality. But hip-hop is about authenticity, and originality that’s why we care

  6. But the question is, how do you even get to that point where a label knows of you and chooses you to promote…?

  7. Wait but most of these guys are openly signed, so how are they industry plants? Like I’m still confused. Are you saying a label just picked them up and promoted them before they got famous without one? But even still, unless they’re faking it, that doesn’t sound like a bad thing

  8. People don’t care that pop artists are industry plants because that’s the name of the game in the pop industry. Everyone with at least 2 brain cells put together knows that pop music is, by default, heavily produced and inauthentic; created in corporate boardrooms as a quick, cheap commodity like fast fashion.

    On the other side, rap culture has always prided itself on authenticity, skill, and the work the artist put in; a.k.a hustle. When news comes out that a famous underground rapper lied about their past, uses ghost writers, or is an industry plant it’s more damming because of this fact.

  9. an industry plant is a rapper who was hand picked by a government agency, religious group,secret society, political organization, gang affiliation to disrupt or program or manipulate a protest political movement or corrupt selected individuals. for example, a record label who wanted to stay in power wound hire a new rapper just pose as the upcoming rapper. not only would they steal that persons shine but they have the potential to expose and get rid any competition.

  10. Trippie is definitely an industry plant. I've lived in akron most all my life, which is 30 minutes from Canton and never heard of this nigga. Shouldn't you be heard local before you are heard anywhere else if you aren't a plant?

  11. Chances dad worked for the fuckin obama administration type shit. Bruv been eatin n stackin. No need for label everything outta daddy

  12. Some of y'all need to chill with some of the accusations,some of them have no base but the homie up there who posted the comment about Cardi,ur absolutely fuckin right G

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