34 thoughts on “What is NOI – Real Estate with Grant Cardone

  1. If someone doesn’t mind, could you please explain to me how Uncle G got the numbers between 36:25– 36:51 in the video? Thank you!

  2. To find the debt of 32,000, do you do 460,000x .058×12/ 10? That gets about 32,000 because I can’t seem to get 32,000 with 460,000 x .058x 12.

  3. Great Stuff Grant,and Captain i have a mixed use property i paid 130k Gross rents are 52,500 yr . i do not want to sell , i like the cash flow , i also have a duplex ,its paid off , cash flowing not sure on if i should sell . ? to try and buy more doors , the mixed use property value is about 475K to 500k the duplex cash flo gross rents 27,600 yearly. im small time investor, but would love to own 20 doors or more ?


  5. We have to add that is all true if you are young. I would say younger than 50 years old with not enough funding to grow. If you are 50 years old is not likely you get a 30 years mortgage which is the cheapest way to pay a mortgage and increase ROI.

  6. Why do people say never pay cash for a property wouldn't you make more money that way with no mortgage payments taking your profit away?

  7. Great motivation ,…… i have the Exact problem 🙁 …..i got 6 small rent houses and i m stuck in the "small game " . The question i have is that all my rentals are paid off and making me 15% ROI /year …..so i don't think i want to sell them to get down on some big multi apartment deal , even i know that if i want to move up i will have to borrow on the properties or sell

  8. I am building a multiple family unit of 15 units following the idea of yours but I have to buy land(bought cheap than the market) and than build one for myself. Is this a great thing to do.

  9. What to do when you don’t have multiple family units in the market, what should be the portfolio than?

  10. So did you start with nothing or with a million in the bank account? And how to get to the million point?

  11. The best !! ..calculator for Xmas .. and chain it to the counter like the banks do to pens .. lol.. btw .I'm a future World Poker Tournament Champion. . Building that 350k to invest in Cardone Capital

  12. God that dude in San diego is a fucking annoying knob. The second he said he had only $150,000 I would have hung up. He is just being stupid and then threw a tantrum quietly.

  13. Can you do a video on how you look at statistics such as job growth, population and demographics and income levels affecr the properties you buy? Also how you get these statistics?

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