What will marketing look like in 2030?

Vineet Mehra:
I look at 2030 as an opportunity. It’s a really exciting time to be in marketing. I think we’re in an era where creativity,
technology, and data will become the foothold of marketing culture. And I think we’re in that golden age. Tamara Ingram:
By the year 2030, what is really exciting is most things will be frictionless. Everything will be purchasable. Everything will turn from product to service. So I think we’re looking at a way of really
helping people in their lives. In order to really answer all our clients
challenges, we’ll have to become much more full service and recognize that we’re in
an experience economy, understand the value of commerce and how to do that well, and provide
frictionless experiences for our consumers and for our people. Nick Farnhill:
There needs to be a balance with human creativity and machine creativity. What makes great creativity looking forward
is a mix of convergent thinking, and divergent thinking. Divergent thinking would be more around imagining,
creating, challenging, dreaming. And convergent thinking is going to be much
more rational decision-making, testing, judging, learning. And great creativity, going forwards, it’s
a balance between the two. Vineet Mehra:
Marketing’s going to change a lot over the next 10 years. The thing that probably I think about the
most in terms of challenges is just, how do you keep up with developing great talent that
can keep up with all these changes that we expect? Human beings just can’t change at that pace. So we have to come up with really innovative
ways to develop, train, and really grow our talent. And I’m really excited for that next generation
of talent that were basically born into a digital age, to take some of these key leadership
roles in marketing, and to see what that next generation is going to bring to our industry.

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