What would it mean to win the Business of the Year award?

[Music] Yeah a lot of small businesses are owners, you know we put so much blood, sweat, tears and years into our businesses. These accolades just help cement, you know, that we’re getting something right. Not only does it mean that we’ve done something right but we are being compared to these other awesome businesses and coming out on top. That’s a huge deal! It would mean an awful lot to win the award. It’s obviously a great recognition for the business, but it’ll be really good validation for all the work that the staff, you know, the management have put in. It’s a sense of accomplishment, a sense of achievement and acknowledgement of the 45 years that’s defined what we do. To win the award would be a reaffirmation that we’re actually heading in the right direction of the way that we’re developing the practice and the services. It’s such an achievement, it’s an accomplishment. We opened last year and we have hit the ground running and it would just mean so much to us. I guess recognition of the volunteers that that put in that hard work. If we win it recognizes that our good work is tangible and people recognize it. If we win so to win this award for us would mean an acknowledgement of all our hard work that we’re doing something right. It would mean a lot obviously to win the award, to be recognized for the hard work from the staff but obviously just to help promote Eynesbury. Becoming a finalist we’ve already won in our eyes we’re just so grateful to to be amongst other small businesses…that’s amazing! [Music]

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