What You Need to Know Before Exporting to the United Arab Emirates

[ Music ] >> The United Arab
Emirates, or the UAE, features world class
infrastructure and is the largest U.S. export
market in the Middle East, importing about $22 billion
from America annually. The UAE is an important
commercial and logistics hub, and it's a truly
international market with 85% of its 9.5 million residents
originally from other countries. It's also a great
place from which to access other promising
markets in the region, such as Saudia Arabia,
Kuwait, and Qatar, home to another 45 million
potential customers. The UAE's government is focused
on developing new industrial and commercial sectors such
as aerospace, healthcare, education, defense,
space, and tourism. Finding qualified customers in the UAE is pretty
straightforward, but exporters should also do
as much research as possible. One good way to explore business
opportunities in the UAE is to attend an industry-specific
trade show since the country
is the region's hub for trade show activity
and attracts buyers from throughout the Middle
East, Africa, Asia, and Europe. The U.S. Commercial Service has
offices and experts in Dubai and Abu-Dhabi to help American
exporters devise a sound entry strategy for the UAE market. So why should U.S.
companies export to the UAE? >> The UAE, where I'm
based, is a regional hub. And the UAE itself is our
number one export market for the past seven years running
out of the United States, out of all the Middle
East markets. The UAE is actually adopting
and applying U.S. technology and know-how in a
very massive way. And so when you combine all
of those mega-trends together, it makes for a market
that no one can ignore if you're a U.S. exporter. The UA market, keep in mind, has over $270 billion
worth of opportunities. There's a five-year time
arising, 2015 to 2020, where they have actually
planned out investments in petrochemicals,
transportation, aviation, healthcare, education, energy,
construction engineering, and infrastructure projects that
speak to opportunities galore for American companies
that are competitive. It has gone from a very
subsistence-based economy to a hydrocarbon-based economy, and now it's moving
toward a knowledge-base innovation-driven economy. >> The UAE has, obviously
there's a lot of opportunity there
for us in the energy, oil, and gas industry. They are very financially well
backed, so there's limited risk of contractual issues,
which tends to be one of our major concerns in exporting is actually
getting paid. I wouldn't say the easiest
place to understand the laws, and that's where we've turned
to the U.S. Commercial Service in the past to help us
navigate through some of that. >> So Balco actively
works in the UAE market, the United Arab Emirates. They are very American friendly
and the, so the product choices, they really like the
quality of the kind of products that we make. And they have a really
good program in place for reviewing all of
the specifications that are required, and they're
really good about adhering to those specifications. So it makes it a very
important piece for us. It makes it competitive. The duties are very low for
U.S. to go into there, 5% or so, so that makes it pretty easy
in terms of getting materials and products in there. And they have a very
effective importing program, so it allows you to get
your product in there without it being
held up or going through any really slow pieces. >> If U.S. companies come to
the market and they're small to medium-sized exporters, the first actually thing
we recommend is they need to have an agent. There is an agent's law which
says that you have to go through a local in
order to do business. >> The primary tip
that I have is you need to find two partners
very quickly. And those two partners are: One
is a documentation specialist, and one is an excellent
freight forwarder. >> There are a number
of trade shows, probably if not every week
certainly every month. Large trade shows
are usually regional. So consider combining a market
visit with an event such as that where you can get broader
exposure for your products and your company and start
sort of testing the waters, laying the groundwork
before expecting to start receiving a lot
of business inquiries. >> UAE is a very attractive
market for U.S. exporters because they love
everything there is about the United States. They love our quality. They love our technology. And they have the
means to purchase it. You have to be on your
A game with the UAE. They expect the best
and they won't settle for anything other than that. >> Want to learn more
about exporting to the UAE? Explore the UAE Country
Commercial Guide on Export.gov or connect with a U.S.
Commercial Service trade professional. [ Music ] >> Brought to you by the
U.S. Commercial Service, part of the U.S. Department of Commerce's International
Trade Administration. [ Music ]

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