When To Ditch a Lousy Pitch (Brand Storytelling Strategy)

You know a great brand story? It opens doors… because when you and I are looking at something, a service, ANYTHING that we are interested in, we could be told “enough” that makes us think, “You know? I know everything I need to know about that. I’m cool.”… and that we just go along our way. I deal with so many companies and they’re so… they’re so involved in their own story. The story we’re telling has to ignite the imagination of the listener. That’s the job with the story has to get it so that I want to know more. I want to whet the appetite and curiosity of the person. It’s not like I’m holding anything back but I want to inspire their imagination… it’s MY job to light the fuse of their imagination if I fail to light the fuse, I’ve blown it.

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