Which Celebrity Makes The Best Fried Chicken?

100 thoughts on “Which Celebrity Makes The Best Fried Chicken?

  1. These people are better than the other judges from the chocolate chip
    Beanie guy: “Abomination”
    These judges: Flaky beautiful

  2. It's not about the "recipes" that made the food good
    It's about the Chief who make it, you can't just Examine someone on a show and try to recreate their meal

  3. He put way to much flour and not enough seasoning for Gordon’s chicken. U can see the colour difference in Gordon’s original recipe

  4. Unpopular opinion! It’s unfair to include celebrity chefs because their professional chefs. Of course they’ll win. It would be more interesting if they had actually celebrity recipes such as actors, musicians, etc.

  5. Wait, the one that is said Gordon's recipe is freaking wrong, literally,
    1.he didnt put whole garlic there
    2.the amount of oil, he gave exact amount
    3.the chicken wasn't seasoned well
    4.u made a mistake in breading steps
    5.he didnt put whole garlic in the buttermilk
    These people, are the worst!

  6. chef ramsay intentionally didn't say what herbs he was using so you all would make it wrong XDD
    sounds a bit like another famous fried chicken recipe right?

  7. I will take the time out and make Gordons fried chicken. And after I taste what it's supposed to taste like, I will come back and take a huge shit on this video. After watching how Gordon prepares it, I can guarantee that you didn't make it how he did. It's not Gordon's fault you can't cook. No doubt you left it in the oven too long. And how do we know that's not KFC lol.

  8. He didn't say if they are not fully cooked. He said "I like to finish mine off in the oven". So you need to first know when to take them out of the fryer otherwise no telling how undercooked you might make them or overcooked you might make them. At this point it is up to the viewer to either find a recipe or get lucky and find the timing of when to take it out of the fryer

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