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welcome to summer fits the show where you always opt in for 47 million that's a neat show it's just very hello it looks like to the Thunder you need to get rid of Westbrook where is he gonna go that's what we're gonna talk about today let's first open up the books here just to get a sense of where we are here Russell Westbrook makes a ton of money Danny super max super money five-year two hundred and six point eight million dollars yeah I was a staggering amount of money and though he's already played one season on that deal still a ton of money left for years one hundred and seventy 1.1 million left though one of the last years is a player option sure all those for 47 million I don't know where he's gonna make that up otherwise the one saving grace here there is no no trade clause in this deal which means that they could trade him anywhere they want right which helps although it seems like they're kind of intent on helping out Russ yeah he's kind of the final franchise cornerstone who has actually expressed loyalty to the team so he has stuck it out through his entire 11-year career I think the Thunder being you know one of the newest franchises in the NBA being a kind of a franchise that has always kind of supported its superstars you know remember the stories about Kevin Durant getting skittles you know from his neighborhood all the time I think they they do want to you know make good yeah and Russ's defense like he did stay there I mean it was boring and outrageous sum of money but when Kevin Durant left when James Harden got traded Russ was the guy and it seemed like up until this trade demand from Paul George's just came out of nowhere he was ready to go forward with what they had even though it clearly didn't work though all that well in the playoffs last season the only other thing to mention on their books here they have a lot of bad deals because this is a team that had really forced the situation in order to try to open up this window a rap on Westbrook they were in crazy luxury tax concerns they were last year as well and around draft time that was around the time when reports started coming in oh they're trying to offload a lot of these contracts to kind of a dip under the luxury tax steven adams was the biggest name that was brought up evidently Paul George was on the table just no one knew right so yeah Dennis shooter also two years 31 million Andre Roberson is still there for about 11 million Patrick Patterson and was just with a total buzz there well let's talk briefly I think everyone at this point should know kind of where everybody stands on Russell Westbrook the good in the bad but basically what our team is getting at this point yeah I think that's the kind of interesting question here right like Russell Westbrook is exactly who you remember him he is a player on an enormous contract who has only really shown the ability to play one way but the thing is that one way still helps you win basketball games sure the Thunder have been in the playoff hunt for the past three years they haven't done much in the playoffs to show for it but you're still getting a guy who can change the course of a game just by how hard he plays yeah he probably should be a little bit upset that this trade man comes at this point because he is kind of at a crossroad in his career independent of everything that's happening here or seem like in the playoffs Damian Lillard showed him what a point guard does in the NBA now and it's hit the threes in addition to kind of create for other players now Ross does have like the body and the physicality to be a decent defensive player he just has never been all that engaged right and even on the offensive end when the ball isn't in his hands we've seen countless clips of him just kind of standing out on the perimeter not really doing anything off ball just kind of waiting for place to develop we're waiting for the ball to get back into his hands he's always going to be a guy who commands a ball he's always going to be a guy who tries to dictate the game with the ball in his hands that's just the player he is and that's kind of where it gets tricky for a lot of these teams you started looking at these teams who are building around a modern system who are building around multiple ball handlers who are building around you know three-point shooting does Russ make a lot of sense for a lot of these teams not on paper but sometimes for you know a team that's on the brink on the cusp of contention or playoff you know aspirations you kind of have to make that leap of faith yeah and as you mentioned there he's not gonna help you much more than three points I got ahead helping you stretch the floor at all and shot 29% from three last year he's still taking them at volume so essentially what you have is Ben Simmons level 3-point shooter someone who's taking all those bad shots right I think I mean the difference between him and Ben Simmons is just that that he attempts those shots I think the mere fact that Russell Westbrook is that kind of end to end you know coast to coast type player like Ben Simmons is but that he takes those three-pointers he takes those pull-up jumpers it changes the way that defenses have to play it you have to at least guard him from that you know distance out yeah at least have to account for him suddenly pulling up him suddenly making a play out on the perimeter which you don't really have to do for Ben Simmons I think there's still some utility in him taking those shots even if he's not making them yeah he's still 30 years old so he's not super old but he has a lot of injuries on those legs a lot of Knick Knack knee surgery type deals I feel like he has a scope every year or so before for the training camp so some value is there it really depends on which team can kind of unlock that I think he's kind of in an eye of the beholder sort of situation here I still am hopeful that if he gets in the right situation where he could just put his head down and create things for others I think there's still an opportune to be a pretty good player just not never living up to that contract which is the issue so he broke these teams down by tears kind of which team are most likely to be interested which teams are most likely to be able to put together the trade package and for Russell Westbrook because that money is really tough to match especially at this point in the summer when a lot of teams cap books are tied up in free agency deals that they literally just signed and a lot of those deals can't really be moved until December it's in some cases sometimes in January we have the hard-nosed here mostly just contenders Danny if you find any of these particularly interesting and stop me along the way but the hard-nosed pretty much all the teams that you expect to compete for a title even the Warriors or I mean there are up against the hard cap and I don't think they need enough point guard I just I I'm trying to envision a team in which Kyrie Irving Russell Westbrook and coming around all exist in the same team that would be fascinating but yeah that's hard it's a good for the blog the nose here just teams that are kind of either rebuilding or they don't really need they already have an established point guard the Celtics for instance is brought in Kemba the pelicans now I mean the Sixers in an alternate universe where you just swap Ben Simmons and Russell Westbrook I kind of think that would be pretty interesting actually it wouldn't work for the math because you had to find him some way to make the balance there yeah and with the Raptors look they had an opportunity to obtain Russell Westbrook along with Paul George for an obscene amount of talent and picks and picks wops they had their chance they said no I can't imagine things changing now right why ruin a good thing a few teams again or in that really nice zone of they're young but they're not elite contenders yet but they have those guys at point guard to Jonte Murray well maybe not the books the books I just don't know who they would go out and trade for yeah I mean you would hope to kind of I guess Center a deal around Eric Bledsoe his contract but even then it's not enough right he just signed it and it's obviously I don't think they have enough contracts that would work within the the frame of time that they need it to yep to pull off a good trade even though look Russ and Yanis together is some fantasy basketball fever dream lunacy yeah I mean Ruston if you really want to like squint hard at it is kind of just like a squished giannis you know just be on it I guess yeah remember when we called Eric Bledsoe mini LeBron that's it so we're getting a true mini honest so actually but so has to say there in order to make this whole weird collection of LeBron E's work I mean the Nuggets would have been really interesting nuggets are still really interesting but you'd think that if they wanted rust that bad they wouldn't have just picked off German grammar and then gone about their ways here they're also up against I think the luxury tax it doesn't see my second wants to pay that even though they've said the big well but they have shown no evidence that they will so sorry about that desperate enough to consider these should the team that man I don't know what leave yeah the leaks flotsam it's just like who knows I mean the Cavs certainly have the contracts to do it Tristan Thompson Brandon Knight JR Smith all of these guys are pretty much on expiring making boatloads of money you can even toss in you know Collin Sexton to sweeten the deal if that has any appeal to the Thunder they are one of the teams that actually has you know the players to actually pull off a trade and have it be kind of like a one-to-one in terms of the financials yeah I mean I don't know if the Cavs are doing I mean they seem like they're gonna go long term rebuild but it's gonna take a while for those be able to get off their books and Kevin Love if there's any player that rust might want to like play his second half of his career with her but not even the second half probably like the back quarter of his career with it's the guy you played with that UCLA so that would make some sense go Bruins Cobra I'm sure all right now the five teams that we have identified it based on some reporting to from not our own reports but actually I wish about who might have the right sort of interests and assets and they're in the right sort of phase of contention for us this is five bit Rose diversion Christian would we're gonna start with the Chicago Bulls Danny I really like this fit for Russ I think what the Bulls have built right now is a very young team that kind of has an identity everyone on that team top down at least in the starting lineup can shoot and that's something that russ has just missed for the past three four years of his career you know it could be pretty easy to build a package around Zach Lavine and Cristiano Felicio is like loaded contracts the one thing about the Bulls rebuild right now is that it's going a little too well and I think the Bulls fans like the Bulls fan contingent is waiting for the other shoe to drop I think this might be the kind of accelerating the rebuild that we are we've become accustomed to with the bill with the balls yeah I mean they've done a lot of good moves here I thought going out and getting Otto Porter as opposed – trying to just hope that someone would take your caps pager and just bringing them in midseason now he's like the perfect guy to fit around all their their good young big but they're just weird fits but now all of a sudden you know it makes sense the window Carter to play with Otto Porter and like a smaller back door for worry marking in an Otto Porter and perhaps window Carter to play all together it's like it it all kind of works together and I'm excited to see it all play out but as we've seen in recent years the Bulls are just kind of willing to throw it all in the trashcan and sign ad Wayne Wayne Wayne Wade raised on Rondo that completely blew up in their faces but yeah like the Bulls as presently constructed right now is the perfect team to you know field passes from the best you know drive and kick player in the NBA mm-hmm I think I think it makes total sense and it's you know a market that's big enough for Russ who is what team Jordan right yep home headquarters Cerf it up there it is just perfect all right we're gonna go now to more of I guess this is a curveball although it's picking up momentum in terms of just like fit and people are just putting 1 & 2 together administrative Timberwolves really interesting one here because clearly call Anthony towns is ready to take a leap so after the all-star break last year which is 20 games he averaged 28 points 13 rebounds three-point eight assists with a 5343 81 shooting line that basically MVP level stuff the problem is he just doesn't have that other guy there Andrew Wiggins was supposed to be that guy not good I don't know if you guys have heard this before but so they just need someone there and I feel like what they've done over the offseason getting these like switchy defensive minded wings who make they're good shooters right but at the very least they're all kinda machine yeah and if you just have Russ barreling down into Lane and just kicking out and with towns there to kind of balance it off maybe he has more up in threes Russ does maybe some of these other guys have more open threes because you have to double team pounds I think it makes a lot of sense I think it makes a lot of sense defensively too so this is one more super interested in and here's the interesting question with all these trades that we're gonna go into what do the Thunder actually really get from Russell Westbrook trade package are they just looking for deals that are shorter in order to get all the money long term with rots are they gonna be able to procure like a first-round draft pick or good are they gonna be able to get a younger guy in there if you're gonna do a package if you just want to clear books jepty and Gorky Deng works Teague is an expiring contract or Deng has two years left on his deal the other interesting one is one you brought up Andrew Wiggins and Gordon Wiggins is just the thunders ideal like draft prospect incarnate like he is he is one of the best athletes in the NBA a completely unproven shooter still after how many years in the league five years in the league now a guy who has untapped potential but we don't really know how that really gets unlocked he seems perfect for me I think I'd be interested to see Andrew Wiggins just try something right and the next favorite phase of this career I think SGA is a good mix with them as well because this year just won't take shots sure he will just get out of his way and do all the other things that Andrew Wiggins hasn't shown anything willing to do I think it's interesting you have new Stephon Marbury basically on your hand do you Stefan and kg let's get it going here yeah and actually have it what a work and stay and you know yeah I got out to Ryan Saunders all right let's go to a team now that's been in the reporting mix here based on some news from ESPN that seems like the Rockets are interested because they're always interested in in star players this yes they show any interest at leaving their current team the Houston Rockets Daniel what would make sense for them hold on I just need to like decompress a little I think if you were to ask me five years ago six years ago what my dream pairing player and coach would be I think it would have been Russell Westbrook Mike D'Antoni sure so it's coming a little late yeah I understand that but just I want to bask in that glow of knowing the point guard master gets to have like one of the most like idiosyncratic point guards in NBA history I want his team the fit doesn't make any sense sure Mike D'Antoni might not even make it to the point where Russell Westbrook is on a roster but you know it's an interesting one yeah I mean it's like it's been seven years since Russ and harden we're on the same team together and back then you know they played a lot together they played a lot with Katy Hardin was a guy who when Russ was off the floor he would take over point guard duties completely and he did it with complete confidence but he was also a very very good spot up shooter she can still do those things the thing with Russ is that he hasn't really changed and so you're asking Russ to kind of fit into this team I just don't really know what that means it just means he's going to be Russ and harden has the tools to be a guy who can play off Russ but is that really what you want yeah it seems like in some ways Russ is an upgrade on Chris Paul if only because he's just younger and presumably we turn healthier although we did mention some of those knee concerns otherwise though I can't swing off the ball which is as we saw last season Chris Paul did a lot of right and just kind of watch hard and do his thing yeah and the the whole thing with Paul is that he is a career excellent three-point shooter and like there was always with the hope that oh you know if he couldn't just be Chris Paul of old then he could at least spot up with Russ you're basically asking him to do what harden was asking Chris Paul to do allegedly where he was just like can you just beat your man Russ can beat his man it's just more question of any consistently knock down that shot and if he can't what are you really getting out of this westbrook and harden partnership other than maybe staggering them and possibly getting you know the best of both worlds but down down in crunch time now how how do you really reconcile them I guess they would get along in theory better than Chris Paul and came too hard and seen to this point based on everything we've heard this offseason but I think there is probably a world in which like a rust Chris Paul James Harden thing has to exist because I don't know if the Thunder would be willing to take back Chris Paul's contract right but in an ideal situation you'd probably want to get rid of Paul so yeah so I I feel like the all the trade machines that I've put this through their several there yeah there is a universe in which the Thunder and rockets could swap their point guards in centers so like Chris Paul Clint capela or Steven Adams and Russell Westbrook basically what that means for the Thunder is they're just taking back less years yeah and for the Rockets obviously you're you're taking atoms in order to get the crown jewel of the trade I don't hate it I don't hate it I just don't think that's eventually what's going to happen I think if there is going to be a thunder Rockets trade it would have to involve with their team yeah Chris Paul would definitely have to be shipped somewhere he would be happy yeah I would assume although you can always go home and Chris Paul started his career in Oklahoma City there's Association president and he can you can't you can't have them stranded in Oklahoma City yeah yeah well I mean it's an interesting one for the Rockets I don't think it makes sense necessarily for the Thunder all right let's go to the Miami Heat the other one that's picking up dare I say because they are a team that now seems to think of itself as a contender it just said Jimmy Butler not a player that I particularly love another player they I don't actually know how you feel about your mother is fine yeah he's fine all right so but it does seem like they want to take a next leap here Pat Riley's not getting any younger and they're in the mix here according to ESPN do you think it makes sense I mean I think it makes sense in that yeah you have to kind of if you're being realist if you're being true to yourself and you're like hey we are a stars destination and we just got Jimmy Butler you kind of have to owe it to Jimmy Butler to try to get another star I want to buy side sure right so by getting Russell Westbrook you're basically doubling down on the Jimmy Butler formula although I will say if you're Jimmy Butler and you left the Sixers a team full of good young potential stars and you kind of wanted your own shop down in Miami is the first thing you really want is Russell Westbrook coming in and Swede becoming like the guy there I feel like what Butler cares about most and I don't know Butler at all I've talked to him once that's what he says that's what he told oh but look it sounds like he's a guy who wants other M efforts honesty yes he wants to do to actually care about you know busting their ass and playing really hard and putting in the work and Russell Westbrook completely checks all of those boxes do I see of potential fit their culture wise I do just because these two guys basically share the same brain they're wired the same way there they both kind of play similar styles they're very battering ram type players one is six foot three the other six foot seven so you're getting a lot of like duplication there it could have shades of Butler on Wade if Wade were a few years younger sure definitely see themself as a way in favor that would make some sense so who would they have to move in order to make it work I mean the the thing about Miami is that none of their players are overly attractive but they do have plenty of contracts that fit a direct transaction with the Thunder so you can trade gorn draaga ch's expiring contract if that's what the Thunder want if they want justice Winslow they can get him I think ultimately it comes down to you're probably going to be packaging either Kelly Olynyk or James Johnson is another guy who's making fifteen to seventeen mil another guy you can toss in and they have plenty of first rounders that oh those deals that they sign which were terrible and remained terrible then kind of come full circle maps because they're starting to reach the end of it and all of a sudden they're just they're just money holds in order to make other deals work I mean in the Super Max era like it's not enough that you just have a bunch of cute contracts you kind if you want to take it to the next level you kind of need tradable assets yeah so who do we have left here we have Russ you have Jimmy maybe Olynyk or James Johnson potentially just this one juror our guy Derek Jones jr. mm-hmm and bam that's not a terrible team the best part about this though is dion Waiters still in miami still they're ready to rejoin the warm embrace of one Russell Westbrook you could always go home my friend that is we're gonna end up here with the team that you might have noticed we haven't talked about yet that's the New York Knicks now the Knicks fall into the same kind of zone as most of these other teams wear because they signed so many free agent deals is offseason they can't really do anything until they become tradable by league bylaws best December 15th but the good thing is just like some of the heat deals put them together and you make the money match in order to get a guy like rust in there you could do Bobby Portis you could do Cottage Gibson Alfred Payton you could throw in there basically just three of these guys that they sign for shits and giggles essentially this offseason in order to just make it seem like they actually have a functional team and they're all three guys have team options on the second year so there are gradable deals I think a lot of teams will be interested in because of that now the question is why do they do that why would the minutes to do that it seems like they finally have shown some prudence although it was kind of wasted upon them sound like they decided not to sign Kevin Durant above me you guys don't want to be a little bit of different answer but I think the one thing you have to consider here is a lot of guys have moved this offseason but unlike the years past they've signed longer-term deal so why Leonard on a four-year deal Paul George I think is on the two plus one at this point Kyrie Irving Kevin Durant both signed long-term deals in order to go to Brooklyn so you I don't know where the next movement is gonna come from and it does feel like there's a little bit of a gap between the guys who were used to seeing at the forefront unruly the guys like Kawada guys like Anthony Davis and the next wave of guys that call town for the interval Russell's those sorts of guys towns is just starting his max extension next season so there's gonna be a little bit of a gap year and next year's freeze in classes it's just bad right it is just there's nobody out there so if they want to really get someone and have an identity now would kind of be the time to strike for us and if you're not giving anything up it makes some sense because as we seen with Paul George up until this summer Russ is a good recruiter truck guys like guys like Russ apparently I mean those that cram wrote on the radar that like the of guys leaving the Thunder is that they often get better everyone has really nice things to say about playing with Russ it just seems like he's a cool guy and also maybe that applies to Russ yeah maybe he just gets way better and maybe had everything he's a connector yeah and you know we were talking about the potential of Russ and Yanis in the box maybe Russ in 2021 that's what Knicks fans will at least be telling them so all right we're gonna end it here by just kind of going over which team we think would be the best among these Danny which one would you pick if you had your druthers if you're Ross and you want to force their way to one of these games okay if if I just wanted to get the purest russ experience I would say Chicago but if I were to if I were taking into account his desires his you know clear need to be on a contender I think him putting him on the Tim rules would make them a very very interesting team out west I would go with the temples I think the wolves are the most fascinating fit I just don't see Russ going and until we're in Minnesota you're also have to wonder about that organization there I mean they've made some better moves getting a an actual for an office there but I don't know if there's this ability perhaps he's looking for oh my god I think I know where you're going with this what do you think the Knicks I do think there is something to it I think like in some ways what they were good that Russ does is underrated sure now he makes way too much money for what he actually does well but I think there is still a good player in there someone I think most likely what's gonna happen is the heat okay I think that's a nice middle ground between you get a big market you get to play on a big stage get to play with Butler that's a star who as you mentioned kind of fits his persona I don't know it just seems like he's a heat culture guy maybe he'll get shredded up with abs as well as most people do with Miami with their manes only right but in in your heart of hearts yeah it's the Knicks yeah I want to see him on the next let's get him on the mix all right that's it for us we'll be back talking about all the other free agency bonanza fallout if there is any still left to do here so we will catch you next time thank you for watching this ringer YouTube exclusive make sure you click the like button make sure you subscribe make sure you get into Danny's Twitter DM z– and email him I hear you guys have been emailing him keep doing that if you want his email just let me know

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  1. Why tf would the Cavs want 30 year old Westbrook to pair with an injury prone Love they want to flip anyway? Why would they want a high usage PG who can't shoot when they just drafted Sexton/Garland back to back? What gullible content director willingly pays these two hipster bros to babble about the NBA? Why is the NBA 75% black but the ringer has zero african-americans discussing the league on camera? This is such a bizzare video, and I haven't even gotten to how the Pistons weren't mentioned. I get better analysis on r/nba which is 90% memes.

  2. You guys think the Timberwolves would/could drop the bag and go win now mode?

    Wolves trade for Westbrook/Kevin Love
    OKC gets Wiggins(flip later)/Teague/Butt load of picks
    Cavs get Jarrett Culver/G. Dieng.

    Did that half-ass but money almost adds up. Just need to add a player/buy out JR Smith to make it work.

  3. I love the ringer but I've never been able to get past a couple of minutes of these two guys in front of camera… this is honestly well meaning as I want the Ringer to do well and for that you need to put more charismatic people on your videos and pods (and nothing against these two they're both great writers, Chau especially)

  4. There's no way the Bulls trade away a 24 yr old Zach Lavine on a good contract & keep Porter Jr. to build around

  5. reporters and talk show guys…. how could you guys vote for Russell MVP and say all this shit about him just two years later?..
    journalism became trash industry and ppl buying smh

  6. as a Thunder fan, I'm intrigued by Wiggins. he's still just 24, and athletic af. maybe the thunder can get the most out of him. send us Dieng too…he is very efficient and never got enough playing time in MIN. Basically MIN doesn't know what they're doing, and the Thunder can maximize any player we get from them.

  7. What the hell? Cavs are desperate enough to get Westbrook? Heading into the second year of no LeBron and they already have a pretty good nucleus to build around. Sexton and Garland already at Guard for them. Why go ahead and blow up your brand new rebuild for one piece?

  8. You make it sound like he’s injured all the time tho. The guy had an ironman record for the first years of his career. Didnt miss a game in HS, College and for many years in the NBA. Would be weird if he didnt have a scope now and then and this point

  9. If a team's trading for Russ, they need to have: 1) a desperate need for an upgrade at the pg spot, 2) a way to make contracts/cap work out for both side, and 3) desirable assets for OKC (young players, picks). The Heat rumors are picking up the most steam, but I don't think they can work out 2+3. The Rockets rumors are crazy, no way that's happening. TWolves are interesting and could work, but I'd put my money on either Orlando or Detroit.

  10. His over developed sense of self importance, would fit in with the Knicks, who play in the self described greatest city on earth.

  11. Knicks is the best place for him i dont live his game but hell fill the arena and ny would love to have him there dolan needs to b smarr its a no brainer as far as money hes3 ginna bring to the arena

  12. How do you go the entire video without mentioning the pistons once…? One of the TOP teams when it comes to acquiring Westbrook lmaoo. DVE

  13. Funny how you're a praised MVP 2 yrs ago and then demonized and destroyed ("he's toxic"…"he's aging" etc.) by the same media and nba fans shortly afterwards.

  14. Orlando Magic makes the most sense, they don't want to tank, are a fringe playoff team in the East, don't have a point guard & have the assets to get Westbrook without gutting their team. They should offer Bamba + Fultz + Fornier + one 1st round pick for him.

  15. Man. The disconnect between Russell’s fan base and reality grows more and more everyday.

    You’d think he’s an elite player going off of the fandom. But then you see that ratings are actually declining and how the only “reason” why anyone thinks he’s good is a box score and you put 2 and 2 together and realize nobody actually watches him play. Lol

    You’d think teams would be giving up anything to get this “beast” who just goes 😤 goes 110% all the time and is some competitive and has lifted his team to slightly over mediocrity for 3 straight years.

    You’d think any GM would just look at those numbers and just instantly know that Russ is such a franchise talent, I mean, look at all those wins he gets win when gets a triple double vs the Phoenix Suns in November.

    That must mean he’s a winner. Ignore how he’s been outplayed by a better guard every year in the playoffs.

  16. The idea of him in Chicago surrounded by shooters is very interesting. In terms of fit, it'd be tough to find a better one.

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