Wholesale Real Estate: 92 Deals in a Year as a 1 Man Show!!!!

everybody is France daniel-san I am here with Randy I'm out what's up my bra so Randy Randy and I both work here in the Phoenix market we have a lot of people on this channel that I'm in the Phoenix market and they're really gracious to spend some time on our YouTube channel and share some of their wisdom but Randy is a special case because here's the thing everybody knows Randy Guzman in the wholesaling industry and the flipping industry here in Phoenix because he's been doing it for such a long time and he's built a unique little niche for himself where he literally is he has a pool of really really really ready buyers right now and you just you're on the phone all day constantly communicating with him you're constantly see what they want like tell us about how's your business structure so my business structure I'm a one-man show virtually zero marketing zero money spent if I go buy you drinks right it's all about talking to people and just as much with the seller that's really about being on the phone consistently consistently with people that have properties that are looking to dispose of them and finding out ways to help them get really right well and you were like this is one of his superpowers and something that you guys should really consider here but you are notoriously known for always answering your texts and always answer your phone always has my phone always answer my texts put story I was on a date with a girl named Cathy Novelli and our very first day in there at a concert she buys her birthday to Palm Springs so I have my Apple watch on I told her fronts and I wholesale houses I the five deals going I suddenly get a lot of phone calls during lunch I apologize yeah I got more phone calls on that one hour than ever my wife yeah I'm still dating her today yeah she put up with that that's nice but it's also this is accessible I was on the phone last night some in network town deals because things pop up out of nowhere it doesn't it annoying you it can be a little challenging being a single dad it can be very annoying but you missed the one phone call mmm-hmm you missed the deal I had a deal we were just talking about two years ago we had a couple of houses on the street the neighborhood out of a kid would call about the weeds and the grass weeds and grass Sunday night 8 o'clock he calls me don't want to answer my phone he was calling giving me a house for $40,000 I had to buy the next day for $90,000 for one of my buddies and then we were sold for 115 right so you have to always ask your call and you have to always be networking with people well and I think that that's a challenge for everybody you know I I know at least in my business when it was constantly like you're constantly being distracted constantly getting pulled or constantly giving a text that you have to respond to or a call that you got I think that that's what sets you apart is that you've somehow built up the skills and the endurance to be able to constantly be on the phone constantly texting constantly be it doesn't matter what's going on with your life but I also think just real quick I also think that we put way too much negativity on it because we think all of a sudden if we have to return a 10-second text or a 30-second call back I mean your calls don't last that long right now their job the way as my friend the way I was telling you about the way I explained to her bus is that 30 seconds maybe $5,000 right so why not take it right it's always that important unless I'm a family function with my kids when they're attacked sure things of that nature but other than that it's if I have an accessibility back when we first started doing deals together I was calling you I was calling Dustin we bugging you guys non-stop yet when you got what you got got buyers yeah and just trying to Neels so how do you find your buyers I built them over the last 10 years but performing that's the biggest do ice if I'd give anyone any advice I see all these and from all the Facebook groups now and everything that's out there is that you know the size of your buyer this does not matter okay I have had guys approach me and they would have a twenty thousand buyer base name right I had like a hundred yeah really yeah maybe a hundred that's actually shocking to me I don't have it I don't have an actual email base right I just know what people are looking for it community I talked to them there they tell me what they need or they call me they're like dues money this listen this yeah I go find it for ya that's it the size of the size of database doesn't matter sure it's not what your clients immediately leave like right now I'm looking for 14 houses right it's a multi-family I know exactly what I need I can't find it myself I'm not dropping everything or most of what I do so I call people that are my competitors I'll be doing business with yep and we both make money yeah if they got what I need yeah and we've been able to sell a rapport that it's just a healthy working relationship I mean bad man yeah and we were doing that we got that probably with 40 houses yeah yeah and the house we're never public we just moved through the people it was a good racket yeah yeah so it's just it's just about it's like persistently talking your clients find out what they need their Foreman for them yep and if you're making them money they keep coming back to you so you're saying you go are these people that you just right I mean how are people out there find a hundred and fifty cash buyers that are gonna be like ready to go you go you go to some of the are of the meetups meet and greets things that nature where I started generally wall was becoming friends other wholesalers mmm-hmm finding out what they had throwing post on Facebook social media what no Instagram whatever and then starting to get rapport with people that developing friendships without ever even seen I mean some of these people I got one guy Aaron I saw the guy like nine house year I've never met in person right and just to get that whore gone and you find out what they want I generally let everybody know they make because I like the transparency I don't get rich off of one deal yep sometimes you get the home runs yep but it's about performing and producing how like getting 78 checks a month right it's a constant deals of constant flow right so once you once you get known for the building to find the deals and close deals mhm and I have partners that we can close wherever we put the contract yeah that people start coming to year right like yesterday a friend of ours Deanna mm-hmm I'm Norman's junior high school mm-hmm she has a house he's a realtor it's off market she calls me she's like can you help me out with that so we're gonna help her out with her right now it's all about the relationships well I think I talked about in this channel a lot about networking with real estate agents jaws of pearls yes right right how many how many referrals do you think you get from real estates a year probably at least a dozen the phenomena if I worked it more which I think I need to yeah we have a bleep horse and he's really good with that and also Cory Geary is really good with that – yeah it's a great Avenue because all they want is the Commission yep they don't care who they sell to and then I got to take the house to market to say pictures cleaning time whatever or whatever they kind of solve a problem for me well it is I mean that's it these sellers want it as easy as possible though training equity for speed and convenience absolutely right absolutely and then you know it's just developing the relationship the right people that can give you access to product right people to have access to capital mm-hmm the one of the major guys have you a lot of business with this Chris I mean he's both of those I'm just a great human being and yet he in doing business with him finding him deals it allows us role to go do anything right that's it well it's access to funds saguenay funds if you know what a deal is then people are gonna trust it with money well the funny part is is I see all these new people like it know putting the post up I've got a great deal when they have nothing right I can reach out to the people that say I'm building the cash buyers I'm building and I hate the cash buyers list charm okay i wholesale you're wholesaling vandal wholesaling together yeah it doesn't matter to the cash buyer if it's a wholesaler it's the matter can the person close your property can the regular VMD so i see all those things on Facebook about what is AMD stand for for earnest money deposit bonus money right and so I see these people on their post cash buyers only and pinkie you are cutting out over half your business potential on buyers because not everybody has every deal yep not everybody has everybody mm-hmm and you can't it's virtually impossible to do so yeah well I think what people are the the concern people have is of people just grabbing their properties without permission yes marketing them up and then sending it out to their same buyers and they say what is going on here why is it more here watch but yeah anybody I deal with I have a lessee verbal authorization right to move the properties I respected them because the worst thing in the world is when you go out and a guy it happened last week the quarry the guys think I'm gonna stay in 50 deals five that more hips right for them we're krishna source and there's nothing wrong with making money and again not everyone has every deal but you have to have that permission legally in order to market someone else's property but and these guys just don't so they're just like blasted stuff and blasting stuff and you can't lose credibility then of course because you're not correct to the source well we find it all the time we have people that see our properties they say yes I'll commit to it right and if it's somebody new okay get your earnest money they're now like drive-through the title company 5000 non-refundable right now apps what happens they ghost they stall I'm doing this I'm on the other side of town I can get it there by the morning right okay you're gonna get their money more send me the assignment send me the assignment right right so we're waiting for the service deposit that never gets deposited because they essentially want to make sure that they have control to then market it to somebody else try to sell and they have no ability to close it no they have no buyers for it you know they're just hoping that an email is gonna make them 3 to 5 9 s happens a lot called daisy-chaining or a lot of people and I see it a lot on the complaints in in the Facebook pages and social media about people getting really frustrated with people that say they're gonna buy the property but have no intention and or even worse they just take your property market up and try to sell to somebody else and make something on it cuz I and they're like you know we might burn some bridges here and there but we'll get some deals through running that will be here to burn the bridges that's it operat is as I call it said Brent you know here's the house you got whatever I want I've got to wind it it's because I have a buyer lined up right it's a buyer line pre-qualified I know the guy whether we've done a bunch of deals or he's sent me a copy to the MD check or I have in my hand cuz the biggest way to validate result is it's like here I got a name deed check give me the assignment here's a picture of it the yep and that's how we secure deals over the weekend listen you know the guys we need to be doing a lot of business they can take your word for it but right I see a lot of guys that are daisy chain that they're not tying up or they tied anything they can't commit my thing is if you can't bring them if you don't have a buyer lined up for the property you don't have a deal right and then you burn a bridge yep and then have your phone calls right and then you lose credibility mm-hmm and then he's all stuck in a hole yeah yeah and then you get it and he sees these guys posting that they've been doing for five or six months right they haven't gotten a deal done right and they're out of it I mean they truly they get out of it really really really quickly it is yeah there's another challenge that I see is you get the new guys that are trying to make you know fifty thousand bucks on the fifty thousand dollar deal mm-hmm Chris and I had one two Christmases ago where the kid sent the property over so 6,000 Chris leg out from 60 he's probably an idiot 50 yeah the kid said no no I'm not doing it I didn't want all the money calls a day before closing it says what can you give me I'm into the property fifty thousand dollars yeah so I called Chris he says actually don't want ya I'm principal yeah but but offering fifty four that is Christmas yeah we're closed yeah and I told the kid I said he had $16,000 offer mm-hmm you got fifty four you still make money god bless you yeah bye you know get the deal done well and I think you put yourself in an interesting position because when we assigned any deals to you this is just speaking personally we knew that it was gonna close either way because you guys committed to the property we would literally assign it to you and then you guys would assign it to other people or you closed on it yes I think this is very important for people to understand that they need to if they're if they're if they've got a big robust buyer base and a lot of people guys if you're out there and you have buyers that are like hey you show me this house I need three more like it well what are you gonna do you're gonna just market to that property or do reach out to all the other people and see if somebody has that deal now it's a Raynaud's are some so what happens is Randy like a dog with a bone if you tell him I'm looking for a house in this neighborhood he's calling everybody up and saying hey I need this deal here right and then even if your buyer backs out you close yeah right but it really happens because because you've built a relationship with what you say is 150 people that you know you can rely on Zack to get the deals done true and then there's other wholesalers on friends worth comic hey I got this property you can't move it here's the cost basis can you get me out cuz they may have a buyer yeah cuz you never know what people are looking for though that's the other great thing with what I do is I've aligned myself with some very the bigger players in town mm-hmm have good relationships with them and so though they're the bank we partner and it puts me in a position to where allows me view a lot more and that's the one thing I think for new wholesalers is don't be afraid to go talk to the big guys mm-hmm my very first story ten years ago we had some partner words Langham earlier I would go sit in their office for four or five hours a day till they're too busy to see me mm-hmm after like three weeks they I wore them down yeah after five weeks I was working with them bringing them deals with buyers from Australia right but be persistent keep knocking on the doors and you'd be surprised the big guys have no problem helping out a small guy if you're bringing value mm-hmm if you have a buyer base or you're just straight-out busting your ass no better word of course finally get the Hilton we've all been there mm-hmm by all means yeah and that's it and so what guys down to the basement with the right people have the capital with the right buyer base and then I'm friends basically every wholesaler in town yeah because why be enemies with the guys I can help you out it's collaboration it's not competition it is in fact well that's the challenge in it's the one thing I learned from losing my wife five years ago is that ances chant and you'll probably the statements of challenges as a business this is a very ego driven business sure it's a huge ego driven business whoever has the newest car the biggest house flashing their checks and that's not what the business is about the business is about providing for your family mm-hmm they're just houses I lost a deal four days ago about like 10 minutes in perspective it's just a house yeah there's more you do this business because it gives you financial freedom mm-hmm it gives you the build you do there do you want being I'm a single dad I can be with my kid in there I need to be mmm I cannot answer my phone you in my answer it way too much I need to yeah but it's it's like not buying into the hype right it's just an any way how this can buy I saw you at the grocery store on Sunday that's right thanks see ya in a couple of months so it's about just enjoying your life and living and I love that there's no there's no contests yet to this there's plenty of houses why not collaborate why not be friends with everybody yeah I've seen guys that lose deals and with their ego and they flip out yeah I've been cussed at I've been screamed at and as you see me right now is the most upset about losing our house it's just a house yeah there's always more there's always more you do 92 deals the year everybody every single day that's what I do I was texting people at midnight last night yep like someone went for Neil trying to help for the house roll sure I had another friend who's leaving the country this morning she called me she's like hey I've got a multi-family unit for you himself and wrong guy I hit everybody I know on facebook i hit people i don't know on facebook i'm doing day is now I'm breaking this one in Southern California I've already established the buyer bases in both places from friends that I met here yeah i bug people all day do you do any email blasts I use your own email block it's all the next thing called on your house technicals see I find that so important especially now yeah I think just as things get more competitive and the personal damage now I mean it's always been competitive but you know what I mean I think it's that personally exact I think that there's more people blasting out emails now right that it kind of turns into white noise if there's a lot of people doing Eric phone numbers text blasting yes that is white noise but getting you see Randy Guzman on phone you're like oh what's Randy up to always got a deal yeah I just talked to him the other day told him I was looking for things are you buying those attorneys are they lawyers or the flippers are they you know highly-paid perfection everything everybody some like some half of them I've never met in person right by all means yeah a lot of them are other wholesalers yeah so what are they just are the people you haven't met just referred to you by people that you adapt they've reached out to me or they said so-and-so told you you can find properties for takes six months on the first deal but then it flows okay a lot of it is just reach out to people every single day that we're talking about mhm and once once a day once every other day if I got a new deal I'll send it out four or five people yeah before it gets blasted out and I just kind of found my niche and they're not ask them if they're looking for like that's the biggest piece of your buyers find out exactly what they need what the price raised and the price range is well as this is huge what they're looking to make some pieces some people call it reverse wholesaling right you find out what they want and then you go out and find it yeah that's what and that's really what I do yeah I find out what the price range is what they're looking to make which is huge because they're not realistic they're never gonna buy from you right secondly you got to make sure you know that what's realistic in Phoenix is I have this comment all the time right now like if they got a deal what what percentage of profit do you think they want right now I think it's by ten percent that's eight to ten percent if you hear that are you guys in the Midwest sore in the south that are like oh my but they tell me thirty five percent yeah I believe it back there but here's the thing like I went to Kansas City for 12 months I love that city yeah but this is recruit serve up my wife so when we're selling a lot to Australians back in 2011 2010 I was asking my wife buy house in the North Kansas City there were like $30,000 yeah and there were ranked like 600 bucks a month yeah coming where do you think this area she starts laughing it's like how much are the houses I told her 30 diagram she's like there are 35 grand 30 years ago yeah 30 years from now I think we did 35 grand yeah exactly yeah and then you got markers like here LA Vegas where I mean I think we're one of the top three competitive markets yep and so you know eight ten percents a great return yep it's realistic yeah under a million bucks that's what you're gonna get things right now yep so you gotta find out what they want what they know and deliver and if you make them money they come back yeah if you burn them and you take them to their cleaners on an unassigned fee mmm-hmm they'll never run successful over the others they're just you know I had situation with attorney brother we did a house the flip partners we lost like 20,000 bucks on the house mm-hmm and we're still good friends mommy he called me last week he's like let's get going again mmm interesting I said yeah that's I thought for the last house we were done aired off yeah I was like listen he goes that was the market yeah nothing to do with us yeah he's like we'll be more cautious this approach I want to be a lower dollar point yeah but here are my parameters so and I was still stay in touch with Mary four or five months and then you pay up what's going on you got anything new going on because you never know anything can hit you back that one we're now getting ready to do a deal based off of that yeah so you just got a note your buyers want you got to make it money can't get rich on one deal and you have to have the ability to talk them out of the deals if they're not good for them got it the one thing people like any advice don't sell the house never sell the house right I've had clients friends of mine like hey you talked me into this okay am I talking to anything here are the facts yeah if you're what based on my knowledge I've done what you're gonna make you're a grown adult you buy you're not yeah don't sell my house right you lose friendships you lose rush we don't produce yeah look at houses problems for you sure and I've actually walked away from deals because of that sure because I'm not gonna count that situation up and I would say for the out of the 92 I probably read losers last year I had one on my own it's a big mistake hold on a story yeah but overall I just like elect the ball in play I like the fact to reach enough people daily I like knowing what they want and not having a marketing budget if it does slow down mm-hmm makes it real easy for me to turn things off got it can I see some of some of these people out there are growing their companies and God bless and they're doing great yeah but no one's been I think a lot of people are business have been through that mark no no and that's how they met originally yeah I'm a wife had cancer I was foreclosing on my house yeah you can't fly the knock on my door I did was it so nice the first couple of times got to talk to you and then started doing deals yeah that's crazy yeah so walk people through like give them some instruction like if they wanted to just go out now and start I think what you you do is you do a unbelievable job I don't care where we're at I don't care if it's at lunch or if it's at a meet-up or if it's wherever you're talking to people about deals all the time yes right for fall so how do you what is a good way to talk about real estate and come off as natural and not hey I'm like you know like they have Commission so that so yeah so we were we were happy hour for a fraternity through he's a good sort of three weeks ago yeah the governor's fraternity brother of mine yeah and he will show off for happy hour just the best guy in the world yeah so we're with some guys and mutual friends and one of the guy I got was find out what they do he's the largest legal pot store owner in Arizona got it so we were talking I'm like well what do you do with our capital I'm like how do you handle your cash business yeah he's a good buy real estate yeah I said well I have real estate god we're not looking at deals yeah so bringing it an organic conversation people have some other ideas I have buying sell houses yep that's what I did yep generally that time that right there will suck it will start the Congress i buy and sell houses I sell houses love it I was that logical I was that one for myself two weeks ago on the phone of working on a deal the guy next to me if I'm phonies like you wholesale houses I was like sure so we started talking guys never we're working on a deal or so it's just our game leg didn't know what you do and then and then having bill perform yeah don't don't be like secret about it don't be super bought it god bless the guys where I'll buy your house t-shirts things of that I mean I'm sure it's getting them a house or two I don't know I'm a little more low-key maybe I I'm a little bit more low-key I'd like to make the phone calls I like to find out what's going on with people I don't really post on my social media personal account what I do yeah used to about kinda got away from that how bit and I just network yeah for no other words it's on where had a borrower debt we'll find out what they're doing what's going on even when I was the birthday-party Tempe and ran the mirror Tempe we were talking about it he's I get you start looking at some of that stuff like in well send you stuff not a big deal like all this for me he'll so what I started doing I just blessed so the gentleman with the pop the whole pot deal mm-hmm didn't talk him for a week i I know you want you on you pushy right so the guy's got a lot of money yeah he knows he's dealing yeah so interesting commercial deal came up a sign over and he responded back to me in 10 minutes he's like son oh so it's just building the base slowly mm-hmm not being pushy mm-hmm nah constantly texting the same person like do you have a deal what's deal like is you'll burn them out in the block you yeah it's just about being a real organic being truthful to what you do and trying to make people money and love it this is what and be and just really be natural when you go talk with people what you do for the mixtures help there are all our UI nature's help if it doesn't hurt taki I my big suggestion the new wholesalers go find the biggest players in town and go meet them love it and meet them meet them meet them find out where they hang out at I'm not saying Stockton but any means but find out that means they go to into 2015 Brent knows best or a wife captain cancer I lost everything like everything how do you see them in half so long I'll never know that but one of the guys I've talked about earlier Chris I'm and Sarah Richardson they really helped get me going back on my feet again you guys were big thank you you guys are a big piece of that to you and you Dustin and but with me was calling Chris we know I mean I tell him I need yield any deals yeah with Sarah the same thing we were hunting hunt hunt they're not gonna disrespect you know they will irritate it at first we sure will wear them down yeah I guarantee ya as long as you're as long as you're appropriate as long as you're answering your phone as long as you're performing you know yeah exactly you were responding you always respond like if they start giving you stuff and you can't move it say hey thanks for sending this I can't move it right like I'll tell people I can't move I'm sorry I can't move this deal yeah babe but that's the thing the fall was a big piece of it with guys like that because they're so busy with everything they're dealing with yeah and their multiple streams of revenue there yeah if they're sending you opportunities and you don't say anything back even if you can't do it you're like oh did they see it did they care but exactly why do maybe they're just why this small time dude bugging yet but is you're responding back and you're and they know you're hungry a lot of these got to slide though those they'll throw you a bone just to do it and that can turn into an amazing situation and that's where I think like I said you see these guys I want cash buyers side cash buyers all nice other holes it's it's a community it's a network yeah and it's taking care of each other and my thing is go find the biggest guys in town get to know though that one working player is John May but the compliment he's like did your Switzerland he's like every kiss longer yeah but that's it to me that's a big compliment because what matters is one thing my dad taught me is if you call someone they answer your phone or turn your text yeah like that's what Matt loved it as he's got to keep doing that they do my biggest advice that you guys if people want to reach out to you how do they get a little ha you can reach out to me my emails argues when RG you see ma n 334 at gmail.com I'll sing you my number at that point I'm open to help people out with some advice to a degree I'm no expert at it I didn't even 10 years we're always learning yep yeah lots of new people yeah so yeah thank you yeah guys check it out reach out to Randy if you have any questions about growing this about as a one-man show how to you know if you've got that Network if you're that guy in your community that people go to all the time why not get involved in real estate why not get involved in wholesaling real estate and really helping out people that are looking to find opportunities I think that this is a great Avenue now Randy's not out there like sourcing the deals like we teach here with TTP about like reaching out to the the homeowners but what Randy's doing is disease bringing the other piece which is a bunch of buyers to the people that source deals you don't care if I make fifty or a hundred thousand that deal right you make you I give you a price and you're like okay that works right exactly so you don't care you're that type an and it's hard to stand I'll be honest with you the one channel it's hard you both write you know this I know we know probably four or five guys in town that do both whoa yeah and you know I've keys and we'll get a house source to me mm-hmm I would like to get better at that piece of sugar but I focus on buyers yeah maybe you're right about that one or the other yeah who cares what you make god bless you yeah I'm gonna make some money we do business and you don't get mad you know a lot of people like do you do have to hide what you make I guess certain people but I would never hide anything you know you'd be like great yeah we want to do 13 plucks downtown about six months ago these Simon tees were over $200,000 depth there's seven people on the wall the buyers are ongoing buyer for me yeah and his current me was the fees are a little bit high mm-hmm the numbers make sense so I bought it yeah he's gonna make $400,000 when he sells yeah so it's irrelevant yeah awesome alright guys that wraps up reach out to Randy if you're interested in going that route and really working with buyers he is an excellent resource for you well that's it until next time guys love it see ya

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