Why add financial literacy to your teacher toolkit?

CONSUMER AND FINANCIAL LITERACY Why is financial literacy important, and why think about this now? Everyone uses financial products and money. We aren’t just spending the cash in our pocket
anymore. We tap and go.
We shop online. We have credit cards, phone contracts, mortgages,
superannuation accounts, student loans… Financially literate people understand
and take charge of their finances. They are in control of their money
and can create and identify opportunities to make it work for them
and often have more choice and freedom. They save, invest, spend, plan, make donations… Financial literacy is important for your personal well-being. As a teacher it’s critical you have confidence in your
abilities to talk about money with your students. Young people need to know the fundamentals of managing their money to ensure they are on a path that will give them more choices
for their future. The Global Financial Crisis brought a lot
of attention to the importance of financial literacy. Representatives of governments from around the globe got together to address the question:
“How do we better prepare people to make sound financial decisions?” Everyone agreed an important part of the answer
was to build necessary financial knowledge and skills from
a young age. Starting early and starting in school. This is why in Australia
consumer and financial literacy is included in the curriculum;
so all young people get off to a good start in learning about this. It means you as a teacher need to know this stuff. Financial capability
is a core skill of the 21st Century. Ensuring the next generation will be better
prepared to take control of their money, not be afraid to ask questions and seek out trusted sources like MoneySmart. As a teacher,
if you develop the skills to make informed and appropriate consumer
decisions you will be better prepared to help your students
learn how to do the same. ASIC’s MoneySmart is a great source of information
and has excellent educational resources to help shape and prepare your students for
the world. Make financial literacy part of your teacher
toolkit. Be a MoneySmart teacher.
You are already on your way. Visit our website

2 thoughts on “Why add financial literacy to your teacher toolkit?

  1. what an amazing website. this should be a mandatory site for all children from Year 1 onward. It covers everything you should know about managing finances and more. I highly recommend this site and consider it one of the best if not the best for teaching anyone how to know how the banks, lenders and other financial institutions use our money and how we can benefit from having good financial skills.

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