Why Are My Books Not Selling on Amazon KDP?

– We’ve all been there before,
and it’s not a good feeling. You published your book, and
you worked so hard on it, but for some reason, you’re
getting low to no sales. So, in today’s video, we’re gonna address why are my books not
selling on Amazon KDP? Stay tuned. (heavy guitar music) This is Self Publishing with Dale, where you’ll learn to
publish books that sell and build an unstoppable author brand, and I’d like to know, why do you think most indie authors
struggle for sales anyway? Leave your honest comments down below. Also, if you stick around to the end, I’ll give you a full action plan that’s sure to set your
next book launch on fire. So your book isn’t selling
much, if any at all, so what gives? Are there certain things you can do, or certain things you can avoid, that way you can start
to see more book sales? Well, I’ve got news for you. There is actually a few indicators that we can focus on first and foremost, and I’m gonna give you
those five common issues of why your book isn’t selling. The ad copy, regardless
of the price point, your book should definitely be selling, and one of the main reasons holding back the success of your book could be your book description, otherwise known as the ad copy. We can always show, and we can always tell the customers what they can find within
the pages of the book, but if we don’t give a compelling reason for people to part ways with
their hard-earned dollars to purchase our work, quite frankly, they’re just gonna go to another
book that will compel them. But how exactly do you dial in the ad copy so that way people are more than willing to part ways with their money? I recommend you check out these two books from independent authors, Brian Meeks, Mastering Amazon Decriptions, or Bryan Cohen’s How to
Write a Sizzling Synopsis. These two paint a really good picture, and give you a better idea
of what you’re looking for, so that way, it doesn’t
matter the price point, people are going to purchase your book. Price point, I know this
seems kind of in contradiction to the very first point,
but quite frankly, here’s the thing, is we
all are trying to craft a better ad copy, but in the interim, what we need to be is realistic
about our value proposition. That value proposition
is gonna come in the way of the book description,
and if it does not line up with that price point, well quite frankly, people are going to say,
deuces, I’m outta here, I’m gonna go check out another book, so be real with what you have to offer within your book description. If for some reason, it’s not dialed in, you may have to adjust that
price point accordingly, because that unique value proposition that you paint within the book description is going to have an effect on what people are willing to spend. Now, by no means am I telling you to drop your books down to
bargain basement prices, so that way you can really
boost your best seller ranking within the Amazon Kindle bookstore, or a bookstore in general, but you may want to take a
step back and think about where your price point should
be according to what you have to offer within the context
of the book description that you currently have. Book cover, oh my goodness, so many indie authors have
approached me and said, hey, I don’t understand this, why are my books not selling, and then they send me on
over to their product page, and I’m horrified to see their cover. Here’s the deal, folks. People do judge books by their covers, and quite frankly, they’re
not willing to spend time, much less their money, on a book that does not have a good cover on it, and let’s face the facts,
you might be a great writer. You could even dial in your
price point just perfectly, and your ad copy is on the money, but if your book cover is hit, or it looks completely
JOJO, quite frankly, people are going to pass,
and here’s the thing, if you are a writer, stick to writing. Find a good, professional
book cover designer who knows precisely what
your market’s looking for, and what they are willing
to spend money on. I get it, you wanna do it all yourself, and I’ve been there too. But here’s the thing,
DIY-style book covers aren’t going to get your book sales going like you think they should, and you may be able to
say your writing’s great, and that’s fantastic, and maybe some of your readers
say your content is awesome, but let’s be real here for just a second. If your book sales are not
very good, if any at all, then you may wanna look
at that book cover again and consider investing
in a good book designer to take care of the heavy lifting for you. The competition, there are so many super competitive niches out there, including spaces like
children’s books, self-help, fitness, among many others. If you’re positioning yourself within a hyper-competitive niche, and publishing and praying,
and hoping for the best, well quite frankly, you are
setting yourself up for failure. What I would recommend is if you do get into a competitive niche, be prepared to put in the work. It took me quite a bit of time before I could actually
be heard above the noise within the fitness space,
but to be honest with you, some of my footings kind
of fell a little bit since I’ve been doing a lot
more video content creation. I’m not focusing on that fitness brand. I’m okay with that, but
one thing I would say is I at least have a bit of an advantage over other people that
just publish one-and-done. What is that edge? Well, it’s a brand, and an author brand is a bit
of a promise to the readers, a bit of an expectation, if you will. What can your readers come to expect when they’re coming back
to you for other iterations or different versions of your
book, or future publications? Far too often, I see
some authors out there that believe that a brand
is just simply your name and your pretty face. Well, your brand also includes
a little bit of that promise of what readers can come to
expect, so if you’re finding that sales are not quite
where they should be, but you’ve published numerous books, what you need to do is go back and review your current catalog. If you’ve got a were-bear
shapeshifter romance book, and then your next book is a
home workout plan for seniors, and then your next book is a poetry book, and it’s all underneath
the same author brand, well then the issue is
you’re not really dialing in precisely what your readers
can come to expect of you, and don’t make the mistake
of comparing yourself to someone like a Stephen King. Yeah, Stephen King can get
away with something like that, because he’s a fairly prolific author who actually has quite
an immense following, but for you, I would just really recommend that you get clear on
who your audience is, how you’re serving them, and how you can continue to serve them to build that larger author brand. Once, when you get to a very wide reach, then you can pivot to other things that you wanna experiment in. Marketing and promotion, gone
are the days of publishing and praying for the best. We used to could just go and find a niche that was low competition,
and it was real easy, we could just publish one book, and then make money hand and fist. Well, those days are gone, folks. I’m gonna be very real here with you. You need to get honest, and you need to build some self-awareness about what your books are
going to deliver to the world, and now you have to get out to the world and tell them about it. That’s where good marketing
and promotion come into play. If you can get out on a consistent basis, and advertise that book, be
it through paid advertising or various other marketing
and promotion strategies, and speaking of marketing and promotion for self-published books, I actually have a full
video series on that. We’ll give you a couple unorthodox ideas as well as some of the traditional ones that have worked for me and
other indie authors, too, so without any further ado, I’ll see you over in the next video. If you aren’t familiar with how to use Facebook ads properly, you’re not alone. I have a tenuous grasp on the fundamentals of
advertising on Facebook, and…

37 thoughts on “Why Are My Books Not Selling on Amazon KDP?

  1. Very glad I found this channel. A one-stop shop for self-publishing. It has really helped me grow my business. My Brand: Thrillers that Pose Serious Questions.

  2. Everything you mentioned here was right on, especially about the Ad Copy, book cover, and marketing/promotions. We have to put in the work if we want to make some noise about our books.

  3. Another good one, Dale. A brand's a package deal. There's A LOT of work that goes into getting noticed. Getting all the ducks in a row's hard. People want results, myself included. It's a marathon, not a sprint.

  4. So many factors that could be hindering sales.Keywords,Cover,Description etc…Which you pointed out .Thanks for touching on this topic👍.

  5. Why are YOUR books not selling? I'd love to hear from you about your experience.
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  6. Hey guys! Can someone please give me advice on what looks unattractive on my landing page? Is it the cover, title, ad copy or all together? 😀 My book is 'Why horses don't drink tea on Thursdays". Great video, by the way!!

  7. Write in a specialist niche and be prepared to do your own marketing. If you write in a popular genre there is a LOT of competition some genres are saturated with a lot of similar stuff. If you are doing something specialist and target some marketing, e.g. via social media to that specialist readership you will sell some, but the corollary is it will be a small market.

  8. Pricing wise be prepared to price low. People, including myself, do not wish to spend as much on an e-book as they do on a paperback etc.

  9. If you want to write in different fields just publish under a different publisher name (creating separate brands) and you can use different author names (noms de plume) for different brands.

  10. It's been 2 months and I got 26 downloads on my kindle. But no paid ones. Is that pretty good for someone just starting out? 26 is more than I expected and hope to get a review someday.

  11. Well it’s really hard because people still doesn’t know who you are. Btw I sold almost 8 books.😆😆😆

  12. My e-book cover is not great but I put effort in designing it by using Adobe Photoshop I didn't want to use Amazon free covers cos they're crap and don't reflect my story's topic https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07S31TZFX

  13. I agree with your keeping the topic the same under one author name. I have five books under a certain pen name and these are selling somewhat. My other books almost never sell. So I try to write most of my books under the same name and topic.

  14. Let's get real here …how many books can an unknown writer really sell ? how much money can he really make? And when you put in paid adverts, how much really goes into your pockets. I think it is safe to say…writing should be a hobby for 99% of us …something many people don't get so far

  15. Know a guy who does FB adverts to sell his books…well every week he spends 20$ on Fb and makes only 4 -5 sales . he's been doing it for a year now and we know it is not profitable but the guy says he is a writer so as long as it sells, that is good for him. People who think adverts do wonders, just think about yourselves first. how many times did you really pay attention and give in to a FB advert and actually made a purchase through it . I told the guy he was lucky he was actually getting sales

  16. My book cover screams "Fiverr" – because it is lol
    As for price point, I just use Amazons recommended price for "books like yours." Is that reasonable?
    I've always struggled with the ad copy. Might ask a talented friend to write a new one.

  17. Thanks for all of the knowledge bombs! The information is very helpful for a newbie like me. Thanks Dale!!!!

  18. Books don't sell because many authors are afraid of marketing or don't know how to do marketing.

  19. Hi, Carmin here. Dale, you have been instrumental in placing my novel on Amazon. I have watched many of your videos but I have a question about a paid ad on Amazon Advertising using manually inserted keywords. On my report, it may say one word has 350 impressions, yet no clicks. Does this mean my book impression was actually "seen" by the shopper OR could my impression have been listed on say page 10 and the shopper never turned to that page?

  20. I have books selling at Amazon but the royalties are being withheld permanently by KDP. I can tell!

  21. Love your videos Dale and have tried using your advice but I still see no sales. Is there any way you can take a look at my listing and see if you can spot an issue? I've set record sales at signings but the money is in kdp. How do I get noticed?


  22. My two cents: I think one excellent strategy to sell is price point.  I'd rather put my book at 99 cents and rack up 100 sales and may be 50 reviews and make a loss that put 10$ and rack up no sales and no reviews, even though the competition price for similar work is higher. People should remember, many reviews entice a sale too and if someone paid 99cents for your book and come to worst did not like it, the worst he could say would be..meh it was worth 99 cents. However in most cases they will give you good reviews because for 99 cents, they got to experience something else.

  23. Hi..Dale i uploaded my book at kindlestore 7 august but still i dont know anybody purchase my book or not,plz advice me

  24. Just found your series of videos, loving what I've seen. I've got a question though, which wrestling promotion is that Slammiversary poster for? It looks great.

  25. My honest opinion on why indie publishers are struggling at times is the same reason any other industry may be suffering: There are too many people on the planet. Any source as sucked dry because people are desperate to survive.

  26. Hi Dale, first, thanks for all the information you've provided! Your videos always help clear things up, it's greatly appreciated. Second, I was wondering if there was a way/ tool that tracks and records your book's rankings for you so you'd be able to see what's the best/ worst your book has ranked? cheers

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