29 thoughts on “Why counter trading is the real jackpot in Intraday trading? By Paisa To Banega

  1. Hi I am new to market. Just for understanding wanted to ask what type of order to be placed? Limit order, Bracket order or cover order?

  2. bhailog bas books me pattern ko master krlo.. koi strategy ki jarurat nai padegi…mind me you can earn 5% daily min if you really master them… but it will take time from 6 months to 1 year to learn first..

  3. Hi All. I got so much hungry after working non-stop that I did not have time to eat. So if I am having any snacks while creating videos which are helping people to make lakhs of ruppes then I request to focus on content. Please note that I work more than 16 hours a day. Counter Trading is something which has helped thousands of traders to save lakhs of rupees. I do not wait for the right moment to create a video. I do not wait for the perfection. Thank you. I received lots of blessings for this video.

  4. I am from tamilnadu. Little knowledge in hindi. In middle of conversation, speck one or two minutes explain the concept in English also. That will be helpful for us. Your videos and concept are great. Thank you

  5. Hi sir, I am the beginner . Your strategy seems good but I am severely failed to place both sell and buy order . Can you please explain how to place both sell and buy orders simultaneously . I tried your whats app number and Email ID both are invalid.Provide valid number and mail ID ,so I can keep in touch with you.
    Thanks for your great ORB strategy video.

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