William Shakespeare's Spectacular Tragi-Comedy THE MERCHANT OF VENICE – PART 1

good evening and welcome to the Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare as staged by the School of Law Christ University I extend a very warm welcome to our Vice Chancellor Colonel Colonel father dr. Thomas E Matthew director of the School of Law Father Benny Thomas all parents students and other guests who are here this evening with the CD with the staging of this production the School of Law has unearthed an immense amount of talent within the law school with regard to acting music composition and management not a word to be bandied around with justice has been used to justify a slew of actions for example cutting a pound of flesh from another man's chest as we will shortly see in The Merchant of Venice what this play tells us is that justice must be given to one and all and what we learn from this flame is that all of us as people must understand and realize the importance of logic and the application of wisdom to our roles in society without further ado let us all discover justice in the Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare Oh into No [Applause] poor chef from true with watch rise to justice sage will [Applause] in the old Phoenicians [Applause] we'll just a statue [Applause] you [Applause] I know not why I am so sad it varies me you say it really is you but how I caught it found it or came by it what stuff just made of we're off it is born I am to learn and such a warmth with sadness makes of me that I have much ado to know myself your mind is tossing on the ocean there where your Argos ease with portly sail likes in yours and rich burgers on the flood all as it were the pageant's of the sea duo up here the petty traffickers that curtsy to them do them reverence as they fly by them with their woven wings believe me sir had I such venture fought the better part of my affections would be with my hopes abroad I should be still plucking the grass to nowhere sits the wind peering in maps for ports and piers and roads and every object that might make me feel misfortune to my ventures out of doubt would make him sad my wind cooling my broth would blow me to an ague when I thought what harm of integrate might do it see I should not see the sandy our glass run but I should think of shallows and the flats and see my wealthy Andrew docked in sand whaling her high top lower than her ribs to kiss her burial should I go to church and see the holy edifice of stone and not the think we straight of dangerous rocks which touching but my gentle vessels side would scatter all our spices on the stream and drove the roaring waters with my silks and in a word good even now word this and now worth nothing shall I have the thought to think on this and shall I lack the thought that such a thing be chanced would make me sad but tell not me I know Antonio is sad to think upon his merchandise leave me no I thank my fortune for it for my ventures are not in one modern Trustin not one place upon the fortune of this present year therefore my merchandise makes me not sad why then you are in love I Phi not in love neither then let us say you are sad because you are not married and tour is easy for you to laugh and leave and say you are married because you are not sad now by two headed Janus Nature had framed some strange fellows in her time some that will ever more peep through their eyes and laugh like parrots at a bagpiper and other of such vinegar aspect that they'll not show their teeth inve of smile though necessary they just be laughable oh here comes Bassanio your most noble kinsman Graziano and Lorenzo fare you well we leave you now with better company I would have stayed till I had made you marry if worthy our friends had not prevented me your worth is very dear my regard I take it your own business calls on you and you embrace the occasion to depart good morrow my good Lords good señores both when shall we laughs say when you grow exceeding strange must be so we'll make our Ledger's to attend on yours my lord Bassanio since you found Antonio we too will leave you but at dinnertime I pray you have in mind where we must meet I will not fail you who you look not well signore Antonio you have too much respect upon the world they lose it that do buy it with much care believe me you are marvelously changed I hold the world but as the world Gratiano a stage where every man must play a part and mine a sad one oh let me play the fool with mirth and laughter let old wrinkles come and let my liver rather heat with wine than my heart cool with mortifying groans why should a man whose blood is warm within sit like his grandsire catch an alabaster sleep when he waves and creep into the jaundice by being peevish I'll tell thee what Antonio I love thee and tis my love that speaks there are a sort of men whose visage is due cream and monta like a standing pond with purpose to be dressed in an opinion of wisdom gravity and profound conceit but fish not for this melancholy bait for this fool gudgeon this opinion come good Lorenzo for any well awhile I'll end my exultation after dinner well we will leave you then till dinnertime I must be one of these same dumb wise men for Gratiano never lets me speak well keep me company but two years more thou shalt not know the sound of dine own tongue fare you well I grew a talker for this girl thanks of fate for silence is only commendable in a neat's tongue ride and a mate not render ver is that nothing now Gratiano speaks in infinity love nothing more than any man in all Venice his reasons there has two grains of wheat hidden two bushels of chaff you should see call Jay you find them and when you have them they are not what the search well tell me now what lady is the same to whom you swore a secret pilgrimage that you today promised to tell me this not unknown to Antonio how much I have disabled – States for something showing a more swelling port then my faint means would grant continuance nor do I make moan to be abridged from such a noble race but my chief care is to come fairly of the great debt where in my time something too prodigal hath left me gated to you and so no I owe the most in money and in love and from your love I have a warranty to unburden all my plots and purposes how to get clear of the great debt that I owe I pray you good Bassanio let me know it and if it stand as you yourself still do within the eye of honor he assured my purse my person my extremist means like all a lot to your occasion in my school days when I had often lost the shaft I shot his fellow the self-same flight the self same way with more adviser Duan thus I found both and I urged this childhood proof for what follows is pure innocence I owe you much and like a wilful youth that which I owe is lost but if you please shoot another arrow that self same way in which you did shoot the first I do not doubt as I will watch the aim to find the other or bring your latter hazard back again and thankfully rest debtor for the first you know we will and here in spend that time to wine them about my love and out of doubt you do me now more wrong in making question of mater most and if you had made waste of all I have the do but say to me what I should do that in your knowledge made by me be done and I am pressed onto it therefore speak in Belmonts is a lady richly left and she is fair and fairer than that word of wonderous virtues sometimes for my eyes I did receive best speechless messages her name is Portia nothing undervalue to Kato starter Brutus's Portia Norris the wide world ignorant of her worth for the four winds blowing from the every coast renown its suitors and her sunny locks hang on a temple like a like a Golden Fleece no my Antonio had I but the means to hold a rival place with one of them I have a mind presages me such drift that I should question this be fortunate thou knowest that all my fortunes are at sea neither have my money nor commodity to raise a present son therefore go forth try what my credit can in Venice do that shall be wrapped even to the uttermost as a furnace T to Belmont to fair Portia go presently enquire and so will I where money is and I no question make to have it of my trust or for my sake by my trouthe Nerissa my little body is a weary of this great world you would be sweet madam if your miseries were in the same abundance as your good fortunes are and yet for aught I see they are as sick that's a feat with too much as they that starve with nothing it is no mean happiness therefore to be seated in the mean superfluity comes sooner by white hair but competency lives longer good sentences and well pronounce it it would be better if well follow if to do we're as easy as to know what for good to do chapels have been churches and poor men's cottages Prince's palaces it is a good divine that follows his own instructions I can easier teach 20 what for good to be done then be one of the 20 to follow my own teaching the brain may devise laws for the blood but a hot temper leaps or a cold cream o my lady such a hair is madness the youth to skip all the meshes of good cancer the crip er but this reasoning is not in the fashion to choose me a husband o me the word choose I mean either choose why would nor refuse white it's like so is the will of a living daughter cut by the will of a dead father is it not hard Nerissa that I cannot choose one nor refuse none your father was ever virtuous and holy men at their death have good inspirations therefore the lottery that he had devised in these three chests of gold silver and LED wear off who chooses his meaning chooses you will no doubt never be chosen by any rightly but one who shall rightly love but what warmth is there in your affection to Ward's any of these princely suitors that are all denny crum i pray thee over name them and ask them name is them i will describe them and according to my description level at my affection first there is the Neapolitan prince i that the cult indeed for he doth nothing but talk of his horse and he mixed a great appropriation to his own good parts that he can shoe him himself i am much afeard milady his mother played force with a smith then there is a count palatine he does nothing but frown as who should say he will not have me shoes he hears merry tales and smiles not I fear he will prove the weeping philosopher when he grows old being so full of unmannerly sadness in his youth I had rather be married to a death's-head with a bone in his mouth than to either of these God defend me from these two how say you by the French Lord Monsieur leborgne God made him and therefore let him pass for a man in truth I know it is a sin to be a mocker but he why he hath a horse better than the new politics but better bad habit of frowning than the county Palatine he is every man in no man the throstle thing he falls straighter capering he will fence with his own shadow if he would despise me I would forgive him for if he loved me to madness I shall never requite him what say you then to Faulconbridge the young Battle of England you know I say nothing to him for he understands not me nor I him he hath neither Latin French no Italian and you will come into the court and swear that I have a perp any earth in the English here's a proper man's picture but alas who can converse with a dumb show how oddly he's suited I think he bought his doublet in Italy his round hose in France his bonnet in Germany and his behavior everywhere how like you the young German the Duke of Saxony's nephew very fiery in the morning when he's sober and most vile in the afternoon will he's drunk when he is best he is a little worse than a man and when he is worst he is a little better than beasts and the worst fall that ever fell I hope I shall make shift to go without him if he should offer to choose and she was the right casket you should refuse to perform your father's will if you should refuse to accept him therefore for fear of the worst I pray thee set a deep glass of Rhenish wine on the contrary casket if the devil be within and that temptation without I know he will choose it I will do anything Nerissa era will be mothered to sponge you need not fear lady there having any of these lords for they have acquainted me with their determination which is to indeed return to their home and trouble you with no more suit unless you may be won by some other sword than the imposition depending on your father's caskets if I live to be as old as Sevilla I will die as chaste as Diana unless I be obtained by the manner of my father's will I am glad this past of lures for there's not one among them but I don't own his very absence and I pray God grant him fair departure do you not remember lady in your father's time a Venetian a scholar and a soldier that came hither in the company of the Marquis of mafra yes yes it was Bassanio as I think so as he calls you madam he of all the men that ever my foolish eyes looked upon who is the best deserving of fair lady I remember him well and I remember him worthy of thy praise I how now what news for strangers seek for you madam to take their leave and there is a foreigner come from a fifth the Prince of Morocco who brings word his master the prince will be here tonight if I could bid the fifth welcome with so good a heart as I bid the other four farewell I should be glad of his approach if he have the condition of a saint and the complexion of endeavor I had rather he's driving me than wives me come Nerissa sera go before was resusci gates upon one ruler another knocks at the door toes under docket sir hmm well I serve for three months for the three months for the witches I told you Antonio shall be bound Antonio shall overcome a bounder Oh Mae you said me will you pleasure me shall I know your answer three thousand ducats for the three months and Antonia allow your answer to that well Antonio is a good man have you heard any imputation to the contrary oh no no no no my a meaning in saying that he is a good man is to have you understand me that he is sufficient yet his means are in a supposition he hot and Argosy bound to the triple is another to the Indies I understand moreover that upon the Rialto he had a third that of Mexico for that England and other ventures he had squandered abroad but ships but boats sailors but men they'll be land rocks water rot salon thieves and water Tiff's I mean pirates and then there is the peril of water wins and rocks the man is not rich standing a sufficient three thousand ducats I think I may take his ball be assured you may that I may and I may be a saw that I will be think me may I speak to Antonio if it please you to dine with us yes ah to smell pork to each of the habitation which your prophet the Nazarite conjure the devil into I will viola t-cell with you walk with you talk with you and so following what I will not eat with d-link video nor forever video what news on the Rialto who is he comes here this is Senor Antonio like fawning publican he looks I hate him for he is a Christian but more foreign law simplicity he lends out money gratis and Princeton the rate of users here with us in Venice he hates our sacred nation and he rails even tell where merchants must to congregate fall on me my bargains and my cellphone drift let's he thoughts of interest constantly my tribe if I forgive her Shiloh Junior I am a debating of my present the store and buy the nearest guess of my memory I cannot instantly raise a full gloss of three thousand ducats buela what of that to Val o wealthy keep you off my tribe and for this me butter soft how many months ago you desire unless you affair good to see me or your worship was the last man in our mouths Shylock all bite I neither lend nor borrow by taking know by giving of excess yet to supply the ripe ones of my friend I shall break a custom is he yet possessed how much he won't aiiow 3,000 handsome and for three months Oh for three months I had forgotten you told me so your point and let me see but here you me thought you neither lend nor borrow upon advantage I do never use it Oh when a Jacob grazed his uncle LaVon sheep this Jacob from our holy Abram as his rice mother wrote in his behalf was the third the processor I he was no thirty what often did he take interest no not take interest notice you would say directly interest mark water Jacob did when Levon and himself were come from I said that all the healings which was three K then fired should fall us Jacobs hired the use being ranked in the end of the autumn turned to the Rams and in the doing and then the work of generation between these woolly breeders was in the earth the skilful Shepherd tilde me certain once and in the doing of the deed of kind he stuck them up against fulsome years who then did conceiving in eaning time fall parti-colored alarms and those were Jacobs and he was blessed thrift is blessing if a man still at not this was a venture sir that Jacob sir for a teen not in his power to bring to pass but swayed in fashioned for the hand of heaven was this inserted to make interest good or is your gold and silver ewes and rams I cannot tell but I make them breeders faster but not me in your mark you this Bassanio the devil can sack scripture for his purpose an evil soul producing holy witness is like a villain with a smiling cheek a goodly apple rotten at the heart what a goodly outside force at hat he's a good around some three months from 12 and let me say director well Shylock shall we be beholding to you signor Antonio money a time and oft you have rated me of my monies and my Eugen TSA's still I have borne it with a patient shrug cause sufferance is the badge of order tripe you called me a misbeliever cutthroat dog and spit upon my Jewish gaberdine and all for use which is mine own well now it appears you need my help go to then you come to me and you say up Shylock we would have the monies you say so you Tata dream upon my beard and put me as you spurn a stranger card upon your threshold money is as your suit what shall I say to you shall I not to say hot or dog money is it possible that a car can lend three toes on the dockets or I shall I bend low and in a bondman scale with bated breath and whispering humbleness say this you spit on me vents they last spawned me Saturday another time you called me a dog I know and for all these courtesies I'll lndia that's much money I am as like to call thee so again to spit on thee again to spurn thee too if thou will lend this money let it not as to that friends for when did friendship take a breed from errand metal of his friend but lend it rather to thine enemy who if he breaks thou mayst with better face exact the penalty of I look how you stormy I'll be friends with you and have your love forget the shames you have stained the millet supply your present wants and take no dough it for my money's and my agencies this is kind I offer this kindness will I show go with me to the notary sale me there and in a Maurice Porter if you repay me not on such a day such time such some horse answers are expressed in the condition let the forfeit to be nominated for an equal pound of your fair flesh to be cut off and taken from what part of your body please me content if a seal to such a bond and say there is much kindness in did you shall not see to such a bond for me I shall rather dwell in my necessity why if you're not man within these two months that's a month before the born expires I do expect return three times twice the amount of this bond what it is Christians are whose own our dealings teaches them to suspect the thoughts of others pray you tell me this if he shall break his day what shall i gain from the exaction of the forfeiture a pound of man's flesh taken from a man is not so estimated profitable neither as fresh or muttons goat some beefs I said to earn his friendship I extend this favor if he will take it so if not adieu butter for my love I pray thee wrong me not yes Shylock I will seal onto this bond well him to meet me forthwith at the notary's give him direction of this merry bond and I'll go and parse the docket straight and look to my house left in the fearful guard of a nun 15 I've and her presently I'll be with you hiding gently June the Hebrew will turn Christian he grows kind Oh Antonia I like not fair terms and of villains mind well in this there can be no display my ships arrived a month before the day miss like me not for my complexion the shadowed livery of the burnished Sun to whom I am a neighbor and your bread bring me the fairest creature not worth more where Phoebus is far scarce towards the icicles and let us make incision for your love to prove whose blood is reddest this or mine I tell the lady this aspect of mine had feared the valiant by my love I swear the best regarded virgins of our clan have loved it too I would not change this human except to steal your thoughts my gentle Queen in terms of choice I'm not solely led by nice direction of her maidens eyes besides the lottery of my destiny bars me the right to fall into choosing but if my father had not scanted me and had me by his wit to yield myself his wife who wins me by that means I told you yourself renowned 8th Prince then stood as fares any comer I have looked on yet for my affection even for that I thank you therefore I pray you lead me to the caskets to try my fortune by this scimitar that slew the Sophie and a Persian prince that won three fields of silt on Solomon I would all stand the sternness eyes that look out played the heart most staring on the earth pluck the young sucking cups from the she-bear game of the land when he roars for prey to win the lady but alas the while if Hercules and like us play at dice which is the better man the greater throw me turned my fortune from the and so was Alcides beaten by his rage and su-mei are blind fortune leading me miss that which one unworthy of may attain and die with craving you must take your chance and either not attempt to choose at all or swear before you choose if you choose wrong never to speak to lady afterward in way of marriage therefore be advised it will not come bring me on to my chance first forward to the temper after dinner your hazard shall be made good fortune then to make me black occurs it is among men my master the fiend is that mine elbow attempts me same to me tobei launch launch of a good job' or good launch slot or good launch lobby use your legs take the start right away but my conscience says no take heed on slot slot take heed on the chubby butt as aforesaid on this launch lockjaw be to not run it's gone running with I heals the most courageous fiend makes me pack we're just weaned away says the fiend for the heavens runs up a brave mind says the fiend and run my conscience hanging about the neck of my heart says very wisely to me my honest friend launch lot being an honest man son or rather an honest woman son for indeed my father was into something smack something grow to get it kind of taste well my conscience says most lot but not bad says the fiend but not says my conscience conscience I say you counsel well fiend say I you come to earth dude it'd be ruled by my conscience I should stay with the Jew my master who god bless the marker it's a kind of devil I just run away from the Jew I should I should be ruled by the fiend who saving your reverence the devil himself certainly did you is the very devil incarnation and in my conscience my conscience is about a kind of hard conscience to offer to counsel me to stay with the Jew this fiend gives more friendly counsel I will run fiend my heels at your commandment I will one young man you I pray you which is the way to master Jews oh heavens this is my true begotten father being more than sand blind high gravel blind knows me not I will try confusion cetera hostel young gentleman I pray you which is the way to Maharaj to jews turn up at your right hand at the next turning but at the next turning a fall on your left Mary but at the very next turning turn of no hand we turn down in philately to the Jews house my God's auntie's so it will be a hard way to it can you tell me who were the one no one slot that does that dwells with him don't dwell with him oh no talk you of young master Launcelot mark me now now will I raise the water talkie of young master Lancelot no no master sir before a poor man's son his father twice it is an honest exceeding woman and God be thanked live well let his father be water will we talk of young master Launcelot you worships friend and launch Lord soo but I pray you ergo old man I beseech you talk you of young master Launcelot Oh Lord and it please your mom wants to ship go master Lord lot talk not of Marcellin slaughter for the young gentlemen current fates and destinies and sat out sayings the sisters three such branches of learning is indeed deceased or else you would say in plain terms go on to heaven Mary god forbid the boy was the very stuff of my my age my very proper look like a cousin or a have a boss a staff or a prop – you know me Father not today I know you not young gentlemen but I say you tell me it's my boy God rest his soul life oh did you not know me Father I am sand blind I know you note nay indeed if you had your eyes you might fail of the knowing me there's a wise father that knows his own child well old man I was telling news of his son but give me your blessing truth will come to light mother cannot be hid long a man son me but at length truth will out pray you sir to stand up I cannot think your lawns not my

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  1. Vry helpful for my school students st Mary convent school…… whereas fof me also as I m a student

  2. My class is going to have this role play , very good drama I just love it and the English pronunciation is awesome 👍👌👄☺

  3. The drama was quite natural. All the actors played their part very nicely. The English pronunciation was marvellous

  4. I love the way that Shylock says "courtesies". It's clear that he's being sarcastic. Courtesy means being polite and respectful. Antonio does not show any of those traits to Shylock.

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