Winter Garden real estate realtor selling homes w/ wine cellars

Hi, this is Loren Weisman and in making a
joke of some of those E-Trade commercials you’ve seen. The vested guy that’s invested in investing
with vests or the retired tire guy. This one is a joke on the idea of Vero Beach
real estate realtors selling wine sellers. The concept comes back to a lot of people
in real estate that are spending too much time on the linear sell. Here’s the property, here’s everything I’m
pushing around the property. Come to me. You need a property, here’s the property,
here’s the part. Then they take it down. The removal of that oftentimes doesn’t allow
for any kind of compound advertising, compound marketing or optimization of an overall promotional
plan for that individual realtor or that real estate company. Now, thinking along the lines of a wine cellar,
let’s say you have a property, a really nice property with a wine cellar. Then, instead of hitting that property, start
with a piece of content that talks about finding a property with what would, a wine cellar
somewhere in Vero beach. And then you can go into, Hey, it’s really
easy to take a sauna and it only costs X amount of dollars to convert a sauna into a wine
cellar. Talk a little bit more about wine cellars. Then the call to action, the turn, that engagement
element, if you’re looking for a home with a wine cellar, if you’re looking for a home
with a sauna, if you’re looking for a home in Vero beach, contact us. When you take the engagement up and stop putting
out the same old stuff at everybody else’s in real estate. Come to me, come to me, come to me. Oh, and then once a month or once a week,
I’ll send you these tips that every other real estate agency is doing with these compounding,
recycled, regenerated pieces of content that everybody’s already seen from everybody else. That’s not helping. Take a piece that can optimize, whether it’s
in an audio format, a video format, a blog. Set up, an editorial calendar plan as well
as what I do, the brand precision marketing strategy. Then with each house that comes along, with
every property you get with, every property you sell, as opposed to these pieces going
up and down, you are continuing to compound your name, your brand, your agency, and optimizing
the story that’s gonna turn more people to you, as you sell what comes and then even
as those properties go, you still become a stronger voice than the bulk of people that
are out there. Think about it in real estate, whether it’s
in Vero beach, whether it’s in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Seattle, New York, Miami. There’s so many of them out there. Here’s a great way to stand above and beyond. Get that captured, get that ongoing engagement,
hit those three audiences and sell, done whenever you want to call it. This is Loren Weisman. If you’d like to know a little bit more information,
I can also go a little further into the brand precision marketing for real estate. Contact me at the links below in the content
on this video. Have a good day.

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