WordPress – Inserting documents, hyperlinks and video

This video will show you the steps on how to insert documents, hyperlinks and Youtube videos into your WordPress pages or blog posts. For this video, we will be working on a site hosted by WordPress.com but the steps will also apply to EduBlogs hosted by St. Edward’s University and accessed through the URL sites.stedwards.edu To begin, log into your WordPress.com site and locate your Blog under My Blogs. Click on the Dashboard link under the name of the blog. Create a new page or locate the page or post that you want to add the link to. To insert a document from your computer, Above the Visual Toolbar click on the Add Media button Click on Select Files from the Upload Files tab. Browse your computer for the document file you want, and select it. The file will then upload to your site. Give your document an appropriate title, this is also the text that will appear as a hyperlink on your page.
 Click the ‘Insert into page’ button Your document will appear as a hyperlink on your page, users can click on the hyperlink to download the file to view it. To insert a hyperlink to a webpage, first highlight the text or select the picture you intend for visitors to click on to take them to the webpage. Click the Link icon on the Visual toolbar. Under “Enter the destination URL,” type or paste in the web address if the page is outside of your site 
To link to another page within your site, click “Or link to existing content” to select a page within your WordPress site. Click on Add Link To insert a YouTube video, Above the Visual Toolbar click on the Add Media button Click on the link ‘Insert Youtube’ From here you can either do a keyword search for the video or paste in the URL of the video into the search field. Select the video and click Insert The video will appear as a URL while you are editing the page or blog post but once you Preview or Publish the page, you will see that the video is embedded in the page. For further assistance please contact: [email protected] For technical support please contact the I.T. Computer Help Desk at 512-448-8443 or [email protected]

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