Wrath of Khan – Enterprise Attack [CC 24 Languages]

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  1. Factoid: Ricardo Montalban volunteered to discount his salary to 100K so the film's budget could accommodate all the expensive FX features it needed. He enjoyed playing Khan so much the role wasn't about money for him.

  2. The ONE and ONLY STAR TREK.
    For me, the VERY BEST Star Trek movie ever made. ONLY the ORIGINAL STAR TREK for me !!!!! Everything else pales in comparison. 👍👍

    Great scene.
    Masterful maneuver by Kirk.
    Richardo and ONLY Richardo is KHAN !!!! ☺☺

  3. I love the Miranda class ships and the pulsed Phaser Canons That are used during this time period.

    More of the fact I grew up on this and both TOS and NG of Star Trek.

  4. That asshole Kahn! F**king up my beautiful Enterprise!!
    There was initially a bit of criticism of the design of the Miranda Class Starship. We all remember our 1st glance of the Reliant, fully expecting it to be a Connie! Instead it was a sort of Connie Variant. IMHO it was/is a cool design! One problem: Where is the Navigational Deflector?
    I'm guessing that the Reliant was influenced by the Ptolemy Class Transport Tug from the Star Trek Blue prints that were published around 1976! I actually designed a few Constitution Variants of my own by tracing directly from those blueprints. My fellow Trek-Nerd friends were really impressed!!

  5. The amazing part is how Ricardo Montalban sells the idea that he's on a starship, in space and firing weapons on the Enterprise. In reality, he's just on a sound stage yelling FIRE! into the camera and hoping it all comes together with special effects & music later on to sell it to the audience!

  6. Where is the crew of the reliant?

    That is exactly what any admiral would ask in that situation. In JJ abrams millennial redos the skip over that realistic dialog and go straight to pew pew pew

  7. There is one thing that people forget with these old movies is that they were made for a limited number of pixels. With modern televisions and DVDs we begin to see some of the actors makeup and flaws more which is why I like watching these on the older formats.

  8. Seen this countless times over the years, but every time I watch this scene I can't help willing Kirk to get those damn shields up.

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  11. "Let them eat static"…How I love this movie and the return of Khan! The Wrath of Khan and First Contact are my all time favorite Trek movies!

  12. I swear Montalban absolutely relished his part. When I was a little kid I saw Khan as a genuinely scary character. Looking at it with grown up eyes, you see how he really made this part his own.

  13. Best pulsed-laser visual effects ever. I think the creator of that method also did the same for Terminator 1984. 🖒
    Edit: watch effects on high resolution display, in slow motion!

  14. 3:08,,, "I Can't BREATHE! I Can't BREATHE!!".
    Scotty should've said, "If yer screamin and a yellin' then YER a BREATHIN'!!! Now Get Back To Yer Stations Ya NOOBS!!!".

  15. I Love the classic movies. But people should admit that the "YELLOW ALERT" was invented by script writers trying to avoid the plot hole logic conversation of why a freaked out Captain wouldn't just yell Red Alert in the first place, and raise the shields avoiding the next hour of the movie…

  16. Just like a Submarine they have no O2 in space……..Life support Aux. Power and Battery back ups rather then the Gas, Nuclear, or Steam power. Battery Lithium Ion power?? Or Carbon Nano-Tube infused battery power……….?? Nuclear Battery?? Or giant copper tops

  17. This is how you create drama. Instead of keeping secrets from the audience to try to surprise them, keep secrets from the characters to build the tension.

  18. Messed up communications, a threat to classified materials, and a ship not answering hails? Screw it, just stay at yellow alert. No need to raise shield. Shut up Lt Savack

  19. Khan: Fire!

    Khan’s Son: We can’t fire, sir!

    Khan: Why???

    Khan’s Son: They’ve damaged the photon control and the warp drive! We must withdraw!

    Khan: So then why can’t we fire phasers? Those are still working, right?

    Kahn’s Son: If we do that, we’ll destroy the Enterprise, and we won’t be able to have a climactic battle in the nebula!

    Khan: I see your point…

  20. I always enjoyed this scene but would always scratch my head as to how suddenly Kirk tells Sulu to “…lock phasers on target.” when just moments earlier Kirk had asked Scotty if he could get them phaser power and Scotty said something like “We’re fused short…” or something like that…which pretty much indicated to Kirk that they didn’t have access to their phasers.

    Am I missing something? Did the writers literally expect the audience to just forget that the ship had no phasers moments ago but suddenly did?

    Don’t get me wrong please. I love the film, but this seems like a big loophole in the plot for the sake of keeping the action going and our beloved characters alive.

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