Yale Admissions Financial Aid

(upbeat music) – We really believe that
if you are smart enough and talented enough to get into Yale that we need to do everything in our power to make this an affordable experience for you and your family. – There’s an information gap about the affordability at Yale. The University has put more
than $120 million available every single year for
undergraduate financial aid. Our job at Admissions is to make sure that as many people as
possible know that good news and know that yes you really
can afford a Yale education. – I knew that if I wanted to go to college I’d have to get it fully funded cause I couldn’t put
that pressure on my mom so knowing that Yale doesn’t even consider putting that
pressure on my family is really comforting. – We are very selective
because a lot of students find what Yale has to
offer appealing and apply but I don’t think Yale’s
a very intimidating place. I think as soon as you
come onto the campus you will sort of get
a sense of the warmth, the energy about the place. – When I visited I was
just immediately sold. It was a beautiful campus. I met so many amazing people. When I got on campus and signed in I actually met my Admissions Officer and she was just so happy to see me. It was amazing, I was
definitely feeling the support. ♫ Never saw the sun shining so bright, ♫ Never saw things going so right. – Before coming to Yale I knew that I really wanted to do acapella and I really wanted to be
in the Yale Spizzwinks. The Spizzwinks is America’s
oldest underclassmen acapella group. ♫ There’s nothing but
blue skies from now on. That’s the cool thing about the Spizzwinks is that we get to sing but we
also get to travel the world. – I knew that the Ivy
Leagues were very expensive. I only knew about the financial aid when I visited their website and used the net price calculator. – The sticker price of a Yale education can be a little bit daunting at first. When you look at the price of tuition, room and board, books, and
personal expenses for a year the cost can be well over $60,000. Most Yale families though don’t pay that for the simple reason
that most Yale families can’t afford that. Sixty grand, seventy grand
sounds like a lot of money but when you really look
at it they really calculate all of your household
annual income and see and try to make it affordable for you. – [Mark Dunn] If you
are coming from a family that makes between zero and $65,000 a year we will ask the parents of
that student who’s admitted to pay no money for their Yale education. – When I found out that
I was accepted to Yale and basically had a full ride I cried, my parents cried,
they could not believe because they came from
like no college whatsoever. I’m the first in my
family to go to college and they were so worried that
they’d have to take out loans. – [Mark Dunn] Between 65,000 and 125,000 it’s anywhere between one
and ten percent of income that we expect parents to pay. – That’s not something
that I really knew about before I was getting recruited. Once you know that you can
really make it a possibility and make it very affordable
for your parents to come. – One of the great benefits of working for a University that is so old that has benefited from so
much generosity from our alumni we have the resources to
ensure that any student and any family from around the world can afford a Yale education. – Yale doesn’t prepare you for a career it really prepares you for life. I’m just even more grateful for the donors who make that a possibility for me an I’m just so excited for the future and all of the opportunities
that I know I’m gonna have because of this Yale experience
and this Yale education. (music)

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