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Hello and welcome, good morning, good afternoon, good evening just for everyone. (audio out) everything for you in your
life and in your business. It’s the Best Seller Money Makers. Now what we’re talking
about here are books. You know it’s a strange thing, when people have a book, they’re perceived totally different. When a person has a book they’re considered an expert. Now is that true, are
they really an expert? It’s not necessary true but
that’s the public’s perception. In 1984, (audio out) that book totally changed my life, if you had told me that
that book was gonna do for me and my business what it’s done I would have thought
they were day dreaming. First of all I never thought
of myself as an author. I just thought of myself as a guy that loved what he was doing and was very involved in business. Well if that’s, if you’re
just thinking of yourself and you’re thinking you’re not an author but this sounds like
it might be interesting I would really pay close attention because there’s a lady
going to be teaching you something here that I’ve known now for, I don’t know, 35 years. She has made more best sellers
than anyone that I know of. She’ll run through a whole list of people that she’s worked for from Wayne Dyer to Chopra to Marianne Williamson and it goes on and on and on. (audio out) she’s an expert in a few areas but certainly in this area. And Peggy and I have been
great friends for many years and over the past four or five years we’ve started to work
pretty closely together. Sandy Gallagher who is my business partner at the Proctor Gallagher Institute, she and I got together and we decided that we should partner with Peggy and bring this program
to everybody that we know because the Best Seller Money Maker is something that I
think any business person can benefit from and benefit in a way. So I want to introduce you to a friend, a business colleague and
someone that has had more books go up on the New York
Times Best Seller list than probably anyone you will ever know, Peggy McColl. Peggy, welcome. Hey Bob. [Bob] Good to have you. Hey good to be with you and
good to be with everyone here, welcome everyone. I’m so delighted to be here, it’s exciting to share these ideas and expand our consciousness
and a new level of awareness and look for new opportunities for growth, tremendous growth in
many areas of our life. Peggy when you sit down with some one and they think, can I really write a book and how would I benefit if I did? What’s your automatic response to that? Well that’s a great question and I’ve heard that
question many times before and the answer is anyone can write a book, we all have something to share, whether it’s something in our experience, something in our
awareness, in our knowledge and there’s different
types of books to write but anyone can write a book, they just need to know how, right, they just need the right guidance. How you benefit is something that will absolutely blow your mind. When I first sat down
to write my first book I had such an incredible growth
experience just in myself but that’s not even the
reason why I wrote it. But I wrote the book to help others, to contribute to others and the more we’re giving and
we’re contributing to others the more good it brings back to your life and it really exploded
and expanded my brand and my business from doing that. And I’ve seen that occur
time and time again with many people, with many authors. Well Peggy, I’m gonna
turn this over to you and I want you to explain to our community because we have sent this to our entire community, worldwide. (audio out) internet power, we’re getting paused. I want you to share with the
people how they can benefit and I would encourage
you to listen closely and take advantage of this offer because it is a very special offer. All right, Bob. Okay, thank you so much. All right, perfect, great,
I really appreciate that and I really appreciate
you guys for being here, for making the commitment and the decision to be on this and I guarantee you’re gonna get some
great ideas from this and just sit back and
open up your awareness and your understanding
and shut off anything else that’s going on around you
so that you can give this your undivided attention. ‘Cause I’m gonna walk you through a number of different examples and ideas and strategies that I guarantee you will have you thinking a whole new way about being an author or even if you are already an author have you thinking about
a new way of expanding and growing your business
and your brand, worldwide. ‘Cause here we are, you and
I are connected right here, using this powerful
thing called the internet and it doesn’t matter where
you live in the world, it doesn’t matter where
your located at any time if we have connection to the internet we have connection to
the rest of the world, those 3.5 billion people that are online and they’re accessible and
you’re accessible to them. So I’ve got a presentation
that I’ve prepared for you so I’m gonna open up my presentation. I’m gonna share with you my screen so that you can see my presentation. So let’s share my screen right now. We’re gonna go over there, so you should be seeing what
I’m seeing on my screen. If you want to write a book and become a best-selling author well you are absolutely
in the right place. We’re gonna be together
here for about an hour and you’ll very likely want to grab a pen and a piece of paper and
take some notes as well. ‘Cause you know when Bob
asked me that question, you know people ask me, I
get this question probably asked more than any
other question, you know, “Do I have something to
share, is it possible for me “to actually write a book?” And they may not even know where to begin to write a book but every
one has a story in them, everybody has an opportunity
to create and write. And you’re gonna hear
some really cool ideas about some clients that I’ve worked with who had a desire, didn’t
think they could write and got their book done
in a matter of weeks or the matter of a month, and I have my own story
to share on that as well. So I want you to just think for a moment and be open to the idea
that you absolutely have a story to tell. And as I said even if
you’re an author already, you’ve already written a book and you’d love to make it a best seller, an international best seller,
a New York Times Best Seller and you’re looking to
create multiple sources or another source of income, well you’re absolutely in the right place ’cause I’m gonna talk to you about that and before we really
even dive deep into this one of the people that I
met through Bob Proctor, who’s a Proctor Gallagher
Institute client, a lovely lady by the name of Pisey Leng who was born in Cambodia, who now lives in New Zealand. English wasn’t even her first language and she didn’t even know where to begin. She got the guidance through the Best Seller Money Maker’s Program and as a result not only did
she write a phenomenal book but she made her book an
international best seller and now she’s an international
best selling author. And that just feels good, right? Just think about that for a moment. Think about you as an author, think about your business card saying, your name, international
best selling author or New York Times best selling author, how exciting that is. And the benefits are just
absolutely blow your mind, they’ve certainly blown my
mind in my experience as well. So if you’re ready for it and I think that’s a really
big part of experiencing even more success and
abundance in our lives is we must be ready for it. And I suspect you’re here,
you’re with me right now, you’re ready for it. So being ready for a quantum leap as I have found in my own life and I have found with
working with the incredible, wonderful people that
I’ve been blessed to serve and work with over the years, people that were completely unknown, people that even well-known
in the world as well and what they’ve created in their lives. As of today I have 12 books and I’ve been on the New
York Times Best Seller List so I’m a New York Times
best selling author, made international best sellers. I have some books that
I’ve self-published, some books that are published through the biggest publishing
houses in the world. I’ve created books where I’ve
just used them as an eBook as a list generator to
help build my business and I’ve tried every different type, tried and done many different examples so I know what I’m talking about here. I’ve written books, I’ve
worked with editors, I’ve worked with many publishers, self-published so I’ve been down the roads of creating phenomenal success
in many different arenas and since I’ve been at this for so long I’ve helped a lot of other people as well. My books are, as of now, in 37 languages and sold in over 82 countries in the world and that’s pretty exciting. You know think about your name and you see a copy of your
book in some other language, maybe Korean as an example and you get the book delivered in the mail and see it arrive and
has the name of your book and your name which you can read, you can understand what it says, but you know I can’t
read all these languages, I don’t know Italian and Russian and all these other languages but it is incredible
just thinking about how you can reach people even if they don’t even
speak your own language and every single one of the
publications of my books that have been published
in other languages, those foreign rights
publishers pursued me. And the reason is because I
was marketing from the internet and that’s what’s exciting
about this as well. It doesn’t matter where you are, it doesn’t matter where the clients are you can reach people anywhere. How I personally got started in this is I was a single mom and I was working from
the comfort of my home. I had my son Michelle, he
was in a private school and I really wanted to be able
to drive my son to school, pick him up from school,
create a successful business, have a solid foundation of a business and do it from the comfort of my home where I wasn’t sacrificing
the most important value in my life which is my family and that’s where it began. I decided I’m gonna write a book, bring it out to the world and I decided like the reason, you think about what’s the reason why you would even want to write a book? You know and you may have a similar reason to what I’m gonna share with you, you may have a completely
different reason, but it doesn’t matter what the reason is. If you feel an inkling, just a little desire to write a book, you absolutely should write that book. You see I decided to write a book called, On Being the Creator of Your Destiny and I self-published the book and printed 3,000 copies
of a hard cover edition. But I really didn’t know
anything about the book industry. You see I was under an
ignorant assumption, which means not knowing, I was under an ignorant assumption that if you write a book the buyers will come. And I’ve come to discover
that a lot of authors think that way and that’s not
the reality of the business. So when I self-published my book and printed 3,000 copies
of a hardcover edition I had to find out what was really required to make my book a success. So I invested in learning
and understanding how to actually market books and I went to an event that was put on by a friend of mine, a
friend of Bob Proctors, a gentleman by the name
of Mark Victor Hansen and Mark Victor Hansen is the co-creator of the most successful
book series in the world called Chicken Soup for the Soul. He used to run these events
called Mega Book Marketing and I flew down to L.A.
invested in the event, attended the event and one of the speakers got on stage and he said,
“If you’re an author “and you’ve written your
book, 5% of your job is done.” and I remember when he said that I thought did I just hear him say
5% of your job is done? And he repeated it and he said, “95% of an author’s
responsibility is the marketing.” If you’re looking to get traction, if you’re looking to get some book sales, if you really do want
to expand your brand, your business, your name
in their marketplace or just sell books, if
that’s what you want to do you must learn how to market. So I decided that that’s
what I was gonna do and I was gonna do it in a way that really matched what
was most important to me. What was most important to me? Be a successful mom, be a wonderful mom and be available for my son and create success in my life but do it from the comfort of my home. So I found someone who knew a thing or two about marketing on the internet. So again, I invested in
the time and the energy and the money to learn how
to effectively market online, from the comfort of my home, even though I’m a non-technical person and then I applied it
and what I discovered was it opened up a brand-new door, brand-new opportunity for me
to do some extraordinary things by bringing great value to the world in the form of books and
programs and services and continuing to do so,
it really helped me create a phenomenal business. So I launched my book, I sold
all the copies of my book and then I discovered that
people were really hungry. They want more, they want
more knowledge, more guidance. We’re living in an information age, the thing that’s selling more than anything else online
today is information. So I created an online program and I started to create a program and that program was selling
for a much higher ticket price than a book and I thought, well I can take what I already learned from marketing the book and I can launch and transfer that and launch a program, an online program, so I started launching programs online. Then that became a book, so I created a course,
delivered the course, took the content of the course and created another book from that. So you could sit down and you could actually
write the book if you want, and create the book and
bring the book up first or you could create a program and have that be a source of income and then that could become a book. You see you can go either way with it, it really depends on what
your own motivation is. Another thing that you can do, and any author can do this regardless of where you’re located. I know we’ve got thousands
of people that registered for this program that
are on here right now and they’re from all over the world. I’m from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. We’ve got people that have
registered from every part of our globe. Here’s the thing, it doesn’t
matter where you live you can become a New
York Times best seller. What’s required is that
your book is available and shipping in the United States. So my fourth book I
decided, made the decision, that I would make that book
a New York Times Best Seller. And what I did was I launched another internet marketing campaign. So you’re probably getting the idea, right here, right now about
what I’m sharing with you is really a formula
that can be replicated, ’cause you launch one book
and you make it a success you can do it again with your second book. And you know what the
easiest book is to write? Your second one, so my fourth
book I made the decision I’m gonna make this book a
New York Times Best Seller. Put together, you know
follow the same formula that I’d been using to make
my other books best sellers, make other authors best-selling authors and teaching authors how to
make their books best sellers and I thought I’m gonna create a New York Times Best Seller campaign. So I launched Your Destiny Switch which was my fourth book,
it’s published by Hay House and that book moved right
up the top of the charts to be the number two book sold, online, in the world on and it fell directly behind Harry Potter. Now Harry Potter as you know is a book that has made J.K. Rowling as an author a billionaire, she actually
was the first author to ever enter the Guinness
Book of World Records for earning a billion dollars. So a very success series and even though I had the goal
to have my book be number one on, actually the
goal was to make the book a New York Times Best Seller, I wanted to make it a number
one best seller as well on, being number
two behind Harry Potter was perfectly fine with me because anyone who went to to buy a book and they look at the best-seller list they would see my book sitting
right behind Harry Potter and what happens is there’s
such an incredible ripple effect that occurs when you
start marketing online. You know when I teach
authors to create a promotion like a best-seller promotion launch, I call it a best-seller launch,
and they start launching, what happens is other people
start to tell other people and that creates even more momentum and even more buying activity and as your book is
being offered on a site like other buyers who happen to be on, which as you probably
already know is just exploding in so many positive ways that people are over there buying stuff. So they see that your book’s there, they’re going to buy it even though you weren’t even the one
that directed them there. So as a result of putting this together Your Destiny Switch became a
New York Times Best Seller. What this is is it’s credibility, you know when Bob was talking earlier when you write a book, you
put your name on a book, you as an author, automatically people
assume you’re an expert or you have credibility from that. When you become a best-seller author or an international best-seller author, or a New York Times best-selling author that’s something that it’s
like an accomplishment that you now own forever and no one can take that away from you. You can put it on your site, New York Times best-seller author, you put it on your business card, you’re being introduced
when you’re speaking at different events, “Here is so-and-so, New York
Times best-seller author.” it’s something that you
earn and you own forever. Just think of a gold-medalist, right, someone who’s won a medal in the Olympics, even though they may have
won that medal in 1992 they’re still known as a gold-medalist or an Olympian, right, medalist winner, medal winner and that’s
the same kind of idea and that’s such incredible credibility, can you imagine that? Just think about that for a moment, how that can have massive
shifts in your life and how that’ll ’cause you to feel so good and so much better, it’s a
great sense of accomplishment, it really is. I love that. Now as a result of marketing online I had this incredible
experience of being contacted by many people that I had
previously been studying or had read their books
and loved their materials. And I found it was
almost like a flood gate that opened up because
I was marketing online and sort of, not really
minding my own business but doing my thing, you
know marketing my books and helping some author
become best-sellers and word-of-mouth occurred, and word-of-mouth meaning
if people hear about you, they hear about your book they
start telling other people, other people telling other people, I mean that’s something that
just goes viral real fast so I had people like
Robin Sharma contacting me and saying, “You know what
Peg, I just released this book “and it’s not doing as well as I’d like, “any chance you can help me
make this one a best seller?” And then that occurred
when Marianne Williamson called me one day, she
actually reached my voicemail and she left this voicemail message and I’ll never forget it
’cause it was kinda fun to get the voicemail message saying, “Hi Peggy, my name’s Marianne Williamson, “I don’t know if you know me or not.” I’m thinking, know you,
I had all of her books and her audio programs
and of course I knew her and so what I discovered is, you really do need to know how to effectively market your books even if you’re already
a successful author, even if you’re already a successful author and anyone can tap into
this power of the internet and start marketing their books. So even though Robin
Sharma had a big success with The Saint, the Surfer, and the CEO. He released a new book called, no actually the book
that was a big success was The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari and so he released the book called The The Saint, the Surfer, and the CEO and it wasn’t flying off the shelf so he wanted help. Marianne Williamson had the same thing, she released a new book
and it just wasn’t selling so she was like, okay I really need to get a push going here, I need to get some sales
going here, get some traction. Debbie Ford same thing,
Wayne Dyer same thing, Richard Carlson, Don’t
Sweat the Small Stuff, same thing when he released a book. Greg Hendricks, Greg
Braden, Marci Shimoff, Neale Donald Walsch, these
are just some of my clients. But I have guided authors that
have already a big presence and they’re well-known in the world and I’ve also guided authors
who are not known in the world to help them take their books and make them international best-sellers. So it’s a wide variety and what I have to share with people is authors, is not only
how to write your book, how to make it a best-seller
and how to make it a New York Times Best Seller, but how to create revenue sources as a result of that as well. So the opportunity is there and it’s there for everyone,
not just some people, it’s absolutely available
for anyone and everyone, that’s what I love about it. Now here’s a story I’m
gonna share with you, this women Elle Newmark,
a lovely women in her 60s, wrote a novel and her novel
was called Bones of the Dead. She thought, you know lets
go the traditional route, she was pursuing a publisher. So to get a publisher she
was following the route of getting a literary agent first. She finally got herself a literary agent, her agent wasn’t selling the book. She fired that agent, got another agent, that agent wasn’t selling her book. So she finally decided
look I wrote this book, I’m gonna bring it out to the world so she self-published the book and then she discovered that
she really needed to learn how to market the book. So she heard about my program, registered for the Best Sellers Money Makers Program and then decided that she
would launch her book, Bones of the Dead, make it a best-seller and get a publisher. So what she did was the day before she was launching her book she went online and she sent
individual emails to folks and she basically said, “Hey listen, “I’m launching my book tomorrow “and I’m looking for a publisher. “If you’re interested get back to me.” And she just sat at her
computer, one-by-one, sending these little emails one-by-one not knowing if she would
get any kind of response at all, I mean here’s an unknown author who wrote a novel, you
know sitting in her home really not knowing what she was gonna do. Within 24 hours, because she had launched
her best-seller campaign, her book became number 50
in the fiction category on, that was a best-seller. So then she started to get
emails from literary agents asking if they could represent her. She actually received two
offers from publishers, so she decided to sign
on with a literary agent out of New York City. She signed on with this literary agent from William Norris Agency, the biggest literary agency in the world. A week later she sent me
an email and she said, “Hey Peggy, my agent is actually “putting my book up for auction.” She said, “I don’t even
know what that means. “Is this a good thing, a bad
thing, what does this mean?” and I said it means that your agent believes that publishers
are going to be bidding to buy the rights to your book. It’s a very good thing. She’s like, “Oh okay, I’ll relax then.” one week later, so we’re two weeks after her best-seller launch,
she sent me an email with the subject line that said, “Are you sitting down?” I opened my email, ’cause
I’m sitting at my computer, and her email says, “This
morning, Simon & Schuster, “preempted all other bids
and they bought the rights “to Bones of the Dead
for 2.4 million dollars. “And a German publisher
bought the German rights “to Bones of the Dead for $75,000 “and they changed the
name and called the book, “The Book of Unholy Mischief.” This is a completely unknown author, she was not a speaker,
she wasn’t on the circuit, she didn’t have a business,
she had a passion, right, she had a passion for something. Now think about that,
what is that worth to you? 2.4 million dollars? That’s what Elle did. Now some people allow them
to get in their own way and block themselves from
success because they think they have to be a great writer. And I’m hear to tell you, you do not have to be a great writer. Remember earlier I mentioned Pisey Leng, who was originally from
Cambodia, living in New Zealand. English was not Pisey’s first language, she’s not a great writer. But there are editors in
the world that can help. See my book on being the
Creator of Your Destiny, I hired an editor to edit my work. I don’t consider myself a great writer and if you can have a
conversation with someone, a dialogue with someone,
just think about it, what you’re writing, it’s like a dialogue that you’re having with the reader. It’s almost like a
one-to-one relationship. Now let me share with
you another success story of one of my children’s books authors. This is a lovely lady by
the name of Nancy Tillman and Nancy, similar to Elle Newmark, and to my own experience
decided to self-publish her own book and it’s a children’s book, called On the Night You Were Born. And she wrote the book and
she illustrated the book, she did both, very talented woman. And so she decided I’m
gonna get this book done and she produced the book and
had them printed in color, I mean gorgeous, gorgeous, quality book. She took my program,
Best Seller Money Makers, started marketing her book. Nancy and I, months after
she launched her book, we’re on the phone one day, we’re having a conversation together and Nancy had said she was
getting a little tired, of shipping out these books, ’cause she had printed the books and had them in her home. You know something, you don’t
even have to do that anymore. There’s print on-demand,
what that means is you can create the book, have it uploaded available on online and
then when people buy it it’s printed and it’s shipped. So you no longer have to
have inventory of the book, but when Nancy created her book she actually had the books printed and so she had the books printed, and she was tired of
shipping the books out and I said to her, I said, “Well how many books have you sold Nancy?” and she said, “40,000.” I couldn’t believe it, 40,000 books is like oh my goodness,
are you kidding me? She’s like, “Is that good?” I said, “It’s amazing.” I said do you realize
that 93% of all books that are released in the world will never sell more than 500 copies. She’s like, “Whoa.” I said, “You are in the top 7%, “probably in the top 3% of all books.” And here’s the thing,
I remember Wayne Dyer did an entire program on this, just think about this for a minute. It’s never crowded along the extra-mile. It’s not crowded along the extra-mile, if you’re even interested, if you can follow instructions easily, you can create a book and
become a best-seller author, it’s possible. So I said to Nancy, I said, “I’m gonna introduce you to my agent.” Introduced Nancy to her agent,
she took her on as a client, they got a contract from the publisher, the first advance that Nancy received was for a quarter of a
million dollars, $250,000, and Cathy, my agent sent me an email, just about six weeks ago and said, “You know I want to thank
you for introducing me “to Nancy Tillman, as of now
she has sold five million, five million copies of her
book, is that not amazing?” Incredible, started as
a self-published author, pursuing her passion. Now another thing that
stops people from thinking, you know is this gonna take a long time? Like is this gonna take
years to write a book? It absolutely is not gonna
take years to write a book. I wrote one of my books, my eighth book I wrote in a weekend. I wrote it in a weekend
and here’s the story of a lovely women, again, met through Proctor Gallagher Institute, a wonderful client of Bob’s. Her name is Jennifer Colford. Jennifer went to the Matrix event, an incredible six-day event. Jennifer went to the Matrix event after the Matrix event was over she started thinking, hey, you know maybe I could write a book? She’d never written a book before, so she emailed me and
reached out to me, she says, “I want to write a book
and get it published “and I want to make it an
international best-seller “before the next Matrix.” because she decided she was going back to the Matrix again and the next Matrix was 60 days later. So she emailed me and she said, “Can it be done, is it possible?” I said, “Absolutely it’s possible, “when you know how.” So she gave herself a 60 day window and all she had was an
idea to write a book, she didn’t have a name,
she had nothing written, she didn’t have anything ready. She just had the idea for the book. So I said, “Okay, if
you follow instructions “you can do this.” and sure enough within 8 days
she had her book written, two weeks later had
her book self-published and available online and within 60 days when she went back to the Matrix she was an international
best-selling author. All done and accomplished within 60 days. But here’s the thing
you know where the mind really gets expanded. Remember earlier when I
mentioned that I had that course, that program that I created called, Eight Proven Secrets to Smart Success and I started marketing that online, there are so many sources of income that you can create and generate
from what you already know, from what’s already within you, even if you are a fiction author. I have one of my authors
who writes children’s books and she’s doing a program
on presentation techniques. And I have authors that are, they’ve written like a
parable style of book and they’re doing courses
on the laws of the universe. So even if you have a book
that may not be a book that can be converted or utilized or is a framework for a
particular type of program there is very likely something within you that you can create many
different sources of incomes. Whether you create an audio, like a simple downloadable audio, or whether you create an eBook that’s so easy for people to gather. I had a friend of mine reach out to me and he said, “You know,
what I’d like to do “is I’d like to create an eBook “and rather than have it
available on those sites, “you know,
or Barnes &, “I want to sell my eBook
from my own website, “is that something I could
create as a source of income?” and I said, “Sure.” so he got this idea to do this eBook, put the eBook together, he actually got some college students to put the content together and sold it for $27 from his
website following my formula and did a couple 24 hour launches and sold 6,828 books, 6,828 books. Now it was a downloadable book, right, downloadable books don’t
cost anything to print. They don’t cost anything to
ship and he sold 6,828 of them for $27 all available online, that was $184,356 in revenue. So you don’t have to have
all of these ideas in place you can start with one idea and you can start with
the book, as an example, then you can create a webinar series or you can create group coaching programs. I have clients of mine that have generated multi, multi millions of dollars just by taking one of these sources and creating group coaching programs or by doing live events or by
doing certification programs or a membership programs and
there’s so many different ideas that you can create just from one thing. Now I love this quote from Bob Proctor, Bob Proctor has been my mentor, my guide, I’ve been studying Bob’s material now for well over 35 years, I
think about 38, 39 years now. And here’s what Bob said and
I think this is so important, he says, “Either you
are going into strategy “or you’re going into chance.” and you know what that’s
exactly what I was experiencing when I first became an author. I created my first book
and I really didn’t know what I was doing. I hadn’t sought out the guidance to create the success that I was really desiring
to experience in my life and I was simply into chance. And I’ll tell you something, chance will cost you, it’ll cost you time, it’ll cost you money,
it’ll cost you energy. I actually found myself
sinking into a hole where I felt very scared and I had to get myself out of that hole and take some action, not just any action, take proper guidance,
get the proper guidance to find out what it would
take in order to be successful since I had ventured into this
new space called an author. So strategy is really key
if you’re looking to create phenomenal success for that. And I have found over all the years, like I’m constantly in a state of study, I believe it’s so important
to find the people that have been blazing
the trails before us and let them show us what’s required in order to create success. It’s absolutely the best
thing you can do for yourself. So I love this cartoon
by Randy Glasbergen, “I’m looking for a mentor
who can show me how “to get rich without boring
me with a lot of advice.” There is advice, and not just any advice, specific advice, certain advice that can give you what’s required in order to get you where you want to go. So I created this program called the Best Seller Money Makers and the reason is because
this wasn’t available when I first became an author. I had to find out almost
what they call the hard way, you know I struggled for a long time before I actually got the right guidance to get things working for me. And this is now become a way of life, I’ve helped more authors,
hundreds of authors, not only get their books done but make them into best-sellers and create revenue sources,
six, seven-figure businesses that now have them doing
something that they deeply love. Is that something that
you would want to do? I suspect that it is, ’cause
you’re here right now, right? You decided to tune into this. You’re here, you’re
learning, you’re expanding, so the Best Seller Money Makers is designed to help you understand how do you actually get that book written. And I teach five ways to write that book. And then how do I make
that book a best-seller? How do I market that book online? How do I make that book a
New York Times Best Seller? And that’s what’s required beyond that to make that book a source and create multiple sources of income. So there’s so many things
that are really required as far as in the
understanding and guidance to get that book done. How do you get endorsements from people that are gonna elevate your success? Those multiple ways of
getting that book done, how do I make my book available online? Well what if Peggy, what if I want to have a
publisher publish my book? What’s really required to do that? I go through minute details of all that because I’ve been on every
side of that equation. I’ve created an eBook
and launched an eBook. I’ve created books and
self-published those books and brought them to the world,
sold them on my own website. I’ve self-published books
and sold them online at and had my books available on every single, Amazon website in the entire world. I’ve had my books picked
up and received six figures in advances from publishers,
worked with literary agents. So if any of that or all of that is what you’re looking
to create in your life, well I can give you the
guidance in order to that. And then we’ll go into
step-by-step, what’s required, regardless of whether
you have a website now, whether you have a following
now or an email list, what’s really required? What are the best things you can do that will really set you
up and almost guarantee that you’re gonna create
success in your life. So I go into many different classes. I call Module Two, as I said, it’s divided into these three modules. Multiple classes in Module One, multiple classes in Module Two, where your hand is held,
where I walk you through and show you different examples and talk about what’s
required in order for you to create that success, and you can do it from
the comfort of your home. I love sharing Anik Singal’s story because Anik, he’s an online marketer. So here’s a guy who’s already
been out there in the world, who’s built a presence, who’s created a very successful business but he wanted to get a book written. And he done reports before
and had taught classes before and created online success, but really didn’t know what was required to get that book done. And if you’re looking at the screen you’re seeing a text, this was a text that I shot a little image
of my phone of my iPhone that Anik had sent to me, thanking me for the guidance,
inspiration and mentorship on him getting this book done, called The Circle of Profit. But what’s really cool about this and I want you to think about
this as it relates to you, Anik had said to me, he said, “You know Peg, I never realized
just how easy it would be “once I decided, I got
the discipline from you “and got the guidance from you to sit down “and write this book.” He said that he’d been really
good at writing reports, so in his mind what he
created was the understanding that if I could just sit down and imagine I’m writing a long report and that’s it’s not gonna be this big, you know arduous project
that I thought it might be. And just imagine I’m sitting
down to write this long report that I can get this book done and of course setting the deadline for when you’re gonna complete it is a really important part of that. I love when Bob tells that story of a number of years ago he was on radio show and he’s on this radio show
with this woman who called in and he said, she sounded really angry and she was saying you know, do you mean to tell me that I need to go to some island down the Caribbean, you know to block off
time to write my book? And Bob didn’t say that at all, and he said, “Look, just
decide you’re gonna dedicate “some time, you know in the morning, “get up a little earlier and write.” That is exactly what I did
to write my first book. I did it in the month of October, I just got up earlier,
Monday through Friday, about an hour earlier and
I sat down and I wrote, for about an hour, I didn’t
write on the weekends, I was enjoying my weekends with my son. And so within a month
I had that book written and that’s how I wrote
a book in a weekend. I just decided I’m gonna
write a book in a weekend and you know something? When that decision was made
to write a book in a weekend I didn’t know if I was gonna be able to write that book in a weekend or not, but I made the decision
and I got on with the work. You see what stops people is the start, they don’t even start doing the work. But if you decide you’re gonna do it then you’re gonna take the next step and I can give you the
guidance on what to do next. So that’s what I did, I thought
I’m gonna write this book this weekend and Saturday
morning I got up, I created an outline, and then we had some relatives come over and spend the afternoon
and stayed for dinner and decided to stay overnight and the next morning I got up and I just decided I’m gonna
write a chapter an hour. And by 9 o’clock on the Sunday evening I had a book written and then over it went to the editor and that’s what Anik did. He just sat down and decided well, I’m gonna get this book written, I’m gonna imagine I’m
writing a long report, just follow the guidance
and created the book. But here’s something fascinating and this opportunity
is available to anyone. You see what Anik Singal did was he created the book
and he tied into a launch of a program where he
teaches internet marketing. And as a result when he
launched the Circle of Profit, he did 11.1 million
dollars with that launch. And that’s another repeatable formula. So what a lot of people don’t understand is they see people out there who are creating tremendous success generating millions of dollars online and anyone can do it. And there’s records that are
being broken all the time. Think about way back when when the four-minute-mile, when Roger Bannister broke
the four-minute-mile, once it was done it made people realize this is possible. And that’s the same
thing with the internet, with what we’re seeing today
with the 3.5 million people that are online and the
trillions of dollars that are being generated
in eCommerce today, that opportunity is available to anyone. After Roger Bannister
broke that four-minute-mile all kinds of people broke
that four-minute-mile. I remember I was having
a conversation yesterday with Jason Fladlien, and
he’s from Rapid Crush and he was telling me, he says, “Do you remember when, a few years ago, “when there was an internet marketer “who decided he was gonna generate a million dollars in sales in a day?” I mean everybody knew about that, it was like a big buzz, this
was a number of years ago now, I mean there were people that were doing hundreds
of thousands of dollars with a webinar and things like that and John Reese decided he was gonna do a million dollars a day. And you know recently, and Jason reminded me of this
yesterday that he knows a guy, he was very heavily involved with launching this webinar series and they generated 25.7
million dollars in a day. This is what we call information, right? All this, a book, information, programs, extending about that, online courses, it’s all information. See Module Three that’s where I go into creating these multiples sources, this is where you can take your results, this is where you can take you’re life and have it just be expanded and growth that you
never experienced before, just imagine that. Imagine earning that kind of money. You know I love when Bob talks about taking your annual income and making it your monthly income. This is where those
opportunities are done, are created, taking your annual income and making it your monthly income, just expanding your consciousness into a new awareness. Coming up with ideas even
if you don’t have ideas, I can help you come up with ideas. You just tap into the mental faculty that’s within your own
mind called imagination, everybody has it, everybody has it. I have so many ideas, I’m
getting them all the time. Just this morning in the
middle of a conversation with my good friend Jeff Berry and we sat down talking
about an idea that he had and within, I would say 45 minutes, I showed him how that idea was
over 100 million dollar idea and I said well let me show
you what that looks like and we sat down and we
expanded on that idea and within a matter of 45 minutes we had 107 million dollar plan and he’s all over it,
excited about executing it. And you know what? That’s really what it takes, it starts by having the desire. Right you get that desire, no longer am I gonna live my life the way I’ve been living it. You know what, I see people
doing this all the time, I hear these stories, I’m gonna become one of
those success stories that’s gonna be shared with others, I’m creating success,
I’m gonna get connected to what I’m really passionate about and I’m gonna create an
extraordinary life for myself. Where my life will never be the same, where the transformations are gonna occur that your mind is getting stretched to a whole new dimension. Where you become this person
that you’re meant to be, where you’re living the life
that you’re meant to live by creating these sources of income. And then we bonus you up, with all kinds of incredible things. You see one of the areas of expertise, in addition to writing books,
making them best-sellers and creating these sources of income that I have really developed
over the many years, even before the internet
is creating programs. I have been creating programs
for many, many, many years and when I met Bob Proctor
I worked for a company and I was in their training division and I have been creating
programs for decades, almost four decades to be precise. And so if you don’t even
know how to create a program, what’s involved in creating a program. I actually created an
entire course called, Get Your Program Done. And we decided that we’re gonna include it when you register for the Best
Seller Money Maker’s program. So Get Your Program Done, which is a number of webinars that they’re already ready for you. That you can get into now so if you want to start
creating the sources of income, you want to create that program, you want to get that done
even before you do your book, bam, well you can go in
there and you can do that. That’s Get Your Program Done. And then you know what I’ve found? That even though we’re giving you, we’re delivering to you all the sources, all the resources, all the training, the step-by-step guide, people
still want to have access to me, the expert, so twice a month we’re gonna be doing live, Q&A calls. So even if you can’t get on the calls, you can send your questions in and we’ll answer them
during the Q&A calls. So twice a month, we’ve got
one coming up next week, so if you’re already having questions and you want them answered
we’ll get on those, live Q&A calls, twice a month. And what’s great about the program is it’s accessible to you online, there’s no clock that starts now and says, you gotta get there and
you gotta get it done, and you gotta get it all
done in the next week or two. Take your time, if you want to
take a couple months to do it or the next six months to get it done, you will have that luxury. You’ve got that opportunity, and then we also have the
Best Seller Insider Secrets. Now here’s why that’s so important to you. There are a lot of people in the world that think that there are certain things that they have to do
or must do as an author and they think they’re things that are gonna catapult their success and they’re dead wrong. They end up doing stuff, you
know spending money on things that cost them a lot of money,
cost them a lot of energy, cost them a lot of time
and it doesn’t result in what they’re looking for. So because I’ve been in
this business a long time I know absolutely what
every author needs to know, that’s why I call it the
Best Seller Insider Secrets, it’s already ready for you, you’re gonna have access
to that immediately, today in fact when you register for the Best Seller Money Maker’s program. And you know what’s also
necessary in order for you to experience more abundance in your life? Is an abundance mentality, you’ve gotta know and believe that you already are a money magnet. That this opportunity is for you. We see a lot of people
get in their own way with their own paradigms, they
don’t believe it’s possible. They don’t believe that they deserve it, they don’t think that
they’re worthy of success. And so I created as a bonus for you, Riches in Abundance, so
that the mental part of it, the psychological, the
subconscious can be programmed in a way that you will attract it. It’s gonna create greater
ease and greater flow for you. That’s also included in the Best Seller Money Earner’s program. Now let me share with you another story. This is a wonderful friend of mine who’s become a friend of mine, someone that I met at
a Bob Proctor seminar. A gentleman who self-published
his novel called Stella and the Timekeepers. I met Mick less than three years ago and what he had was an idea for a book, something that really
tapped into his imagination. That he decided it was
time, made a decision, now’s the time, I’m
gonna get that book done. So he registered for my
program, completed his book, launched his book, made it a best-seller and when you’re looking at the image, if you’re looking at that image right now what you’re seeing is Mick Petersen sitting across the desk from Academy Award winning
producer Phil Goldfine. This is when Mick was
sitting in Phil’s office. Phil Goldfine, Academy Award
winning producer from Hollywood has bought the rights to
Stella and the Timekeepers to make it into a movie. And not only that he’s
now representing Mick and when Mick had this
meeting with Phil Goldfine, Phil took Mick over to
the executive dining room at Universal Studios and he said, “Mick, I want to welcome
you to Hollywood royalty. “I want you to know that the vision I have “for Stella and the Timekeepers
is that this will be bigger “than Harry Potter, that’s the vision.” And you know something that’s
absolutely fascinating? That’s the goal that
Mick had set for himself. He didn’t know how it was gonna happen, he set the objective and
this is something I learned from Bob Proctor many years ago, it’s something that I’ve
implemented in my life, time-and-time again is get very clear on what it is that you want. What’s your desire? Write it down, commit to it, and you don’t have to know how. You’re responsibility
is in the doing though, you must take action, you must feel as if you’re already in connection
of the goods that you desire and that’s what Mick did,
also a student of Bob Proctor. And what did he do? He attracted Phil Goldfine into his life and things are happening, they actually have the book right now into the hands of a big name publisher who is already reading it. As a matter of fact Mick
was telling me last night, that the publisher just
got the book yesterday, has already read four chapters
and is completely captivated, is loving it and they’re
looking at getting a book deal from this publisher as well. And their intention is to make
Stella and the Timekeepers, remember that name,
Stella and the Timekeepers to be a franchise, a business
bigger than Harry Potter. Mick actually has the idea
and he’s working on a trilogy for Stella and the Timekeepers as well. Absolutely phenomenal,
but none of it happens unless you’re willing to
commit and take action. You absolutely must take action. So we’re also going to be doing a private VIP coaching group on Facebook. The thing that you will discover, and I’m sure you already know this, is that it’s who are you connected to? Like-minded individuals, we just came off the Matrix program, one of the most
extraordinary programs ever. I’ve been through many
of the Matrix programs, it is a transformational program. It’s who you’re hangin’ out with, the relationships that you create. The Best Seller Money Maker’s program has a VIP coaching group
where you get to interact with all the other authors
that are in the program. And me and the team, inside the Proctor
Gallagher Institute as well, so it’s a support community
where you get to connect and you’ll also get access to that. I have found authors that
have been through my programs in the past, make the connections in the VIP coaching group on Facebook and from that alone launch their books and make them best-sellers. That’s what one of my
most recent clients did, she connected with people
just in the program alone and launched her book and made it an international best-seller and now calls herself an
international best-selling author. Wouldn’t that be great,
wouldn’t you love that too? Call yourself an international
best-selling author? It’s pretty cool. Now here’s an author that I met, he came through my program, Bruce Lipton. Completely unknown, he had
self-published this book called the Biology of Belief, Unleashing the Power of
Consciousness, Matter and Miracles. He had written this book,
wanted to make it a best-seller, him and his wife took the program together and following my guidance they launched The Biology of Belief online and in a day sold 15,600 copies of The Biology of Belief. Now this book has won awards, it’s an international best-seller, Bruce Lipton was picked up by Hay House and you know some people don’t understand that you can release your book first and you’re these stories
right here, right now, and then have a publisher pick
up their rights to that book after the fact. You see what publishers
look for are authors that clearly understand
it’s their responsibility to market the book. You see what a lot of people
don’t know or understand is that you may get a publisher
that picks up the rights to your book, but they
still expect you the author to market the book. And frankly, a publisher
isn’t even gonna look at you unless you are already demonstrating that you know how to market. And market online is
the way to go nowadays, that’s what we’re looking at. And so Biology of Belief just celebrated it’s 10 year anniversary, this book has also been translated
into multiple languages. Where did it begin? The best-seller program,
that’s what Bruce Lipton did, he followed the guidance. So you can get started
right here, right now, all you do is go over to
Best Seller Money Makers, you can get yourself registered. Everything will be
delivered to you online, you’ll have access,
you’ll also get the links so you can get on our open Q&A call so we can have access together, we can get connected together and just think about it, you can do this real quickly. I’ve worked with authors, Jacquelyn MacKenzie is a lovely woman, that is Thinking Into Results,
very successful consultant, she’s built the business, single mom, became a Thinking Into Results consultant not that long ago and is now on track to earn seven figures this year. I’ll open up my screen in a minute and I’m gonna show you her
book and what she did as well. So the Best Seller Money Makers program is available for you right now. We’re launching it, it’s available, get yourself registered right away so we can get started working together. There’s a three payment option or you can pay in full, you’ll
save yourself some money. That’s what I recommend is go to the Best Seller Money Makers right now. And I love this quote,
this was a quote that I saw on the Insight of the Day, something that Brian Proctor put together, he said, “Do something today “that your future self
will thank you for.” See I wrote my first book
and brought it to world and my life has never been the same. You’re gonna benefit in so many ways, personally and professionally and financially, it’s
incredible the benefits that are gonna come to you
as result of doing that. So just click on that
button that says Learn More, it’s right there on the page, just look a little below
where you’re watching this webinar presentation right now and you’ll see that button
that says, Learn More. You can go there and click there and you’ll be able to
get yourself registered and into the program right now. Let me go back to the
Google Hangouts screen here and I’ll stop my little screen-share. There we go. Am I still screen-sharing? Maybe Josh can let me know if it’s still, there we go I think I
stopped the screen-sharing. There we are, we’re back. All right, great. Now I know that was probably fast right, it feels like that time
went by really quickly but if you’re even a little bit inspired, if you’re feeling drawn to this you owe it to yourself
to get yourself enrolled in the Best Seller Money Makers program. When I think about what
it’s done for my life and just how I feel about myself, you know holding your book in your hand. This is Jacqueline’s book, Jacquelyn MacKenzie’s book and she was telling me, she was getting on this webinar as well, and what I love about Jacquelyn is not only has she
creating great success, she’s a Thinking Into Results consultant. She’s out there sharing
the valuable information about the program that Sandy
Gallagher and Bob Proctor put together so she’s constantly
staying in this setting. She decided to take her
knowledge and her understanding Called the Profit of Profit and put it together in a format. And you know something, it
was only a couple months ago that I had the conversation with her after Bob’s encouragement
and Bob’s guidance that Jacquelyn was able to
take what she understands and put it into a book format. And she called me when she held, when she received her
first copy of this book. Less than two months
ago she took from idea, to conception to write the book, get the book done, launch it and she made it an
international best-seller. Jacquelyn MacKenzie is now an international best-selling author and I loved it when she called
me and she shared with me, she said, you know when she got the book she ordered it online at
print on-demand right, she didn’t order thousands
and thousands of copies, although she could if she wanted to, she just ordered her copy online and it arrived in the mail she said when she held it in her hand she felt tears well up in her eyes, it’s like holding your
baby for the first time. When you hold your baby in your hands for the first time. Wow, it feels good and she has three boys,
three wonderful boys that she loves so much,
she’s an amazing mom and she said that just the
impact that it has on her sons, you know when your mom,
you know seeing her as a best-seller author, I have goosebumps thinking
about that, it’s incredible. So you owe it to yourself
to do something today that your future self is
gonna say thank you for. So I thank you for being here, for joining us here today and
I suggest you get over there, get yourself registered right now. We’re gonna get you hooked up, you’re gonna have access
to the program right away. And I look forward to sharing your story, my desire is to share your
story as my next success case, my next success story, you as an author, you as a best-seller author. You creating multiple sources of income because that opportunity
is available for you, right here and right now. Best Seller Money Makers, look forward to seeing you in the program.

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  1. Thanks so much for ALL you do for us, Bob!!! We love you! I really appreciate all the wisdom you give me! I WILL meet you one day, VERY SOON my friend! (And mentor and brother!)

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  3. Thank you Bob. I don't know how to start because all of my books are in Portuguese. I'd like to learn what Peggy said but I need to know if I have to translate my book first.

  4. It's so amazing to see the Universe work in your favor when you begin to understand your potiential. I'm currently reading think and grow rich, and one of the first things I did was to write my "Definite Chief Aim " well, it is to be a best-selling author, and the very next day, with the law of attraction, attracted this video to me. I asked the Universe to send me a mentor and it sent Bob, and he has been mentoring me ever since, unbeknownst to him, lol, and I have learned valuable and transforming information from him…however, it looks like I have another mentor in Peggy and although I cannot afford to take the program at the moment, I do look forward to doing so in the future and being one of her success stories! Thanks again for the information!

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